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  1. Chassis Hoop removal

    You can see the way I tie the bell housing to the chassis at the bottom. In the pictures below this has been done prior to me cutting out the loop.
  2. Chassis Hoop removal

    My take on it having at least studied engineering and on every car i have built: 1. Its to offer scraping protection to the gearbox. 2. On every car ive cut it off it has been ERW tube. That isnt to say other people may have found something different as over the years different bits of metal have been substuted for amost every chassis part. - being a bend bit of tube it will serve very little (not none) chassis integrity. 3. Where possible I pass a staight bar between the tunnel sides between the bell housing and the gearbox which will close this area. Where not possible and in most cases, I tie the belhousing into the chassis around all sides such as the belohousing becomes a structual member closing the tunnel end and tied into the chassis. This may not be desirable in a road car due to vibration. YMMV - I take no responsbility for anything other than my actions.
  3. Fully Mappable ECU for a V8 Engine

    I think I have a couple of MBE 998 and new looms kicking around. Probably needs sensors. Let me take a look or chase me at acw@ggr.net
  4. Banned

    @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO - I'll start a thread in the committee section on this. I think i know whats going on.
  5. Outdoor Wifi Hub

    Theoretically if your device supports 5GHZ it will need to be configurable as an outdoor device as it must support the use of DFS channels only and DFS. The reality for you application is stick an AP in a bag and hide it.
  6. Audi B7 RS4 Avant - anyone know anything about them?

    High performance Audi's are great, but out of warranty can be eye watering expensive. A lot of the dealers seem to have problems diagosing issues on RS models. Ive had a few issues (some self inflicted) like shearing driveshafts, ECUs and other little niggles. Ive just sold my 4 yo S8 on to my brother and i wish him luck.
  7. How do nanas. Hope your well. I think so - I just want the space really. Might stick it on the bay of E at 99p no reserve
  8. Internal: Bed Width: 186cm Bed Length: 420 cm Cover Entry Height: 128cm Overall: 220cm x 610cm
  9. BTTT - Offers before the bay of E?
  10. I have my Brian James covered trailer for sale. This is a Brian James A series tilt bed (no ramps to mess around with) - with a full covered deck supplied new to me by Brian James. Everything works as it should, and I have recently put 4 brand new decent tyres onto wheels which are 13". This trailer can carry proper sized cars including Westfilelds with wide arches / slicks. It has a Superwinch fitted with relays to provide two way action with remote buttons at the rear. It is fitted with chocks at the front. It has a home made hard cover with a light steel frame and aluminium sheet skinned cover. This could use some tidying but keeps the car clean and dry while on the road, or even storage when the garage is shut. The cover is held in place with 4 strap downs and can be easily and quickly removed by two people if not required. Roller shuter rear door. Tows very well with the cover. Suspect this trailer still holds the Llandow to Llys-y-fran road race. Reason for sale is I also have a sprint shuttle, and now were lookign at moving, wife suggest having one trailer should be sufficient. Bare A series trailers in worn condition go on ebay for 2,500 every day, so I figure £3,000 with the winch, cover, new tyres, new jockey wheel should be a decent price. Email me acw@ggr.net or call 07917 638648 Pictures below
  11. Luxury barge, opinions welcomed

    An S8 is a wonderful thing 3-4 year old toyed up one would be about 20K, but four tyres will set you back a grand. Sorry probably not too much help. Nick does love his A8 and for good reason.
  12. Web site

    @Arm - all well thanks. hopefully catch u with you soon. Been trying for years.
  13. Web site

    Please try to resolve this immediately - how do Ash. Keeping well I trust.
  14. Cold Turkey

    wait till its done the indexing in about 3 days and it should be super fast... or crash horribly and die.
  15. Cold Turkey

    Well were out the other side for stage 1......

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