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  1. Your positive comments are much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Having built the car from new and owning it for the last 10 years the time has come to sell the Westfield. For whatever reason, probably old age! The car is nor getting driven as it should, only covering 19 miles last year and 370 the year before. The car was built by myself using new parts supplied by Westfield in 6 modules in 2006/7 and was first registered on 11/05/2007. The car is currently on a personalised number plate and has an MOT until May 2018. The engine is fitted with high lift cams producing 208 BHP & 162.1 FT/LBs torque. Current mileage 7601, used mainly for touring with occasional track use. Specification Omex 600 ECU fitted by NMS in 2013 LSD MT74 gearbox with quickshift Oil cooler AP Racing Clutch Raceline Sump Lightweight alternator 2000S exhaust manifold and silencer fitted with catalyst Radtec aluminium radiator 3 batteries available, Varta, Powervamp Racing 25 and Haijiu Lithium Ion for track days Siltech Racing front wide track Siltech front & rear anti roll bars Quick rack 2.4 Protec rose jointed shocks AP Master brake cylinder AP Racing front calipers Westfield light weight rear calipers FIA battery cut out switch Detachable steering wheel Self cancelling indicators Lowered floor JK seats 3 inch 6 point harnesses RAC rear room bar Team Dynamics Wheels fitted with Toyo 205/15 888's Aero Dynamics carbon fibre tunnel cover Dominator style front headlights Half side doors V8 Bonnet The car is in relatively good condition but the body is not perfect. There is a crack in the near side rear wheel arch (I hit the garage door reversing the car in ) and the front wheel arches have small cracks where they are fitted to the cycle stays. There are also a few stone chips here and there but nothing major and there is no rust as far as I can see. Price £10,750 If you require any further information please PM me or contact me via email at david.fursland@btinternet.com
  3. Thanks very much for getting back to me so soon. I will try doing as you suggest. Hopefully it should appear for sale early next week. Cheers
  4. Hi, after 10 years of ownership I am selling my Westfield and would like to add pictures and sales blurb on the "for sale" site. I cannot however sign up to Photobucket as it requires a zip code and won't accept a postcode, any ideas how I can overcome this or indeed use a different hosting site? Many thanks David PS please forgive me if this is the wrong forum.
  5. Hi sent you pm.
  6. Hi I need to fit a new rear crankshaft oil seal for my 2 ltr Duratec Westfield and I am aware that to do it properly the sump needs to come off and then refitted. Both tightening sequence and torques are important and I don't have an engine manual. Can anyone point me to a free download on line or do I need to buy one? Thanks
  7. Hi Mark, I have a new windscreen (replaced by Westfield) in a polished frame. However, I am in Yorkshire and postage could be costly given its fragile nature. Contact me if you need anymore info. David PS I have a fillet but its navy blue!
  8. Ben, I have a wide bodied navy blue bonnet available and the only holes are for the bonnet locks. The only problem is I am in Yorkshire! If that's any good pm me. David
  9. Hi James, I have a virtually unused spare wheel carrier with number plate holder and a like new hood and roof frame. I am not far from you so if you are interested just pm me. Regards David
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I will. start ringing around. Cheers
  11. Hi, I am after a complete set of coolant hoses for my Duratec standard Westfield installation. Any ideas where I can get them from? Thanks
  12. Anyone?
  13. Hi, my clutch has been slipping now for some time and now that the car is off the road for the winter I have removed the engine and gearbox. The reason for the slip is due to engine oil contamination and the rear oil seal appears to be at fault. In terms of replacing the oil seal itself, the seal plate has a rubber gasket on the rear face and some silicon has been applied to the base. In order to achieve a perfect seal the workshop manual suggests removing the sump, fit the rear seal then resecure the sump, is this really necessary? It appears that the seal could be fitted by removing the old silicon from the rear sump base, reapplying some silicon to the lower part of the seal and refit. Anyone any experience of the best way to refit? Many thanks
  14. Thanks will do, should I replace both clutch cover and friction plate? or just the friction plate? The slipping is possibly due to some oil coming from the rear crankshaft oil seal following the last session of a track day. Hopefully fixed now with the addition of an oil cooler. Cheers
  15. Thanks Terry, anyone else with any thoughts?