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  1. Rockingham track day 25th May

    Update. Now booked on: Thanks Timessex 1.Andrew (me) 2.RussH 3.BCF 4.DE04* 5.timessex And a reminder of how to join us.. To book this one, you must first give me your name (PM) to pass on to the circuit so you get the discounted price. After they have your name, you can book on by calling Will Thomas on 01536 270143, stating you're in the discount group.
  2. To be honest, I cant say this is a members only deal as the guy that negotiated the discount is an ex member. BUT! as it happens.. the amount you'll save with the discount on this one is the same as your new membership fee. Free wscc membership!
  3. Booked on: 1.Andrew 2.RussH 3.SteveH Come on No4, Chris King.
  4. Rockingham track day 25th May

    As far as I can make out.. so far we have Booked: 1.Andrew (me) 2.RussH 3.BCF 4.DE04* Not sure if SootySport and Timessex got booked on?
  5. Rockingham track day 25th May

    He's on the list. Welcome aboard Tim.
  6. Rockingham track day 25th May

    It's OK I figured out your title, they have your name on their list, book away.. Russ beat me to it.
  7. Rockingham track day 25th May

    Have just booked on. I am 110% in! OK, to book your place on this one, you must first give me your name (PM me?) to email to Rockingham circuit, so they know who to give discount to.. It would be good if the initial 100% group would get booked up as soon as practically possible, as that would secure the group discount. To book, call Will Thomas on 01536 270143, say you're in the discount group, and you'll pay £175. Let's get this show on the road!
  8. Rockingham track day 25th May

    OK, I've now got an initial list of five to give to Rockingham, so we can hopefully get booked on and get this rolling. The 100% booking club: Andrew (me) RussH SootySport BCF DEO4 I'll email the circuit and let you know the booking process. Thanks chaps! Looking forward to adding to that list.
  9. I remember the old series, afaik it was run by BARC. In their heyday they had really good grids.. not sure why it dwindled away tbh. It must be very difficult to compete with all the various Caterham race series though. I wonder where this one sits compared with the Caterham graduates series?
  10. Rockingham track day 25th May

    Barny Charles Farquharson?
  11. Rockingham track day 25th May

    You're the first member of that club Mike.
  12. Rockingham track day 25th May

    Spot on! Can you give me a name. I have to mail a list to the circuit before we can claim the discount. PM me, or shout it out on here. We're slowly getting there..
  13. Speed holes

  14. Slick Tyres

    They're on ebay too. These are the ones I use on 8" rims. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hankook-180-550-13-inch-slick-trackday-race-tyres-OVAL-SPRINT-HILL-c92-8x21x13/382344267703?hash=item59057e87b7:g:yV8AAOSw4PxaIGpT
  15. Rockingham track day 25th May

    Yup, you me and Sooty are in the 100% club. My pal Stoney is a 99%er, just needs his holiday confirmed. Any 60% plus bods?