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  1. C type project

    Today has been a day working on the TB throttle levers bit of suck and see, think the pictures tell the story hardest bit was filing the slotted holes
  2. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    looking forward to seeing the finished article
  3. C type project

    Simon if you could bring along on 29th that would be great
  4. C type project

    Dam I corrected the predictive text but those two slipped through
  5. C type project

    Not too much progress to report on, I have been looking at the ducting for the airbox, the idea is to open the airbox when the bonnet goes up to show the trumpets So I made a mock up with some plastic card then glassed up the duct box, this the was duct taped into the correct position and finally glassed onto the bonnet the intention is to give it another layer of matt then make up the forward ductwork to allow air entry from behind the radiator grill, I may also duct some in from the wheel arch area but I believe this may not be as effective as I seem to remember that wheel arches have a slight negative when car is traveling I now need to get something like a door seal so when the bonnet is lowered the seal is created on the air box In the last couple of pictures you can see the bonnet support which fowled the Mk airbox.
  6. C type project

    Yes Gary the intention is to mould a duct onto the bonnet from behind the radiator grill to this box, I also want to incorporate a foam air filter in line
  7. C type project

    Well Mk1 air box fowled on one of the bonnet supports so I decided the easiest solution was that I needed to remake rather than try and modify the first airbox. Next job was to start polishing the dashpot, they look better but need more polishing before I will be happy I going forward I need to work on throttle linkages , I need to find a throttle cable pulley cam, looks like a trip to scrapyard
  8. C type project

    Well not done too much as my wife unfortunately pulled her back which went into spasm this meant I missed going to the classic at NEC. However whilst she was sleeping after being spaced out on pain killers and anti-flamatory tablets I managed to get some time making an airbox and tidying up my throttle bodies which are modified SU carbs The problem now is it’s fowling the bonnet on one of the bonnet ribs so I need to need to workout what needs modifying
  9. C type project

    Thanks Cleggy I hope its on the road early 2018, plan is to take it to the Le Mans classic in July
  10. C type project

    thanks for the positive comments Decided I wanted to make suspension set up that bit easier with the string method so I set about making a tool to assist, this will save multiple readings of the ruler in front and rear of rim, I just need my rulers which I'm waiting for then I can fix these on the angle pieces so direct comparison between from and back can be done. I also thought if I change the alloy triangular plate to steel I can then put my castor/camber gauge onto this with its magnetic base Then I did a bit of work of the front as I've relocated my indicators inside the headlamp units, just hope they get through the IVA now, so I now wanted to smooth out the current indicator positions. So I cut out the disc, then bonded back in the pieces into an new position further forward with P38 then flatted and filled
  11. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    lights look really good Gary
  12. E mark lights

    Yes and I would think most are less than 750mm from ground
  13. E mark lights

    I've now bought some Beehive covers for my lights ready just for the IVA test which are E marked but it would have been nice to understand if non E marked lights would be ok. also if my bulb in the headlight area is acceptable, I know it meets the requirement on angles and height
  14. C type project

    Thankyou, I'm pleased how it looks still a long way to go though Some other jobs I did flitting of the dash few attempts at crinkle paint Then a box which needs painting to cover the fuse box and flasher relay Then trial fit of carpets and seats
  15. Black double bubble areo screen (sold)

    KosKev has first dibs