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  1. C20XE management advice

    If/when you change make sure that whatever you get will be fully upgradeable to injection (and as many other toys as possible too). It will help when you need to scratch the inevitable itch and if you ever need to sell it on with or without the car it will help too.
  2. C20xe ht leads recommendations

    I had a custom set made by Magnecor for £70 delivered.
  3. C20XE management advice

    If funds are an issue there are a few systems like this on available: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20xe-c20xe-ignition-system-autograss-rookie-H-H-nova-corsa-16v-8v-Vauxhall-gte/323224281397?hash=item4b41ab2135:g:-08AAOSwgBNasLHF Just search for "C20xe ignition". You can run an XE on carbs very happily with this set up.
  4. C20XE management advice

    I like DTA too.

    More than likely knowing the MSA.

    K10.4.1 of the BB.
  7. Redtop Alternator Bracketry

    Does this help? http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/54994-xe-alternator-bracket-sb/
  8. Starter motor wires

    The way that mine is wired is battery - master switch - large terminal on the starter. The charge wire from the alternator goes to the large terminal on the starter. Also connected to the large terminal on the starter is the constant live to the fuse box and or the ignition switch. This set up will isolate everything when the master switch is off.
  9. Front uprights

    I'd pop the nyloc in a lathe and take a mm or so off of it.
  10. Red Top Thermostat sensor wiring

    You can connect either wire to either terminal.
  11. Head machinist help required

    I agree with you Ash. Looks like an XE head in which case the cam is located fore and aft in a groove behind the bearing so it won't bear on the damaged area back and forth. Just tidy it up with a dremel/wet and dry, the bearing itself is plenty wide enough to cope.
  12. Trackers in a Westie ?

    The eBay TK102 trackers do work pretty well but they are VERY battery hungry. I think that is possible (if you can understand the Chinglish instructions) to set them to wake up only at certain times which will help but they will drain a fully charged car battery down to nothing within a couple of weeks. If you use the car daily it will probably be OK. The tracker's on board battery is a joke. If you are really serious about it check out Cantrack Asset Trackers. Not cheap but with a battery life that's measured in years rather than hours. The annual subscription includes them sending out guy (or guys) to recover your asset if it gets nicked.
  13. Type 9 to C20XE bolt size?

    10mm is the usual SBD/QED size for an Allen key on their bellhousings and the usual size for M12 bolts too.
  14. Rear bulkhead Panel

    Every panel on the car will add some stiffness (torsional rigidity) to the overall structure of the chassis but you're right, individually they won't contribute much. Even less when compared with the benefit of the full cage. Hence my careful use of the word "ultimate". It certainly needs something done with it though!!!
  15. Rear bulkhead Panel

    Depends what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for ultimate stiffness then you will need to use a structural adhesive to achieve that. If you are looking for only cosmetic appeal then stick it on with Sika or Carbond 940F (good stuff) but stiffness will suffer. If you want a compromise between the two use rivets and Sika/Carbond.

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