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  1. Speed Series 21st Anniversary

    fixed it, thanks.
  2. New Member Introduction

    pleased to have you onboard.
  3. My wife went to Iceland and all I got was..........

    That'll be that nasty volcano thingy... I've something similar, it says "What part of Multi 21 don't you understand".
  4. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Thank you David, I "think" there were 20 or so already signed up? Over to @John Williams - WSCC Competition Secretary and @graham frankland for further news.
  5. May I draw your attention to this post. You will of course be well aware that 2018 is the 21st anniversary of the Speed Series and we are celebrating at Shelsley Walsh. Recognising we are all busy and have many events to attend, particularly from a competitive perspective, I'd like as many SS folk to attend this fun day, enjoy the celebrations and to help coerce folks into the SS. There is some info attached and the website is now up and running. Thank you 21st_mag_text.pdf
  6. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    OK folks. After huge efforts from the team, al the details are confirmed, the Hill is bought and paid for and the website is ready to take your bookings. Please go to http://events.wscc.co.uk/shelsleywalsh/ and book; full info is on the site and in the PDF attached to this post. 21st_mag_text.pdf
  7. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    AFAIK this is a private day open to road legal and race cars. You will need to ensure the car is in good condition but you won't need to change anything. This is not a full speed competitive event and is open to all types of cars and drivers. Even if some disaster strikes on the day, you will get to drive as members will ensure your car is sorted; that's what we do as a club and more so in the Speed Series. As you've already done a track day, you are already in a good place.
  8. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Booking website will up and running shortly...
  9. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Thanks Ron, that would be great. Let's see what Graham has planned for AV stuff on the night.
  10. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Yep. In Msft word it remembers links used in the past when you create a link in the doc, I've clearly not checked it properly before publishing
  11. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Quick reminder that you need email your letters to ivs.consult@dft.gsi.gov.uk and not me. Thanks everyone for getting involved.
  12. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Spoke with them today and they are concerned about the XI of course. Current view is watching brief; I suspect WSC and others have been here many times before...
  13. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Good effort Ian, I only managed to get to Pg5
  14. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Hello Folks, So we have looked at this in some more detail and have now crafted some words to send via email to all members. I'm hopeful this will happen this weekend. I appreciate this may be an invasive step for many as a) not everyone likes being emailed and b) it might not concern some folks. However, noting the importance of this should the legislation get through, we have listened to all arguments, checked our constitution and other applicable process and believe it is in the best interest of members so will now take the unusual step of emailing en masse. I don't believe we have done this before and certainly not with the new backend system, so bear with us if we end up hitting any technical glitches. To everyone involved in raising and debating this, thanks, to everyone who is reading this, I hope you will act accordingly, to everyone about to receive an email from your Club, apologies in advance if you feel it is not appropriate, however we do it for all members and the industry as a whole so please show your support. FYI: The email wording can be found in the attached. IVA - Emissions Consultation 2018 ACTION REQUIRED.pdf
  15. Hi, Andy,

    I agree with you that the petition is incredibly basic and poorly worded.  Can I, please, suggest something along the lines of:

    I have become aware of some consultations regarding vehicle MOT / IVA regulations that would have an adverse effect on my hobby (building and enjoying replica kit cars) and the industry that employs many people manufacturing the kits for sale.

    Road vehicles: improving air quality and safety

    4.11 We are proposing that for kit cars, compliance with the MOT emissions standards current at the date of registration will be required, despite the use of an older engine.  In other words the current relaxation for emissions according to the age of the engine will no longer apply.

    I understand that this is hoped for implementation in July this year.  This will impact:

    • Kit cars currently in build - it is not unusual for builds to take place over several years and an engine purchase is an early part of the process.  If an older engine is in someone's car that cannot be finished before this July, the car will not be able to be submitted for IVA.  An unfair cost for such people that could be removed by delayed implementation of any such rules for kits / engines already purchased.
    • Replica type kits (such as classic Jaguar / Lotus / Porsche replicas) which have been designed round older engine designs and chassis of which may well not safely be able to accommodate catalytic converters (and the associated heat generated by these components).  This could see people with cars in build not being able to complete their cars, negating their investments in time and money) and the manufacturers seeing revenue streams removed, quite possibly threatening their existence.
    • The numbers of kit built cars is small compared to mass produced vehicles, so the impact on overall emissions of any easing of implementation / regulations would be small - but the loss to each individual car builder and supplier could be many thousands of pounds.
    • The wording of this point threatens kit cars already IVA / SVA tested and legally on the road with older engines.  It suggests that for all such vehicles, "the emission standards current at the rate of registration will be required".  It is not usual for new regulations to remove older vehicles.  Unless clarification that this rule is to be for newly IVA certificated vehicles only, the older cars will not be able to pass MOTs with more owners seeing their vehicles dreadfully devalued.

    Britain has a long heritage of self built cars, some of which have led to the formation of very famous and valuable companies such as Jaguar, Lotus and McLaren.  Could the above points please be considered and not overlooked in an apparent haste to push through this legislation.