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  1. Am I going soft?

    Anybody that is dumb enough to call a Stanley knife-wielding man named "Slasher" soft, please queue in an orderly fashion below so we can laugh at you and your surviving relatives can be found afterwards - thanks.
  2. Westfield World......

    No bad thing, prevents one’s deadly enemies from easily identifying one. Worked for me so far....oops.
  3. Westfield World......

    Well done and great work as always to all involved. Nice caricature of our esteemed Chairman too, very brave, I always fought against my image being used in the mag (for obvious reasons).
  4. I have a 85 PRE-LIT, curious about Nose

    As per previous comments - you would have to write to Westfield, but my understanding on pre-lits is that WSC can only supply replacement body panels for them if the damaged originals are returned to WSC for destruction. Therefore repairing the nose cone (or any pre-lit body panels) is IMHO the best course of action. Don't forget you have only 30 days or posts for free to decide whether or not to join us as a paying member! Judging from the valuable info and friendly advice you're getting, I hope it influences you to join us.
  5. What a s**t start to my day

    The thing is, recovering from having your stomach muscles being sewn back together (including a mesh product for reinforcement - not CF thank goodness or I’d never have heard the end of it in here) is not a great time to have to bear down to clear your bowels, so a laxative is the only solution. Lady Colonial offered me some of her dihydacodeine or even a morphine, but I’d have had to take so much Ducolax to counteract the binding effects that by the time it worked, I’d have flown around the room like a sh*t-powered rocket ship. interesting experience being cut open at the navel and fixed while you’re conscious (although a screen spared me from watching it). I now know what the dog’s soft toys feel like when they’re being repaired and restuffed - uncomfortable.
  6. What a s**t start to my day

    Had a night last night I’d rather not ever repeat. I underwent surgery last Friday to repair an umbilical hernia that was getting close to needing emergency surgery, so caught it just in time - although I could have done without having the anaesthetic through my spine and being conscious throughout the procedure. It was successful, anyway. Part of the fun of having abdominal surgery is that your colon takes great exception to being violated, and gets its own back by shutting down. Thus since last Friday, I’ve been enduring an unwelcome visitation from the Poo Prevention Fairy. There’s very little you can do about it except ride it out, but it’s pretty uncomfortable to say the least. The medical advice is to wait a few days before trying a laxative. By the end of yesterday, three and a half days in, I was ready to try anything, so out came the Ducolax to act as an eviction order against the non-travellers in my colon. About 2:45 this morning I was awoken by a noise coming from my guts which I last heard in The Exorcist when Linda Blair was possessed, and felt a pressure near the termination of my outflow pipe that was unmistakable in intent. I hobbled to the loo as quickly as I could without releasing the toxic monster and just managed to take my place in the driver’s seat of the porcelain bus when a gust of wind emanated from my tailpipe that sounded like Satan summoning his demonic army home for a pep talk. This was followed by something I can only describe without revulsion as the worst log flume ride in the world, ever. It went on for so long I thought I’d end up on the floor and flat as a piece of paper, completely empty inside. One of the dogs came in, wrinkled its nose in disgust at the smell and left me to my fate in mid-process. This was interspersed with belches strong enough to move the curtains. All this went on 20 minutes and when it finally stopped, I managed to struggle back to bed at 315...only to repeat it all over again at 500. I only wish I’d weighed myself before the non-travellers were evicted to see how much weight I’d lost. So folks, if you think your day is a bit s**t, my literally already has been. Thought I’d share as it’s always fun to laugh at the misfortunes of others.
  7. MOT - specialist/friendly, or anyone?

    Certainly local garages tend to be far more friendly and understanding while staying within the spirit of the regs, generally more so than national chains like KwikFit who don’t understand kit cars or the MOT regs in many cases. My local garage is great and I sit in the car operating the controls as necessary, which saves them time and manpower. The MOT then gets done quickly and the rest of the hour gets used performing tweaks and repairs as needed for no extra cost.
  8. 1994 SEiW with 1.6 CVH and twin 40s

    Hi This area of the forum is just for asking questions about and getting help with your WSCC membership itself. You need to ask that kind of question in a more appropriate forum area where people are expecting to see it, and making it more useful for future reference. I’d suggest starting a new post in Tech Talk. Good luck!
  9. New Member, Westi Question help ID

    Very pretty pre-lit! The dealer is incorrect as already stated, 1985 not 1990, so there’s a bit of leverage to use on them in negotiations. I hope you will become a full member in due course and enjoy the benefits. By the way, the engine was manufactured in March 1972: http://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/ford-manufacture-dates.html
  10. Is this a Westfield car?

    And now the big question...how much is he asking for that sneeze (shamelessly stolen from Dave Eastwood).
  11. Is the world now too PC ?

    Who says you’re not already there?
  12. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    It’s a good job I’m no longer in power or that pun would have deservedly been punished!
  13. Is it too early to...............

    My cards are unsigned but all the address labels are printed and stamps bought. I send them on 30 November and get amusingly irritated calls and messages from friends and family in early December. What else is Christmas for? Also bought half a dozen of these for a few choice deserving people to receive anonymously (NSFW language) https://www.comedycard.co.uk/collections/rude-christmas-cards?page=1
  14. Is the world now too PC ?

  15. Is the world now too PC ?

    The rights and wrongs of labelling people is always such fun to discuss... One I’ve had: Someone called me a Yank, which was acceptable in my eyes because of the way it was said, in a friendly, joshing fashion. When it’s said with venom, it’s not acceptable at all. When a bit of Cockney rhyming slang is employed, I’ve been referred to as a septic (septic tank = Yank). It might surprise you that I don’t much like being compared to a tank full of effluence. Another person once asked if I liked being called a Yank. I asked him if he liked being called a Limey (a term I’ve NEVER used). He said no, so I asked him why if he didn’t like being called a Limey, why would I like being called a Yank? Bit of a minefield, eh?