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  1. Free: C20XE Rods with ARP Bolts

    No worries. Do you have any need of a genuine Vauxhall oil takeboff for use with a cooler? It has a new from Vauxhall thermostat in it. It ran in my old spec engine for about 6 months before I went dry sump. If you need it happy to chuck it in given its use is very niche.
  2. Denso type alternator

    Try an agricultural supplier as these are fitted to Kubota tractors and if you buy one from such a supplier there is no motorsport tax. Many people will tell you that a high rev version is required and there is no way a diesel engined variant would work. All I have to say is check the Denso part numbers
  3. Original rods from a C20XE with ARP bolts. Free to a good home, they were running fine in my engine before I went for forged items. Collection from Bristol or will send an your cost.
  4. C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    Will do.
  5. C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    Thanks will respond to your PM.
  6. Mocal Remote Oil Filter

    Thanks, will send you a PM in a minute.
  7. C20XE Oil Pump with SBD Relief valve

    Sold I am not going, but I may know a man who is. Leave it with me and I check.
  8. Genuine Vauxhall oil pump with nylon SBD pressure relief piston. Less likely to stick than the standard metal version. £15 sent within the UK
  9. Mocal Remote Oil Filter

    Mocal remote oil filter. Used for all of about 10 minutes before deciding that the filter housing was the best place for a pressure sender. So bought another with pressure take off port. £15 sent in the UK
  10. Lightweight v belt pulley made from anodised aluminium. £10 delivered to the UK. Removed as I now run a dry sump which needs a different pulley.
  11. C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    Carbon cam belt cover for a C20XE aka Vauxhall Redtop. £30 delivered to the UK.
  12. Dunlop Slicks 205/570R13

    Used Dunlop Slicks 205/570R13, bought from another forum member but never used. I do not know the compound. Have a good bit of life left judging from the wear markers. £40 for the pair with collection from Bristol.
  13. Children seats in a Westfield

    I considered this, the following solution may not fully comply with the relevant laws
  14. Wet Trackday Advice

    My biggest tip would be relax and have fun, if you are nervous it will make things worse. Take your time and remember the pedals are not binary switches. I never bother to adjust the car in any way other than swapping from slicks to something with a little more tread. My view is you learn far more driving it than tinkering in the pits when you are there to have fun not find every last hundredth of a second. Also the grip may not be where you expect it so experiment with your lines. The only word of caution would be standing water, thin bands are usually ok wider bands can be interesting. Oh a motorbike waterproof gimp suit helps with staying dry. Hope you have a good time.
  15. Oil Breather Hoses

    Nice and cheap from the likes of Pirtek, just get low pressure hydraulic hose.

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