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  1. Herts Auto Show - Sunday May 20th

    Been to this in the past, its a good trip out. Unfortunately am away this yr though
  2. Barnet Classic Car Show

    Hi all Advance notice for you that the Barnet Classic Car Show is taking place on June 30th from 10.30am to 3pm. There will be a large number of classic cars on show, and I have been asked if any Westfield owners would like to show their car. The venue is the TA Centre in High Barnet, and the plan is to meet up at a local football club and drive down the high street as part of the classic parade, ending up at the TA Centre. There will be a number of military vehicles on display also. There is no cost and I look forward to seeing some of you there. @Kevin (Mr T) - Essex AO - please can you run this past the Essex gents to see if anyone wishes to join in? After 4 successful years on the market and bandstand sites, this year’s show will be in the grounds of the TA Centre in the St Albans Road. It has the post code EN5 4JX and is just a little further along the road on the opposite side to the present market site. One advantage of this venue is that the available space is much greater than that of the market and bandstand sites so there will be no problem with having to limit numbers on the day. Another benefit of the TA Centre is that security will be primarily in the hands of the soldiers. The TA organisers have asked that the classic cars remain on the site until 3.00pm. This is one hour later than the finishing time in the past 4 years. We plan to have about 4 or 5 cars on the market site to encourage visitors to cross the road and see many more of the same in the TA Centre. This role would suit members who would like to be involved on the day but need to leave before 3.00pm. As with the last 3 shows, we will assemble in the Barnet Playing Fields Car Park in good time to set off from 10.30am up Barnet Hill, along the High Street and then left into the St Albans Road. This has proved to be a popular feature for the many spectators who watched the cars from the roadside in past years. Looking for about 7 Westfields max, as we cannot take over the event!! Many thanks Ian
  3. Denso type alternator

    Thanks all. Have found a company called Brise.co.uk who seem to have the alternator- model is the 4Si-50. Going to give them a go and see what happens.....
  4. North London Diary Dates

    Hi all few dates for your diaries here, please let me know if you wish to join in on any of the following events and I can send you further info. Classic Car Show, Aug 19th. Midday to 5 pm. Tickets cost £5 in advance or £6 on the day. Knebworth Classic Car Show , 26th August I am also looking into the possibility of a visit to the De Havalland plane museum at London Conley on June 3rd. Breakfast nr Wheathamstead and then drive to the museum for a guided tour or casual walk round. We may be able to park the cars under the planes on display Further info to follow. thanks Ian
  5. Essex Area Annual Weigh In - 15th April 2018

    Echo Andy’s comments above. Alough my car is in the naughty corner at present, it was good to see you all and thanks the Kev for hosting and other Kev for the food. Looks like we have a new bbq chef ready for Stoneleigh look forward to seeing you at Stoneleigh in a few weeks Ian
  6. Denso type alternator

    Anyone got the Denso type alternator available for sale? thanks Ian
  7. Essex Area Annual Weigh In - 15th April 2018

    Hi anyone attending the Essex meeting tomorrow have a spare Denso type alternator? Just found my one is on the blink. thanks Ian
  8. Essex Area Annual Weigh In - 15th April 2018

    I was supposed to be away this weekend, but may not be now, so yes I will try to attend. I think Paul is attending and Josh is working out how to lift the thumb off his head!
  9. Essex Area Annual Weigh In - 15th April 2018

    Have asked the boys
  10. WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    I have booked for the Friday track day. Assume we can arrive mid afternoon on the Thursday as last year?
  11. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 8th April

    Paul and I will be coming over to join you guys if thats ok? cheers Ian
  12. Wing mirrors

    A pair of wing mirrors, as photo. Mirror glass in fine condition, no scratches or blemishes. £20
  13. Gluten Free Dinner Blyton 13th July 2018

    Hi Graham £5 fine for me thanks Ian
  14. England V Ireland

    England playing crap yet again
  15. Essex Area Breakfast Blat - 18th March (Postponed)

    Am away Easter Kevin cheers Ian

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