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  1. Complete Kit Car Magazine - Sept 2017 Issue

    Never seen together in public - it's the hands that give it away:
  2. The Word Association Thread

  3. Complete Kit Car Magazine - Sept 2017 Issue

    So that IS actually you? I was trying to say it couldn't possibly be. Brave man giving a national publication that photo. Still, I do like that fact it shows your nice shiny chrome exhaust.
  4. Newby

    Yes we know, but what about your car?
  5. Complete Kit Car Magazine - Sept 2017 Issue

    That's not Gary. Gary has a neck and his shoulders are located below his ear lobes. That looks more like a Peeping Tom who's had a stroke and with the arms of a T-Rex.
  6. 1997 Westfield 1.6 SE

    I'd say that was at least £500 underpriced IMHO - should sell easily. Sorry to see you go but GLWTS.
  7. Pre Lit Narrow Low Line Engine Options

    I know a CVH will fit in a low line for sure - just. Twin Weber 40s should get you 125-130 bhp, my CVH on throttle bodies is 130 bhp. CVH also has basic electronic ignition I.e. no points
  8. Newby

    I recognise that one, rescued and restored by two clever members who did a great job, lovely looking car with low line bodywork in a nice colour. Enjoy every minute!
  9. The Word Association Thread

  10. Ford – altruistic or cynical..?

    I solved this years ago...
  11. The Word Association Thread

  12. The Word Association Thread

  13. The Word Association Thread

  14. Who taught the US Navy how to drive?

    Amusing but sadly false: http://www.snopes.com/military/lighthouse.asp
  15. Who taught the US Navy how to drive?

    Well, the first ship that was hit by a container ship had a good portion of its senior crew relieved of duty, but this one might be a different story. The maritime rule of navigation is that you give way to vessels on your starboard, and the first ship was hit on her starboard side, and so was clearly at fault. The latest one was hit on her port side, so cannot be 100% at fault. I suspect it will be a combination of inattention on the tanker's bridge, both visual observation and radar monitoring, and not listening to the radio traffic and any warnings the US Navy ship broadcast. But we shall see. Remember as well that tankers and container ships have lousy braking and steering systems. Emergency braking usually takes 2-3 miles.