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  1. South Wales area now on Facebook

    There we are then, sums up perfectly what I said.
  2. F1 2012

    I remember having a chat with friends early in 2010 and saying Vettel was my choice of winner, only came through on the last race then. I thought he was very good then and last year was a walk in the park. Everyone I was with thought Webber was the man to beat, never rated him then and even less in 2012. This year I thought Vettel would do it again but at the final race I really wanted Alonso to win as he has that ability to make an inferior car consistently get good points, that's the difference, could Vettel do the same result as Alonso in a Ferrari. For me the Man of the Year has to be Alonso and the most disappointing team has to be Mclaren, biggest budget and only third in the constructors, when did they win it last?
  3. More Bad Luck Today

    If its a Direct Debit then the banks have a guarantee to refund it if it is paid incorrectly. Speak to your bank. The moral is, never sign for a DD in the first place and pay in full up front. As a close friend says to me 'Don't trust the b******ds'
  4. The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    over your voluptuous
  5. Fugly Kit Car

    Looks like it has already served a purpose, a ship's anchor......OMG
  6. The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    East and west
  7. Bacon

    Bacon, anytime of the day and good with mint sauce!
  8. Woe Is Me - We'll All Be Nicked Now!

    Reduce the speed limit to 20mph and then catch everyone for exceeding the speed limit by a whooping 50% !!!
  9. Parking Enforcement Notice - Trespass

    I Thanks Fat Albert for that, I have just emailed him and explained the situation and the fact that as a Board Director of the Freight Transport Association I would expect them to take the matter seriously. We'll wait and see what comes next, keep you all posted.
  10. Parking Enforcement Notice - Trespass

    Today I have received the following email from Proserve, what do you think? Just to confirm as you have failed to remit the sum due in relation to your vehicles trespass on our clients land, all your companies vehicles are now banned from entering Trinity Distribution Park. Any attempt by your companies vehicles to enter the estate will result in trespass, they will be refused entry to any of the estates yards. Although there is easement on the estate roads, as your driver breached the terms and conditions of use of the roads, he committed trespass. Trespass ab initio is a common law doctrine meaning if a person enters land lawfully then does an act, i.e. (parking when ordered not to) inconsistent with his rights then the entry is deemed unlawful from the beginning despite his lawful entry, any entry by your companies vehicle now they have been banned from the estate will be unlawful. My client Bidwells has control of all the roads on the estate, which are private. Bidwells are managing agents for the Master Fellows and Scholars of the College of the Holey and Undivided Trinity within the Town and University of Cambridge of King Henry V111’S Foundation Cambridge, who are the owners of the land in question. The colleges solicitors are in the process of issuing a claim for the trespass, you will hear from them in due course.
  11. Buying A Car Without A Mot

    That's probably pushing the boundaries of the law too far. You can take it to and from a garage for a pre-booked MOT but you would be better to either use trade plates, better still to use a trailer.
  12. Was It All Worthwhile?

    From what I remember the affordable housing - doesn't it have the toilet block as a plug in unit that can be removed through the roof and then the individual dormitories can be made into individual houses by inserting a different pod. Seemed a good thing when I saw the presentation/brochure a while ago. Think one of my customers was involved in it.
  13. Was It All Worthwhile?

    Thank God its finished. Whilst there were some good bits and some excellent personal achievements I'm not an Olympics follower, the 3D parts were quite good to watch though. Pity no one has mentioned the better achievement, managing to get a machine weighing the best part of 1 tonne onto a different planet by a system which, although planned, must have been a worrying time, that is an achievement and not a single mention of that on here at all. :(
  14. Ot - Which Tin Top

    A 'Sport' specification BMW will do your back the world of good..............................not. The car maybe the best option for you but it all depends on the spec. Runflats and Sports suspension on 18" or 19" will ruin your life.
  15. It's Friday, So Here's Your Weekly News Quiz

    5/7 - mostly guesses.