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  1. Soft Bits Boot Bag

    Nope - going with a mate who has an Ultima
  2. Zetec - Hot Starting

    Yes - I drilled the jubilee clip band and riveted it to the heat shield. Covered over 100 miles yesterday in the day in fairly warm temperatures stopping quite a few times - no problem restarting.
  3. Soft Bits Boot Bag

    Going to the Le Mans Classic this year and want to get hold of a boot bag to fit to my FW for extra luggage space. Just wondering if anyone has one they no longer want.
  4. Zetec - Hot Starting

    I made it from thin aluminium doubled over with a plumbers heat mat sandwiched between the layers. Black edging covers any sharp edges. A few rivets hold it all together. Haven't had any issues in nearly 2 years since fitting it.
  5. Zetec - Hot Starting

    Had the same on my Zetec. Tried a new starter solenoid but that didn't work. Fitted a new starter with a homemade heat shield - no more problems. About £70ish for new starter - would have liked a high torque one but a bit pricey.
  6. Dash Refurb / Wrapping

    I used Car Interior Trim in Hinckley (01455 637585)to redo my carpets. He used the old carpets as a template. Really pleased with the work.
  7. Xflow 1760cc Oil Pressure Help

    Similar pressures when I had my xflow. Also ran it for 12 years on Valvoline Racing 20/50
  8. Diff and gearbox oil

    Thanks for the replies. I wrongly thought I had an access hole in the passenger footwell. First job is to get that sorted as I don't really fancy trying to use a syringe and tubing. I can then find out what type of oil I have.
  9. Diff and gearbox oil

    I have no idea what is currently in the gearbox. Is there a way that I can tell?
  10. Diff and gearbox oil

    Just about to pop out and get some diff and gearbox oil. I have the standard Westfield non LSD diff and standard type 9. Both supplied by Westfield. Thought I would check here first Diff - 80/90 GL5 Gearbox - 75/90 GL4 Is this correct? Mark
  11. Fitting external wing mirrors

    When I had my narrow (same colour by the way) I remove the windscreen pillars and drilled a hold. Bolted the stainless bullet shaped mirrors to it and refitted the pillars. Mark
  12. FW Half Hood

    AdgeC - like it, looks neat. marcusb - the poppers don't look too visible. Thanks!
  13. FW Half Hood

    Maybe I'll give Soft Bits a call and have a chat. Thanks
  14. FW Half Hood

    I have the standard roll bar - JAP i think it's also known as.
  15. FW Half Hood

    Thinking about getting a half hood for my FW. The only thing I'm not too keen on is fitting poppers to the bodywork. Has anyone attached the rear straps to the harness eyes? Anyone come up with a cunning way of fitting a half hood to a FW without drilling the bodywork? Thanks Mark

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