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  1. Cheshire & North Staffs Christmas Curry Thursday 7th December

    Yes, I am coming to this (sorry for the delay in responding, was waiting for the work's Xmas Do date to be confirmed).
  2. Klondyke Steam Party, Ashbourne, DE6 5GZ, Sun 15th Oct

    Thanks for organising and to everyone who made this another great day out.
  3. Klondyke Steam Party, Ashbourne, DE6 5GZ, Sun 15th Oct

    Yep, I am coming to this. See you at Halfords Ashbourne at 10:30.
  4. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    The Westy will be SORNed in November, with the engine and gearbox coming out straight away. Gearbox will be sent off for a refurbish along with a long first (probably BGH). Also makes sense to fit a new clutch and a lightened flywheel (probably TTV). I have my original GT cylinder head back from Ric Wood; it is been unleaded converted, CNC ported and polished, and looks amazing. That needs to go back on over the winter too. While the engine is out I am going to inspect the block as I have no documentation on what components are fitted. Will fit a mild cam if it doesn't already have one and fix anything else that the inspection turns up. My current objective with this engine is to make the most of what I have, i.e. have something reliable and drivable for road use, and not chase BHP. I have new gaskets and seals for the sump, so I will try and make it hold more oil than it does now. Then there is a long list of minor/cosmetic stuff to do.
  5. Klondyke Steam Party, Ashbourne, DE6 5GZ, Sun 15th Oct

    At this stage, I'm a maybe. I will post again in the morning if I am definitely coming.
  6. Adding a Header Tank to a Xflow Cooling System

    Glad you found it useful. My battery is a Powervamp PVR22. I got it off eBay as a bundle with the bracket and charger. My car starts fine with it. However, I do put it on trickle charge if the car has not been used for a few weeks. Also, I run an Omex ECU so my car starts much easier than when I had a distributor. Overall I have been very impressed with the battery and its small size means that there is more space to use the scuttle, i.e. header tank, oil catch tank, etc.
  7. Price reduced again, now £200.
  8. Price reduced again, now £250. Final reduction before these go on eBay.
  9. Happy Birthday GadgetMan

    Sorry I'm late, MHR Dave!
  10. Cheshire and North Staffs Area meets.

    Close to where it is now would suit me too. A big carpark is always nice so that we are not blocking the pubs normal trade.
  11. Crossflow engine build

    1 and 2: Burton Power stock these and do international shipping. 3: Have a look at Jafromobile's videos on YouTube. 4: Do you have the old bearings, if so they might be stamped. Otherwise you will need to measure yourself. Again, YouTube videos will be your friend or speak to your local machine shop. Good luck and yes, start a new thread with your progress and questions.
  12. Price reduced again, now £275.
  13. Seasonal Meal 2nd Dec Manchester

    I can't make it Dave. Have fun without me.