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  1. AdamR

    2018 Rounds Calendar

  2. Seconded. Best tuner I've been to out of about half a dozen.
  3. AdamR

    Rear diffuser - Worth it?

    Interestingly, after I fitted mine it got pulled down on the motorway and fell off. Not sure if it was the diffuser itself producing 'downforce' or just air coming down the transmission tunnel, but it definitely got sucked downwards...
  4. AdamR

    1.8 Zetec Rough Idle and Low Rev Pick-up

    See if you can link to the ECU to check what the TPS is reading, the track at the start can fail and it gives the symptoms you describe.
  5. AdamR

    Nanodrive oil

    That's very cheap for a top spec fully synth oil! The Scooby will have improved performance because it had knock detection and an ECU that tweaks timing, so it could make use of the higher RON fuel. Non turbo cars would see much less change, and those without such systems won't see any benefit. Would love to see an improvement from such oil but... can't see how it can change the laws of physics
  6. AdamR

    Nanodrive oil

    I've back-to-backed the same car on a dyno with Nanodrive the second set of runs (and having heated the oil to the temp they recommend), no difference in torque or bhp.
  7. Ditto the above, even though my thoughts might be slightly different to most
  8. AdamR

    New car to the collection

    Looks like a brilliant car, would love to know the weight! Enjoy
  9. AdamR

    2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Sounds good to me! Seriously though, why is there a cap on points score? Is it from the days when TTs were still being established?
  10. AdamR

    2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Fair shout Terry! My numbers were obviously silly, but just making the point. That is a really tough one. I can't answer that. The novice categorisation is really hard to define, because IMO someone who has done 3 years of regular trackdays is going to be a quicker driver than someone who has done 10 years of sprinting, yet they will still be classed as a novice under the current rules. Honesty would be great but how often does that work in motorsport? If it were up to me, Maurici couldn't drive as a novice in B, that just not 'fair' (and I am sure he would agree).
  11. AdamR

    2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Yes, you're right John. I hadn't considered that Not saying I'm right, just throwing ideas about to try and get more people involved! If they are crap ideas then so be it! Terry - my point is that someone who has a competitive spirit wants to enter a competitive event with the feeling that they might win something! If Joe is a crap driver and gets 75.1 points at 7 rounds, but Bob is a demon behind the wheel but can only afford to do 5 rounds, gets 101 at all of those, Joe still wins the overall.
  12. AdamR

    2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Hmm. Hadn't considered that I would say yes and no. Off the top of my head... Yes - It is an overall championship for Classes A and B. No - You don't have the option to win by default just by doing more rounds than other people, like what happens now. It separates those with the time / budget / wish to develop their cars for a specific class away from those who just want to turn up and have a bash. There are quite a few people I know who can't commit to a full 10 round series, maybe a smaller more competitive series would entice them in?
  13. AdamR

    2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    You make a good point there John, but I do sense the undercurrent The way I see it is that nobody fits 1C tyres to a truly roadgoing car. Therefore you HAVE to 'develop' a car for Class C/D. So to base Class A and B TTs on cars that have been specifically developed for a certain class could well be offputting to newbies? To have entered a competitive driving event, you MUST have a competitive spirit. If you look at the other cars around you and the TTs you are up against, and see immediately that you can't be competitive (without lobbing thousands of £££ at the car), what's the point in entering? I believe that classes Class A and B (the BOTTOM classes!) should be full of pretty standard, actual roadgoing cars, and these cars / drivers should have a sniff of being half competitive in some sort of overall trophy. If you (a general term, not anyone specific!) don't want the cars in these classes to have a chance at the overall championship (for whatever reason - including 'because they haven't served the time / effort to develop their car sufficiently') then just exclude them from the overall series, simple. In fact, here's a suggestion... Why not make the Sprint Award for Classes A and B only? It effectively makes a 'cheap' championship by giving newbies / people with a lower budget (for both car upgrades and volume of events) a 'proper' overall championship to aim for. Cheaper cars. Fewer rounds. TTs would be largely irrelevant because drivers are only competing against their own class rather than for the overall championship, so no headaches in calculating them. Thoughts?
  14. AdamR

    2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Righto, gotcha From my side it looks like people are asking for TTs to be based upon historical data in ALL classes where possible, rather than calculated from higher classes. The fallout from this would be that some TTs in Class A & B will become 'easier' (realistic!).
  15. AdamR

    2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Which bit / comment(s) do you have issue with John? I don't recall anyone saying they wanted any class to be easy.

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