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  1. Is the world now too PC ?

  2. Is the world now too PC ?

    Simple answer, Yes.
  3. Email and Web Hosting - help!

    Post prior to the above has now been hidden as it is suspected spam.
  4. Tin Top help PLEASE !

    Had some odd issues with my mk2 60 plate superb this weekend due to flat battery such as engine running poorly, warning lights for steering and eps, etc. After a good run, seems be back to its old self. So I kind of agree that battery/electrical problems can cause all sorts of seemingly non related issues with the modern-ish motor.

    Menu choices and table layout:
  6. Awards Evening Menus and timmings

    Here are your menu choices and table layout. Menu choices and Table Layout.pdf
  7. Essex Area Whatsapp Group

    That's a cracking idea for all areas too consider.

    Excellent results. Thank you Julie for organising this and thanks to those who took part. Prizes will be sorted shortly. I'll personally double the value of first prize in 2018 if you can beat 9270 miles. Ali and Gail excluded of course.
  9. New owner counting down

    I use Hamilton classics, I think as a fully paid up member you'd be entitled to a discount too. I've used ACF50 sprayed on the metal bits over winter to keep off the worst.
  10. Awards Dinner - A Complaint

    Talk is good and a little background music always helps. Still no dancing though.
  11. Awards Evening Menus and timmings

    eMailed you our menu choices just now Terry.
  12. Awards Evening Menus and timmings

    It needs to be in the members area or events area as everyone is invited to this event, not just SS folks...? Separate threads linking can be placed in the other areas as necessary by the SSOT.
  13. Paul Makepeace

  14. Happy Birthday Slasher!

  15. Dominator style or similar headlights.

    I have an old pair in rough condition with one cracked lens. I was going to sandblast, re-coat and replace the lens but I got lazy and managed to do a deal at Stoneleigh for new replacements. If you think be of any use and happy to pay postage, you can have them.