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  1. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I received the same response yesterday but today had another e mail with slightly different response today which is slightly encouraging Thank you for your comments. I have been asked to respond. We will be considering all responses received. The proposal on kit cars has attracted a very high volume of comments so we will give careful consideration whether to delay this element of the proposal, or remove it altogether. Mike Lowe | Regulation, International Vehicle Standards, Department for Transport 1/29 - 1/33 GMH |
  2. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    As promised response from DVSA so to sum there is no requirement for this to be fitted and certified by a independent recognised fitter Good Afternoon Chris,Are you talking about an Amateur Built vehicle and a 'Basic' test? If so then yes you can fit your own electronic immobiliser.Kind regardsTony Selwood Approvals Technical EngineerDriver and Vehicle Standards Agency | Ellipse, Padley Road, Swansea
  3. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    I’ve written an email to DVSA inspectors for clarification as we need to keep latest up to date info on here not what it use to be, as this causes confusion. once I have a response I will post as I need clarification for my C type
  4. Cobra 427 Build

    Looking good Gary
  5. C type project

    Have you got a 3D printer Dave
  6. C type project

    Yesterday I downloaded a CAD programme then drew up my collar ring for the fuel filler. Took me ages to work out how to save as a STL, Then transferred to 3D printer Finished results are good for the IVA test
  7. C type project

    One step forward and at least 2 backwards, well its getting closer I have been modifying my Megasquirt from a MS1 to a MS2 then further modifying so it uses an Edis 6 to run the HT side. Information I had gleaned of the net was wrong this caused me a few headaches but after reconfiguring the wiring I am now confident this is all right, then correct sequence for the HT leads. So bit of an impressive backfires when incorrect HT sequence Finally it started for a second but now have a starter issue to resolve
  8. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Booked last night for run up hill, at moment sorry no evening meal, need to decide if I bring C type or Ecoboost. Or book another place for a mate and bring both
  9. Cobra 427 Build

    someone needs to look at the start of the thread
  10. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Dave, Andy, thanks for doing the email shot out to every member, we all need to support the kit car industry as they need this time, lets just hope with large support we can sway the decision
  11. Cobra 427 Build

    Gary looking good and yes I agree with the F being the front based on the info I found on the net
  12. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    This is an important message I'm struggling with the issue of GDPR, but there are far clever people than me to educate me. So why can't you send a note out asking members to visit the forum as there is important information which may or may not effect future testing of potentially their cars as has been highlighted by StephenH The item is pinned so hopefully they will find their way to the information, by doing this I cannot see anyone saying its not a club issue as lets face it if things go retrospective it may devalue cars, members may leave etc. Just my thoughts, apologies if I'm being a pain, I enjoy building cars and would like to have my freedom to continue to do this
  13. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Just posted on cobra FB by Adam Wilkins editor KCM We've been looking into this and it's highly likely that the DfT will not implement these proposals if enough people raise it as an issue. We'll be issuing a template letter on the Complete Kit Car website tomorrow that can be used by anyone with concerns. info from AK Cobra We have had a number of calls and emails regarding the latest Government proposals which will affect every NON LS powered AK 427 currently in build. Please read this information we have acquired regarding this to date. If we get any further information we will keep you updated. This is a link to the Government document that has been released the parts relevant to kit cars can be found on page 16 (4.10 – 4.13) https://www.gov.uk/…/road-vehicles-improving-air-quality-an… In Basic terms … Every car will have to pass current UK emissions and not as currently emissions based on the year of your engine!!!!!!! Jon has spoken to Mr Mark Vickers of VOSA today to try and clarify the situation. It would appear that although Mr Vickers was not aware of this latest document, he was aware that this procedure on emissions was imminent. His comment that although this is at this stage a proposal he felt that there is a very high chance of it becoming law. We cannot give a definitive confirmation on dates yet. IF this proposal is passed as anticipated. The document quotes that the consultation period runs from 2/2/18 – 2/3/18 and that drafts will be produced during April 2018. Two dates appear to factor and we THINK that it will become law on 1st July 2018 and then we will be given 6 months until the 1st January 2019 when it will be enforced. The current advise from Mr Vickers that if the customer gets to the last minute and the car is close to finishing then book the IVA test for before 1/1/19. You will then have to accept the test failure which then gives you 6 months to re test the car. This then gains you a further 6 months to complete your car. He advises us that the car will be re tested to the original testing emissions as of the date of the failure of the original test. We cannot guarantee this advise as set in stone at this stage though. Kind Regards Wend
  14. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I agree with what Chris is saying I believe the figures are achievable but for me it’s what they will do in the future where I worry. Simon the classic car replicas are worried because most of their cars are registered incorrectly, like many a C type registered on XJ6 V5c and called Jaguar sport, many of these are 100k plus cars that could be devalued overnight
  15. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    TKC mag have messaged me this evening to say they are drafting a letter which will be issued out tomorrow for others to use If I get this I will upload onto here