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  1. Lancashire Area Breakfast Run Sunday 20th May

    Great run out this morning playing dodge the cyclist, didn't break down so thats a result, and no nasty letters when i got home double result . @Terryathomethink you need a supercharger you where holding me up a bit down that a59
  2. Upset neighbour

    Update Just been round most of my neighbours none of them have a problem with my noise levels and they all said carry on and they wished they had a little old green car the only one's i haven't spoken to are still in there pit 11am on a glorious sunny day . At least the words out im sorry for any disturbance . Tony
  3. Upset neighbour

    Thanks for all the reply's guys. Im not to happy about it but i think im going to change the exhaust and link pipe ive spoke to matt at Simpson and its looking like 5 to 600 quid but he really needs the car and hes a long way away from me. I've sent an email to wunoff in Bradford last night see what they say. I don't want to upset any of my neighbours but i can't wait till 9am on a Sunday morning so i can trip off out or have to be back home before a certain time. This way if anything happens at least i can say look I've tried my best to keep the noise down. Tony
  4. Fuel tank breather

    Quick question Dave would that stop fuel overfill coming out of the vent pipe Tony
  5. Upset neighbour

    Good question Dave I'd have to say at tic over and just above setting off no not really its louder than a euro box but not excessive. Full chat is a different ball game . Im the last house on an estate then its urban countryside. it is quiet around me if your a light sleeper a mouse farting would wake you . I started up straight next to our lasses window she never heard a thing haha. Tony
  6. Upset neighbour

    Thanks Jeff thats some excellent advice. I'll try and keep it to sociable hours for the time being . The other problem i have is im at the very end of an estate its not like im straight onto the main road and off. Have to say i thought I'd been very good this morning hardly revved it until i was like half a mile away might have been that
  7. Upset neighbour

    Think i know what the problem is, its the mighty red top, never had a problem with the zetec
  8. Upset neighbour

    Its not bothered me in the slightest. If it was every day i would hold my hands up and say fair play ill stop but its not . If they had put there name or house number i would go round and apologise and explain the circumstances behind the early starts .but they haven't so i can't.
  9. Upset neighbour

  10. Upset neighbour

    Omg that's cool
  11. Upset neighbour

    Looks like I've upset one of my neighbours. The forecast for today was looking so good i thought id go to work in the westy unfortunately it was a 6am start so leaving home at 530 so i pushed him out of the garage cracked him up and i was off as quietly as i could job done Then i got a call from swimbo , someone had posted a unsigned letter through my door Ive got to say im not fully to blame for this @Steve (stevel) - Lancashire AO told me to be at charnock Richard services for 7am Sunday morning for the trip to stoneleigh .so i think he has to take the flak for that if by any chance my neighbour is reading this please accept my sincere apologies but unfortunately i won't be converting to electric any time soon Tony
  12. SBD Type 9 bell housing clutch drag

    Thanks Paul Thats what im going to do I've adjusted the clutch cable and the thrust bearing is touching the pressure plate and it grinds when you put it in reverse so that would suggest drag. 1st to 2nd is ok until you rev it hard and then it grinds . I'll try some spacers and see what happens. T
  13. Zetec - Type 9 clutch woes!

    Don't take this the wrong way but have you taken the hand break off
  14. SBD Type 9 bell housing clutch drag

    Spigot bearing was good and i put some grease on it . For the first few hundred miles it didn't crunch .
  15. Ive been having a problem with clutch drag and its causing difficulty in selecting 2nd gear (1st to 2nd) it makes a crunch . Its a new box ive spoke to Paul @ first motion transmission and he advised to adjust the clutch . It made it alot better but it still crunches at higher revs. Ive read about the spigot shaft being to long and causing the drag i copied this of sbd Spigot bearing for Vauxhall crank to Type 9 gearbox Question: Does the Vauxhall Crank need the spigot bearing machining to fit a for type 9 box? Answer: Yes, you do need a Spigot Bearing, The type you need go in the end of the crankshaft is CLT-SB1. Due to the fact that the recess in the back of the standard 16V crank is quite short you may need to grind a small amount off the end of your spigot shaft to make sure it does not run aground on the crank. I read about placing a 1mm spacer between bell and engine has anyone done this . Is there a spacer that i can buy . Thanks Tony

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