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  1. MegaS2000 with Elite il200 sequential box

    Having lived with an Elite and now a Sadev on an S2000 car I'd say the IL200/300 is usable for a standard S2000 engine but personally I'd keep it stick shift not paddle so there's a 'feel' element to the shifts and it'll be less picky than paddle setup can be on them. The issues I had with reliability of the IL200 were primarily due to start line launches and/or overly aggressive tyre warming (my own fault). There never appeared to be any damage or excessive wear done unless something like a launch or missed-shift was involved. With the IL300 obviously the bigger gears will help protect against these scenarios even more. All that said, I'm basing my feedback on mainly sprint events and only a handful of trackdays. If it was going to do more road and track miles change the oil fairly regularly as Stephen suggests and definitely go for the peace of mind of the IL300. The later boxes definitely seemed better strength wise, with stronger shaft designs and the wider gears of the IL300. There's also less choice of gear ratios now, whether that's because some were pushing it strength wise or they just wanted to reduce stock holding I'm not sure, probably a bit of both. Oh, mounting should be dead easy as there's a few mounting holes to choose from, mine was 'hung' off the bolt holes in the top of the case but it would easily sit on mountings at the bottom of the case, just depends where you're tunnels mounts are.
  2. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    I'm in too please
  3. Tyres again (Sorry)

    Found the 888 surprisingly good from cold, but only tried them one day at Anglesey. AR-1 is apparently the 'best' 1B but not many people run them, yet.
  4. Cheers Pete, will see what can be arranged!
  5. CXR 13" Wheels

    Provisionally sold.
  6. CXR 13" Wheels

    Set of 13" CXR wheels for sale in gun metal grey. 7" ET15 fronts, 8" ET0 rears. Only used for a handful of sprints so still in excellent condition, couple of tiny scuffs but only visible close up, a grey paint pen would make them pretty much immaculate but wanted to be totally honest about condition! Photo of the scuff is by far the worst mark on them. Looking for £400 including UK mainland next day delivery or £375 and can bring them to the Awards Do.
  7. Mickmade carbon aero screen

    No problem! I'll PM you to exchange details.
  8. Mickmade carbon aero screen

    Up for grabs is one Mickmade carbon aero screen to fit wide body cars. Pre-reg autoclaved carbon and as a result it's stiff and weighs only 250g including fitting bolts! I've literally not seen another one of these so it might be a one-one-off Raw finish slightly mat effect (very slight evidence of a vinyl sticker being fitted when it was on Mick's car but only just about visible from certain angles in certain light, couldn't manage to get a photo of it). Quick blast with a clear lacquer would suffice if you prefer your carbon polished Looking for £75. Can bring to Awards Do or postage by UPS would be £10 inside UK mainland.
  9. Would anyone attending the Awards Do be able to collect and bring some front uprights from Woodford E18? Obviously payment in bar drinks will be forthcoming!
  10. Few bits

    Could I get a photo of the radiator please
  11. Awards Do

    Hotel booked
  12. Thanks for all the hard work crunching numbers and gravel traps this year Tigger! As has been said, couldn't have a championship without dedicated members such as yourself Congratulations to John on securing his second over all championship! 0.06s on the penultimate run of the year, fair play for getting the job done under that pressure, but what a git! Happy it has gone to someone who has scored decent points by beating many of their own target times from previous seasons. Congratulations to AdamR for securing the mini championship again, this time in a relatively standard car and at best on 1B tyres, sometimes on 1A 'Eco' tyres, and with the minimum of stress possible! A brave man to trust me with his car at an event where points were required. Just be grateful those corner markers are polystyrene, not the concrete I thought they were for the first few events when I started sprinting! As for Steve, well, I am quite sure he has put in more hours and effort rectifying bad luck than any other competitor in the championship! To get the car turned around at such short notice and with such major repairs (new engines, new front end of a chassis (!!!!)) but still have the enthusiasm and energy to get out and keep chasing and beating target times...blimey. True grit and determination! Congratulations to all the class winners but also to those who beat PBs, achieved personal goals or just generally had fun and enjoyed the Speed Series! It's genuinely hard to imagine competing in sprints and hillclimbs being as much fun if I wasn't part of the WSCC. If people weren't as friendly and helpful I'd have probably b*******ed off and bought a single seater by now, the cheating way to go faster!
  13. Anglesey Final event weekend

    Epic effort to get the car ready, amazing commitment! Look forward to see you both there this weekend
  14. Amazing car for weekend blasts, proper bargain! It was a passenger ride in a V8 Westfield that made up my mind to get a Westfield not a Caterham, definitely a ride I'll not forget in a hurry. Good luck with the sale, whoever snaps this up is going to be a really lucky b*******!