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  1. Cheesehead from across the pond.

    Don’t think I wasn’t tempted! But as one of the exalted and revered elders in here, I have to set a good example for others. Who am I kidding?
  2. Damn cat asleep on my bonnet

    Kindling in the fireplace.
  3. Which type of shed?

    The most common mistake people make with sheds is tucking them against a wall or into a corner, making it impossible to wood treat them or spot any rust at the back until it’s rotted clean through. If you see a shed where the door doesn’t close correctly, I can guarantee it’s up against a wall and rotting at the rear corner or back.
  4. Thank god for satnavs !!

    12 years old? We are royally screwed if they’re the ones looking after us in our old age.
  5. Weird skies today

    Anyone else seeing weird skies today? Had a peach / red coloured sun since first thing, and the skies here in the Midlands are a spooky yellow / orange colour too. Same where you are? I assume this is being caused by the storm.
  6. ECOR for 6 weeks - what fun

    How kind of you to ask! Six weeks on and I had a follow up yesterday. I’d had a bad Sunday where I accidentally overflexed my left hand at the wrist doing something incredibly ordinary, and it made my pain receptors light up like Blackpool illuminations, which took 36 hours to calm down. More x-rays yesterday and the 3” long crack in my ulna is healing, but it will probably be another 3-4 weeks before it’s fully sorted. I had feared some tendon damage but thankfully this seems okay. So still popping pain killers but slowly getting better.
  7. Ah load of old tools

    @RussH Careful about giving away old tools the collector doesn’t assume you’re part of the collection!
  8. Cheesehead from across the pond.

  9. Real roads have no restart button...

    These days, I tend to prefer the videos where they get instantly lit up by a patrol car before they can crash, or where someone with road rage crashes their car into an inanimate object. I hate the ones were innocent drivers get involved in street racing crashes
  10. Easy to be a pilot?

    Well, one less well-run airline today. O”Leary must be doing a jig that the eyes are on someone else for a change.
  11. Cheesehead from across the pond.

    A highly misguided individual who is wrongly a supporter of the Green Bay Packers NFL team. He needs your sympathy. /Minnesota Vikings fan
  12. Rx8 Engine

    Thanks Obi-Wan, that was like a dose of PTSD.
  13. People in caravans have arrived

    Another episode of Midsomer Murders?
  14. Yes, it's your round.

    What’s with the shirt, just been released from Guantanamo?
  15. Can you Find The Fish?