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  1. Which Class?

    Its a toyota 1600cc 20v, approx 150hp
  2. Which Class?

    The car is very basic and would qualify for A. ( standard car engine, box, no lsd, no ARBs, etc) But I would have to buy new tyres for A, whereas I could use a knackered old set of ZZRs in C I think I need a HANS for C as well. Also I'm sure I read that only Class A need to be taxed/mot etc
  3. I want to enter this year but am unsure of class at present. The car wont be ready until mid season and I dont know which tyres I will be using . So if I enter A can I change to C ,E or G before I start competing ? Thanks Stu
  4. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Booked. - hope I can get car assembled by then
  5. Xflow 1740 4speed clutch help

    As above , but I just jack the back wheels off the ground ( on axl;e stands if poss) , get warm , then depress clutch and jab brake or handbrake
  6. Drive Shaft. Heavy Duty, SEi ,V8,sprint

    This would make a great spare for anyone doing sprints or trackdays. the end that pushes into the diff is much stronger than a standard shaft
  7. Early wiring loom

    Thanks Gary
  8. Early wiring loom

    Just looking for an early SE loom Any condition. Thanks Stu
  9. Brake Master cylinder sizes?

    I would like some advise on brake master cylinder bore sizes please. I have a twin cylinder/bias set up The front calipers are standard M16 type The rears are std Sierra I need to buy some cylinders but am unsure of best combination. Thanks Stu
  10. Very rare Narrow H/D, v8 type drive shaft with stronger stub into diff . Suitable for early SEi with Westfield casing .only have one . £50 or offers, postage at cost
  11. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    Yes , shame really. I remember big turnouts at Wiscombe in middle 2000s I think Wiscombe would have got more support if it was in Sept again. Llys Y Fran needs Llandow to make it viable I'm sure the majority are happy with all the sprints Its just there are almost as many visits to anglesey as all the hills put together
  12. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    Although I have to say that Wiscombe was better when we used to go in Sept . The ground was much drier in the paddock .
  13. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    Yes it was good to see you at Autosport Terry. I see that Wiscombe has also been dropped , also no Llys Y fran I think the one SW may be practice sat , race sun , so only 7 actual events from 37
  14. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    I am considering entering again this year. Bit dissapointed by the bias towards sprints / lack of hills though. 29/8 Great if you like Blyton/ Anglesey Used to be much more equal IIRC
  15. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    But a ' bonus ' is hard to set. and convert to points Your time would be your score still , in the same way it is now. If you did, say a 28 at SW , then you would score even more So someone doing a 34 at SW would get 100 points , whereas your 29 would be about 113 ( not sure on the actual math )