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  1. 6carjon

    Cider King new build diary

    How about a hydro printed design or pattern. It says it's temperature resistant up to 500 degrees?
  2. 6carjon

    Cider King new build diary

    Having had a white painted rocker cover before on an MI16 engine , I would go for a darker contrasting colour......... You have no idea where all that oil mist and grit comes from I don't know if you can get they wide a range in vht to exactly match it anyway? What colour is your interior or coolant hoses as an idea to match to rather than yellow? Cheers Jon
  3. 6carjon

    Upset neighbour

    Just a thought, JP exhausts are in Macclesfield and a nice drive to get to. They do custom work, and made several, high quality jobs for me. They made a track special db reducer too.it took 6db off my noise. However for a more permanent solution they do anything they can fit in. Apparently they do McLaren system prototypes for them. http://www.jpexhausts.co.uk. their website is not exciting but real, old school service and craftsmanship. Cheers Jon
  4. 6carjon

    Upset neighbour

    Very public spirited. Well done. You never know it might sound nicer
  5. 6carjon

    Classic Special Edition Kit New Member 1st Build

    One more suggestion, these https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/anti-fatigue-foam-floor-tiles-pk6/?da=1&TC=GS-051817000&gclid=CjwKCAjw8_nXBRAiEiwAXWe2yQndtaklBQ-Ocw8uFogcGTTnft0w7ZUGyDMV11wCNm98vUS38sdWORoClsQQAvD_BwE I've done my whole garage but if you want to save cost,just buy a pack of six and move them to where you are lying or standing. Makes a real difference for fatigue and stops cold feet or body when working at a bench. Makes it great to work in your garage. Cheers Jon
  6. Hi Mat. As another seight owner you can try here. They have an seight mailing list with a lot of older members. Its not very active but quedtions usually get a reply and knowledge is extensive. Cheers Jon http://se7ens.net/
  7. 6carjon

    Over heating

    I'm not a cooling system expert but I have learned that it's really helpful to fill your system with your car elevated at one end. This gets the expansion tank at the highest point . Due to the lowline of our cars they need help. If you do this and leave it overnight with the cap off it should remove most air locks with gravity. Did you measure coolant removed versus coolant added to make sure you were at least close? Then run the car up with no cap on to a temp before the fan comes on, probably 80 to 85 degrees and turn off, again elevated just a little. Leaving it to settle should remove most air. When it's cool put the cap on and run it until the fan comes on and then cool it again and you should be ok. Thus does assume your coolant system has the right plumbing which others can tell, you better than me. Cheers Jon
  8. 6carjon

    I can't quite believe it myself.....

    If it's Mazda based,given your racing colour scheme, is it going to be orange and green like the le mans winner ? You'll need a whole new wardrobe to match your new car
  9. Bring on part two Feeling a challenge coming on where it gets worse, worse again, but then its all right in the end, I hope .....
  10. 6carjon


    No 3 is destined to be single forever.
  11. 6carjon

    Mega S2000 for sale.

    It's beautifully made and colour matched you will want to dress in the appropriate gulf coloured outfit just to drive it and not clash
  12. 6carjon

    Stoneleigh, it’s nearly here.

    Does my bum look big in this ?
  13. 6carjon

    Cheshire and N. Staffs monthly meet Thursday 3rd May

    Sounds like a great plan. I hope to have my car working well by then..... Thanks to Ian for the lift and Andy for my pending lift to stoneleigh on Sunday
  14. 6carjon

    Cheshire and N. Staffs monthly meet Thursday 3rd May

    Excellent thanks everyone. So Mark is picking me up and we only need the Juga as predictive text wants to call the Kuga !
  15. 6carjon

    Rear Right Side Tyre Rubbing.....

    I have an seight and run et15 on the rear and 205 tyres. They don't rub. As your car is most likely factory built I doubt the tub was wrong when it was built. Either something has moved the tub or something suspension wise is wrong. I would check further before replacing wheels and tyres. They should fit fine. Cheers Jon

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