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  1. Caption competition

    L: There we go, two Weber DCOE 40s and two K&N air filters. Which one of your children are you leaving behind as slave labour payment? R: Wow, look at all these parts! Now all we need are engines, gearboxes, chassis and body panels and we can make a car!
  2. Weber set up

    Coil certainly the easiest thing to check, easy and cheap to replace. Can look fine and act okay at idle, but fail once warmed up under load, happened to me once, required RAC help.
  3. 1991 SEIW Steering column question

    Probably be quicker for you to take a photo of yours and the collective can confirm it for you.
  4. The Chairman needs his nurse

    It’s what happens when you join the committee. Personally, I think it’s a great improvement.
  5. Top Gear, back this weekend

    Sorry but I enjoyed 65% of it. I’m really enjoying grown men driving fast cars and having a great time without reducing themselves to seven-year old abusive swearing imbeciles on speed pushing forced patronising twaddle like Clarkson & Co. I remember the last few years of the old Top Gear and they were idiotic and dreadful. The 35% I didn’t like was all Rob Brydon. Can’t stand him, loves the sound of his own voice, even during his own lap! Utter prat.
  6. Wireless house alarm

    It’ll be the backup battery in the main box. If it’s the motorcycle size ones, they tend to last about 5 years before they need replacing. You need to put the box into engineer mode first or the full alarm will go off when you take the cover off.
  7. Repeat: Ladybird Book - The Policeman

    Just for @DonPeffers - I’ll get me coat...
  8. My new Ladybird book: The Fireman

    Been there a few times, quite a nice place, actually.
  9. My new Ladybird book: The Fireman

    I blame the club secretary for failing to moderate my post.
  10. My new Ladybird book: The Fireman

    You may recall I wrote a Ladybird book about the police, which I shared with you all. I just finished one about firemen and I thought you might like to read it to your kiddies. Enjoy!
  11. How ill do you have to be to be an athlete?

    I’d gladly trade being asthmatic for being a crap athlete.
  12. Someone had a bad day.

    @jeff oakley. I know what you mean. I was first on scene at an accident many years ago in the States, where a lorry driver carrying a load of scaffolding pipes had hit a tree. The pipes had shot forward and gone through the back of the cab. I’ll let you imagine the rest. I saw it and had to run across the road and vomit.
  13. Crossflow running problem, help needed

    Sooty black carboned up plugs usually mean weak spark, plugs too hot or overly rich fuel mixture. As it happened to 3 and 4, I’m guessing the rear carb is too rich. You should go back to the original plugs - 1 and 2 were working fine, another hint it may be overly rich on the rear carb.
  14. Wanted more horse power but...

    Pretty sure that’s the type of drivetrain used by Fred in The Flintstones.
  15. I do not understand........

    It’s why I couldn’t be a vet. I'd be overjoyed to fix the poor thing, but then I’d put the owner in hospital with identical injuries +10%.

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