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  1. Zetec Throttle Bodies

    Another Jenvey setup
  2. 5 & 3/4" Headlight Lenses - SOLD

    Price reduced
  3. Good condition Sidelight bulbs and rubber grommets included £15 + postage or collect from Hinckley/Loughborough Uni/Birmingham city centre
  4. Engine oil drain can

    Thanks for the suggestions. Did think about lifting the car up but just wondered if there was an easier solution. I have 4 axle stands so could do it fairly easily.
  5. Engine oil drain can

    Hi Interested in what other owner use when draining engine oil. I've always used old washing up bowl and then poured old oil into a container before disposing. For Christmas I was given a 6L oil drainer/can but it will not fit under the sump. I like the idea of the combined container as I don't have to transfer from washing up bowl to can, resulting in the usual spillage! I can't seem to find a low profile oil drainer/can combined. It needs to be less that 4" high to fit under the sump. Any suggestions? Mark
  6. Headlight upgrade

    These are the crystal lens https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F321753894898 Haven't got any pics at the moment. No particular reason for not going LED. It's something that I might do later but at the moment I'm really happy with the Osram Extreme.
  7. Headlight upgrade

    Just completed upgrading my old 5 3/4" H4 headlights to crystal lens with Osram Extreme bulbs. Amazing difference. If you don't want to go down the LED/HID path then I recommend this combination.
  8. Le Mans 24hr 2018

    Doing the classic for the first time next year with a mate who has an Ultima - hope he can keep up with me
  9. Zetec 2.0 Blacktop Starter Motor Hot Freeze

    Couple of photos of the heat shield
  10. Zetec 2.0 Blacktop Starter Motor Hot Freeze

    Had exactly the same problems with my car. Made a heat shield out of 2 sheets of aluminium with a heat resistant plumbers solder mat sandwiched in between. Since fitting the shield and replacing the starter as I think it was already damaged beyond repair I haven't had any problems. I'll try to get a photo this evening.
  11. Zetec Oil Leak

    I don't have any cross contamination with the coolant and I'm not losing and coolant. Oil level hasn't needed topping up since Xmas when I changed it - it really isn't leaking much. I just expected a leak free modern engine compared to my old xflow. Good idea about the degrease - job for the weekend.
  12. Zetec Oil Leak

    I get a few drops on the garage floor over about a week. I can see where it has run down the side of the engine and trace it back to the head/block join. If I wipe my finger across the block just below the head it comes away oily. I think I will take RussH's approach - I can't see any oil
  13. Zetec Oil Leak

    I've previously had a xflow Westfield for 14 years - believe me I know about rust proofing. I just expected a new (3000 mile) Zetec to be completely leak free. I haven't topped up the oil since I changed it over Christmas so it's not leaking much at all. You're probably right - live with it considering how much it would cost to fix.
  14. Zetec Oil Leak

    Its the exhaust side at the front of the engine - you can just see the flange of the exhaust manifold on the right of the picture. Here's a couple of more picture
  15. Zetec Oil Leak

    Thanks bunje If it is the head gasket how easy is it to change? Never done anything like this myself (did a xflow head gasket many years ago but I assume the Zetec is a bit more complicated). Is there a guide anywhere I could have a read of? Alternatively, what sort of money would it cost for someone to do it for me?