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  1. Repeat: Ladybird Book - The Policeman

    Just for @DonPeffers - I’ll get me coat...
  2. My new Ladybird book: The Fireman

    Been there a few times, quite a nice place, actually.
  3. My new Ladybird book: The Fireman

    I blame the club secretary for failing to moderate my post.
  4. My new Ladybird book: The Fireman

    You may recall I wrote a Ladybird book about the police, which I shared with you all. I just finished one about firemen and I thought you might like to read it to your kiddies. Enjoy!
  5. How ill do you have to be to be an athlete?

    I’d gladly trade being asthmatic for being a crap athlete.
  6. Someone had a bad day.

    @jeff oakley. I know what you mean. I was first on scene at an accident many years ago in the States, where a lorry driver carrying a load of scaffolding pipes had hit a tree. The pipes had shot forward and gone through the back of the cab. I’ll let you imagine the rest. I saw it and had to run across the road and vomit.
  7. Crossflow running problem, help needed

    Sooty black carboned up plugs usually mean weak spark, plugs too hot or overly rich fuel mixture. As it happened to 3 and 4, I’m guessing the rear carb is too rich. You should go back to the original plugs - 1 and 2 were working fine, another hint it may be overly rich on the rear carb.
  8. Wanted more horse power but...

    Pretty sure that’s the type of drivetrain used by Fred in The Flintstones.
  9. I do not understand........

    It’s why I couldn’t be a vet. I'd be overjoyed to fix the poor thing, but then I’d put the owner in hospital with identical injuries +10%.
  10. Show us how far your 30th Westfield Shirt has travelled !

    It’s the tiny woman behind the blonde I feel sorry for. She can’t see a thing.
  11. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Mine were like that, but I’d suggest putting an aluminium plate under the bottom of the lens to protect it from flying pebbles or stones kicked around by the tyres.. The lens is quite vulnerable to that sort of thing and I must have gone through a dozen before I modded it.
  12. Jaaaag. XFR

    Happy to help.
  13. Parking Ticket?

    That’s a footpath. I’m afraid that means you’re something attached to something else by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis - or put simply, screwed. I'm currently having a barney with my local council over this. My house was built in 1879, so no on-property nparking front or rear, no rear access either. The pavement in front of the house is 6.8m wide with dropped kerbs. Residents of fifty homes here have parked there for 45 years without issue, leaving a 2.9m wide clear footpath, with the tacit knowledge of the council. Now they’re determined to ticket every car without consultation or discussion, making residents park 300 yards from their own homes. It’s a flipping nightmare.
  14. Jaaaag. XFR

    No, you look like the sort of person that plays in Gulf colours.
  15. Early renewal

    Try going to Store | Manage Purchases and you should see your membership invoice if it’s due.