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  1. About to take the FW Special Edition plunge...

    Wise words indeed from all. The tonneau cover is invaluable to me. When you park it or leave it outside in the day it stops dust, bird poo and rain spoiling the car. Its relative security is good as it stops people reaching in or more likely things being blown out when it's parked. For transporting your car on a trailer it's perfect to keep it dry and dirt free as it doesn't billow like a car cover does. I use it on a track day. You dont want to come back to your car after watching the other drivers and get a wet bum from the summer shower you just didn't notice ! It lasts all the way home..... Good luck and hope to see you at the next Cheshire meeting Jon
  2. Ducted Nose Removal

    Interesting comment on a restrictor. Does this help high speed running or traffic idling ? Read quite a few internet naysayers on this, curious of your experience as it's very relevant to my car. Improved it a lot so far but always keen to get it better Cheers Jon
  3. Ducted Nose Removal

    Yes it helps avoid air locks when filling and bleeding.
  4. 3.9 V8 Sump leaking oil

    Get your annual order into rimmer brothers. They leak every season. Its just part of the v8 experience No loctite needed. Its a thin tin sump and only needs to be hand tight as the rocker covers are. If you do it too tight it leaks more.....
  5. 3.9 V8 Sump leaking oil

    You need a cork gasket and sealant. Use sealant first and allow 15 mins to cure, then stick the cork gasket to it and then the sump. Tighten gently and use a small rafchet handle to keep pressure low and even. Make sure your oil pickup is clear and correctly adjusted (Might be moved from the bottoming impacts) before attaching the sump.
  6. Ducted Nose Removal

    If your expansion tank is on the scuttle it's not much higher than the radiator. I jack my rear wheels up to raise this higher than the top of the radiator. Good luck
  7. Echo the not using too much pressure. Deflate your spare tyre first and just add back the 10psi or so it suggests. I used it with my 30psi spare thinking it would just last longer for repeated bleeding. Don't do it..... spent longer clearing up than it took to bleed all four brakes
  8. 4" headlamps

    I do agree although we are so low to the ground and outside where most people's mirrors are set to look, they usually hear me before they see me..... You could put a couple of KC daylighters on your roll bar and a whip aerial with a flag and go full tamiya style ?
  9. 4" headlamps

    I think it depends what you compare them too? I have the 4 inch from Westfeld, they pass the MOT and they light the road up. They are obviously not big enough to be wonderful but they are adequate for occasional night time journeys. A lot of people drive their tin barges with super whizz bang "get out of my way, I actually do own the road" headlights and then are disappointed with an old style sealed beam unit. Yes its not as good, but it works and if you use it often enough you can get used it. It might make you safer as you will need to slow down a bit to stay within their range. Having them properly aligned makes a big improvement , so don't keep taking your nose cone off ! I bought them purely for aesthetics. Jon
  10. Aero....

    If Daves auto correct suggests paisley it makes you wonder what new clothes he might be ordering. Paisley with turbulence ?
  11. Ducted Nose Removal

    I'm not certain but if it's an original v8 with a ducted nose you need to drain the radiator and remove the nose and radiator as one piece. I converted mine a while back to chassis attachment. Removal of the nose is then exactly as Craig says.
  12. The end of the F1 grid girls

    What do you mean, there's all the close racing to keep you enthralled.......
  13. The end of the F1 grid girls

    That's a lot of people unemployed now. Don't know why they couldn't keep the job such as it is and have men and women models to attract everyone ?
  14. Northampton Motorsport, most impressed

    Great news Andy. You get 200bhp at 6500 so that's a nice round number for road . I expect it is rare you will have space on the road to use 7500
  15. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    One of these https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=air+intakes+horns&safe=off&client=tablet-android-samsung&sa=X&biw=1024&bih=768&noj=1&tbs=vw:l,ss:44&tbm=shop&srpd=18214588004753776618&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:18214588004753776618,paur:ClkAsKraX-LYErHSSLl6KPihoxktsalgizx0YfeQZHrKYks9annacjaV0ujKoo-SE3JGiS8_OcI0Z46XrouUqkOpDGEpMeI965lhxzCE5Cbp8C-SSnJY8UU76BIZAFPVH72bEjYuUj_lKFDGjT4XaYsX-ooQ0g&ved=0ahUKEwjRh_y50tDYAhXiA8AKHS5fA60QgjYI-wM Motorsport look and make people wonder what it's for....... lots of stories you could make up