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  1. CL290005

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    Not sure might be a D type next but the C type is not finished yet but I need to do it so I have a car for Shelsley Walsh weekend
  2. CL290005

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    May be the C type will sell quicker than this one when the time is right
  3. CL290005

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    Thankyou for all the questions and calls etc.  Car is provisionally sold
  4. CL290005

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    Oct 2001 but rebuilt 2 years ago with the new engine setup
  5. CL290005

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    Unfortunately not tonight best message me
  6. CL290005

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    If I’m 4K light then Best Buy it and make 4K profit
  7. CL290005

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    The price is fair, I certainly won’t sell for very high price as that’s not in my nature plus it’s what a customer will pay but I may have under estimated the market but I put the line in the sand
  8. CL290005

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    I’m getting a lot of interest on FB think I should have put a higher price on it
  9. I've been thinking about different projects whilst on holiday and its with regret I'm going to advertise my Westfield for sale as it just does not get used enough, I'm sure I will regret this Spec and I might forget things The important bit Ford 1.6 ecoboost engine running SCS Delta ecu producing 229bhp and 260lb ft torque, if you want more then a simple hybrid turbo change will give you over 300bhp but I'm not sure I've got that ability to control. The ecu does offer Traction control if you want to push this further Running a wet baffled sump Wide body independent rear suspension Protech shocks High flow alloy rad, with an air/ water inter cooler Wide track Quick rack 13"x7" minilites alloys 205 Toyo on rear 185 Toyo front Sierra 3.62 LSD Digital dash Suede steering wheel Steering buttons/switches for headlight main beam, horn and indicators Blink stop for turning indicators off Floor mounted pedals Adjustable brake balance Carbon/ grp race seats Full harness Full cage V8 bonnet Carbon nose cone Carbon front splitter Carbon canards Carbon sides Carbon exhaust Carbon doors Carbon fly screen Carbon arch protectors Carbon tunnel Carbon dash Carbon rear panel Carbon boot cover (hinged and lockable) Carbon panel on scuttle (inside engine bay) to allow easy access to rear of dash area Carbon steering column cover and lower scuttle fire wall This car runs super quiet so no worries on track day noise and if you want a bit more noise from it, then you can run it without the exhaust and it still won't annoy the neighbours. I'm sure I've forgotten things plus I will add more pictures to the Advert once I get back from holiday Ok the awkward thing price, £12500 I. Think is fair this car is ready for summer blating
  10. CL290005

    St170 engine oil capacity

    James the oil capacity of the Westfield shallow sump is 4.25l
  11. CL290005

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    David did you have the tube ends bead rolled, if not just a word of warning I had the hoses blow off a few times and as you know I'm running less boost than you are looking forward to seeing your car
  12. Your going the wrong way for comfort 13” are better than 15”
  13. It's hard to critique when the volunteers have done a brilliant job so first off well done to all. What I find in the Marquee is when its busy its hard to get an overall feel in the area on where to go to, I agree having a focal display in the centre may work, ideally it would work better if this is raised. My other thought is could the Marquee be moved into the centre of the allocated area so the cars are all around it. As far as the speed series stand yes I missed it, would it be possible to get a stand next to the Westfield stand or is there an desire to separate Unfortunately I feel Stoneleigh is dying and wont be long before it comes to an end, which is a shame as the kit car market is moving up with quality cars but I just can't see the interest their use to be. But again I would like to say great job from WSCC
  14. CL290005

    C type project

    Thanks all Yes Stephen, it will get a B reg so I'm hoping they might have a 2 digit number allowing me to have a 3x3 registration plate plus that would save me buying an ageless plate I've also identified the paint colour to use, I wanted Ecosse Blue which is a nightmare to find information on but finally I have found the closest match to what I believe Ecosse blue was or is so its going to be Ford Octane Blue
  15. CL290005

    C type project

    Today was the day car loaded on trailer for journey to test centre, 6am early start, tonneau cover made as its going to be wet We made it now test time In test area Plus big thankyou to Gary Tipping for his help today And finally the C type passed first time what a relief and result ,

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