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  1. PRICES REDUCED - FOR SALE - Various Parts

    Prices reduced, BTTT.
  2. Santa Run, Sun 3rd Dec, Peak District

    Can't make it sorry. Westy SORNed and in bits and is taking up all my free time. Have fun.
  3. Engine bay tidy

    That looks really nice. Glad to have been an inspiration.
  4. Peak District Blaze Ice Cream Run , Sun 26th Nov 10.30am

    That looks like it was another great day out. Can't wait for next Spring to be joining you guys again.
  5. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Finally got the bearing off the input shaft. Couldn't work out the technique so ended up brute-forcing it in the end. Measured the input shaft at about 150mm so it's a short one that I need to order when I order the refurbished box. Will ring BGH in the morning and get the ball rolling on the Standard Duty E2 which looks perfect for my needs. Flywheel arrived from TTV this week. This is the 110 teeth, 6 bolt, Lite flywheel and it looks gorgeous. I have to say I have been really impressed with the service from TTV. Almost immediate responses to e-mails, very helpful advice, parts in stock and shipped next day. A big thumbs up from me The engine is now on the engine stand and we have partially stripped it. There is a good deal of gunk at the top of each cylinder, and plenty of carbon deposits on the pistons. We are going to speak to the engineering company we use to decide on an appropriate course of action. I'll keep you all posted on how that goes.
  6. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Well there was two of us. TBH after an hour we had everything disconnected with the exception of the speedo cable. The time consuming part was working in the confined space and jacking the car up with a small jack that wasn't really up to the job. All done now though.
  7. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Thanks for the advice guys. I will give it a go next weekend.
  8. Breakfast in the Peak District, Sun 12th Nov

    Have fun today guys and gals. Looks like you have lovely weather for it
  9. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Well we did it! Not quite in the 45 minutes that Justin managed (more like 4 hours). The time consuming parts are getting the car in the air, the trip to Halfords for some circlip pliers to get the speedo drive out of the gearbox, and cleaning up the diff oil that we'd forgotten to catch. Bill Snr getting his hands dirty Got the engine and gearbox separated too. We struggled for a while trying to get the thrust bearing off the input shaft then decided to call it a day. Quick question though. We thought that the pin on the clutch fork (top tight) just pulled out and the bearing just pulled off too. Is there a special knack to removing these or do we just need to try harder?
  10. PRICES REDUCED - FOR SALE - Various Parts

    Coil spring compressor set now sold.
  11. PRICES REDUCED - FOR SALE - Various Parts

    If it helps anyone, I can bring any of these parts to the Cheshire Xmas Curry meal.
  12. Grounding/Earthing Points

    +1 for this. I got so fed up fiddling with a load of terminals on the chassis mount at the front of the engine bay that I fitted a busbar that I got off eBay. Mount that to the chassis and then one wire to the original chassis mount. All your other cables can then be terminated at the busbar.
  13. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    It's handy that the engine stand has child-bearing hips!
  14. PRICES REDUCED - FOR SALE - Various Parts

    Sorry Craig, the mirrors have now been paid for.
  15. PRICES REDUCED - FOR SALE - Various Parts

    PM replied to.