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  1. I had a ride round a very wet Oulton in Steve's Pug on rainsports, and was very impressed by the amount he could lean on them in the corners, and it felt particularly good on braking. I'm sure the extra weight of the Pug has some bearing, and the fact it's FWD. On a Westy, I think they'd be good for torrential conditions, but as soon as there's no standing water, the softer rubber of any 1B tyre would be better. My 2p.
  2. I was running these at the wet Cadwell day we did, which killed them when it got too dry late on. Had them on for Oulton too, and they were OK, but not as good as when they had more tread. Have just ordered a set of ex F3 Hankook wets off ebay. 180 550 x 13. Hope they're the same width as my old ones. Hopefully I'll never get to see how they perform ever again!
  3. Cadwell Park May 2nd

    Cadwell Park, Wednesday 2nd May with MSV. Open pitlane, 105db. 2.2 miles of Lincolnshire's finest tarmac. If you've not driven Cadwell, it's one of the best circuits for a Westfield. Myself and a few pals will be at this one, and there's some group discount to be had. Full price is £145 .. PM me for booking details to get in for £130. We must be due a dry one now!
  4. Some laps from Steve L in the Zetec powered car. It's a bit foggy, and sadly it's the only semi useable footage he got. It's a shame, as I was looking forward to seeing some of the chase footage against SteveH in his Pug. Who was the driver of the red car seen coming back on to the circuit at about 1.04? .. Right side exhaust, so I guess Dan?
  5. Weber set up

    Check you haven't lost a grub screw from the underside of a carb. I've had it happen, and it allows a choke tube, or emulsion tube to rotate in the carb body. It effectively shuts off fuel under load to that barrel. Easy enough to check, have a look down the four chokes and see if the horizontal bars are symmetrical in the two carbs. (They're not absolutely horizontal, but each carb should look the same)
  6. That's a shame. But at least you got a nice taste of the circuit.. now just imagine it on a bone dry warm sunny day.
  7. Did I detect a drop of the shoulders as the red lights came on?
  8. A few laps from me from a session just before lunch I think... my six year old wets not inspiring confidence!
  9. I was only out using it for a couple of sessions, so didn't get everyone. The pro photos will be up soon though. Have dumped all my efforts on F/B https://www.facebook.com/andy.pugwash
  10. There was very nearly a dry line by the end of play. Horrendously wet in the morning, rain stopped about lunch time, but occasional drizzle seemed to prevent the track drying properly. There were some impressive puddles and rivers to negotiate which made it interesting. Because of the conditions, there were a good number of stoppages, so it's fair to say I've had better days at Oulton Park. Will get some footage up if I can find anything worthy.
  11. We've got three garages to play with. MSV cocked up the allocation a bit though.. I have however managed to get my garage swapped with No19, so we should all be together.. in garages 17, 18, and 19.
  12. Been watching the weather forecasts, not looking too bad so far.. at least nothing extreme is forecast. Pretty sure we'll get some dry track to play on.
  13. There should be seven now, Steve H was dragging his heels.. he's booked on now. Not sure about the garage situation, Steve has two reserved and I was invoiced for one.. maybe they're not including it with the group booking, .. dunno. We'll play it by ear eh. Weather still looking OKish.
  14. 125cc.. it's only a baby. A 250cc superkart must be a bit nippy then!

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