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  1. can you take a picture of the rear of the nose i.e. the bit that the bonnet sits next to? Ta
  2. Hi David, I'll take the full set please, might split a few items once i'll figured out what bits i'm gonna use. PM sent
  3. Interested in the nose cone
  4. I'm interested in the nose cone, is it ZK bodywork?
  5. It's also more than likely a narrow body car... If you have slim hips and want a track tool it's probably a good should but if your bigger than average and want a road car then probably not what i'd choose!
  6. Did this sell, if not i'll take it please.
  7. Had no joy with allegory... seems to have vanished! so still looking for wiper motor....
  8. Looks like a very nice car,I bet that motor sounds sweet? Good luck with the sale.
  9. I bet his colleagues wil take the p*** out of him for a LOOOOONG time about this.. LOL
  10. Anybody got a carpet set in Black for SEiW?
  11. MASSIVE bargain..... someone got VERY lucky there!
  12. And back to you. Thanks
  13. Hi, Just my observations.... First off it sounds and looks like a really nice car. You don't mention what gearbox is fitted (unless i'm being a bit think? Quite possible!) You need way more photos from all angles, inside and under the bonnet. Finally i think it's a bit over priced (unless it's got some trick sequential gearbox?) If you are after top £££ for it then get the little jobs you mention sorted, people won't expect to be doing jobs on a car that they are playing big money for. Finally good luck with the sale & i don't believe the Golf R will be anywhere near as quick as this car
  14. Hi, i'm after a window wiper motor/mechanism, anybody gone Aero and got one hanging about that there not using? Thanks Andy
  15. Bargain that Mr Wotbox