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  1. live axle (atb)

  2. live axle (atb)

  3. live axle (atb)

    removed from live axle today this came to me with a complete car but I'm changing the car to independent rear so its for sale was told it was atb there are no real marking on it apart from 10193/0442 ive put that number in google and nothing comes up its 22 spines sold as seen you pay your money you take your chance £200 plus postage
  4. 3.89 crown wheel and pinion looks in good condition no damage or uneven wear removed today from the axle £100 plus shipping new these are around £280
  5. Revolution alloys and yoko tyres ao48

    bttt £200 need these gone
  6. Toyo t1r 195 50 15 4x

    As in the title 4x 195 50 15 These are new 2017 date code on them £100 for all 4 This price is for collection from cannock area only i dont have time to mess about wrapping them or to wait in for them too be collected
  7. Rich's S2000 Build

    99% sure this is normal
  8. As in the title 4x alloys and yoko ao48 tyre 13x7 4x 108 2x are et 20 2x are et 6 Tyres are all 205 60 13 1 .4.5mm 2.4mm 3 2mm 4.3mm One of the rims has slight damage to the inside which is shown in the picture these are of course all used need some tlc but still very usable Collect only i will not send these No first dib first person to put the cash in my hand buys them i need them outxthe way asap £250
  9. Aeroscreen black

    For widebody
  10. Aeroscreen black

    As in the title Used black will have some marks its used £40 plus post and packing
  11. Type 9 bellhousing

    As in the title £40 plus postage
  12. Unfinished or instarted project.

    Nothing to do with me but here is one https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F122959237470
  13. Mega s2000 propshaft

    Genuine Westfield mega s2000 propshaft new unused to be used with sierra diff £280 collected or plus postage cost
  14. 4 point willans

    phil has first crack at these steve if he doesn't have them I will let you know