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  1. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    All be thankful that you havn't got a dreadful scoring system like the HSA one. I like our system Ours rewards a fast driver no matter how many are in the class .
  2. complete engine package

    Yes Tony. Have sent pm
  3. complete engine package

    Thanks John. I really want a more complete package ( carbs , exhaust , ignition etc) But thanks for heads up Stu
  4. complete engine package

    Thanks Bioman , pm sent
  5. Zetec into Narrow SE

    All I can say Dave is that even a 'Lardy' Westy is far more lively on track than a MX5
  6. complete engine package

    Thanks Derek I have been offered a few Zetec packages , All good like yours I will need to compere them as they are all different . Whereabouts in country are you?
  7. complete engine package

    Thanks for offers Ash and Mark Both excellant But in this case, as RussH says, I am really looking for something more basic . If the redtop was just a std engine....( just on carbs, etc) if the blade was one of the older types ....( could do with all the bits tho) Stu
  8. If I was looking for a competitive sprint car I would buy this in an instant. Great package and looks fab.
  9. Zetec into Narrow SE

    Yes Dave , the MX5 is a great road car . I use it way more than I ever used the westy ( tbh i much prefer it on road ) . But its the 'away days' , banter and friends I miss most . I am only going to track and speed series this car . Not worried how competitive it is either ( been there , done that) . Just want cheap as chips fun
  10. Zetec into Narrow SE

    Thanks Chris I will look on locostbuilders
  11. complete engine package

    Thanks for reply Neptune. Do you have a price in mind please Stu
  12. Zetec into Narrow SE

    I would like some advice please. I have just bought a Narrow without any powertrain. I have placed a wanted add for an engine package and been offered some interesting options However I am trying to complete the car on a very limited budget. today ,a close friend has offered a complete 1997 Mondeo 1800 Zetec car. ( for free !) My question is- How much of this can I use? For instance- Will the injection system/inlet fit under bonnet Can I adapt the exhaust manifold Will the cars ECU be useable Is the sump OK Do I have to change water rail Thanks in advance Stu ps I already have a type 9 gearbox
  13. complete engine package

    I am looking for a complete engine package for a very basic budget build. ideally with exhaust manifold , inlet , ignition etc. anything considered, - Bike or car engine eg Crossflow, Zetec, K series, VX Early Blade, R1 To suit a narrow chassis Thanks Stu
  14. Very Sad News

    I am very sad to hear the news that Martin has passed away. He was always good company in the paddock and a true gent. I remember well the hospitality shown to me by Martin and Monica when I stayed at their house on a visit to Hethel. David I would be grateful if you could pass on my condolences. Stu
  15. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Hi Graham Count me in please. Looking forward to seeing everyone Stu