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  1. Master Cylinder Reservoir

    Looking for a brake master cylinder reservoir with cap, AP or Westfield. The dual/tandem type as on the standard factory fitted cylinders. Let me know what's about Would consider a full (dead or alive) master cylinder if needs be but only want the reservoir so needs to be cheap please.
  2. SOLD - ProAlloy Single Seater Radiator

    I'll take this please I'll PM to exchange details etc.
  3. Compomotive CXRs SOLD

  4. VDO Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauges

    Water Temp gauge and sender still available
  5. Sabelt 4 and 6 point harnesses, pair

    Sold Sold Sold Sold
  6. VDO Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauges

    Oil Pressure gauge sold.
  7. VDO Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauges

    No problem, I'll PM you my PayPal address etc
  8. 52mm VDO Oil Pressure gauge and genuine VDO sender. SOLD SOLD SOLD. 52mm VDO Water Termperature gauge and genuine VDO sender, £20 posted.
  9. Stuff

    General photos.
  10. Sabelt 4 and 6 point harnesses, pair

    Sold pending payment
  11. Pair of 3" Sabelt harnesses, replaced due to change of sprint class meaning I needed in date belts. Depending on what tyres/engine size/class you are in these would still be legal in springs and hillclimb despite being out of their FIA date range. Both can be used as 4 point harnesses with an additional pair of anti-submarine crotch straps included to make one a six point if required. One harness has had significantly less use as it was on the passenger side, so only used literally less than 10 times in the 5 years I have owned the car! All metal buckles and adjusters, proper quality bits of kit and very expensive when new. Ideal for trackdays or sprints/hills if your car and class suit. £80 for the pair including UK mainland delivery, excluding Highlands.
  12. Uncovered replica of a very comfortable Lotus 26R seat. Basic but comfortable and fair condition with only a bit of crazing in the bottom of one corner, the main bonus is it barely tips the scales over the 1kg mark, I was going to replace it with a kids kart seat at one point but when I weighed it I changed my mind!! Measures 37cm at the hips. Was a passenger seat in my SEiW and has barely had any use due to the car being sprint and hillclimb specific and passengers having to deal with an air bottle, battery and two ECUs in the foot well! Sold!
  13. Diff Identification

    Personally I'd say pick up a standard 7.5" LSD off ebay and do a straight swap. Otherwise you could spend multiple times more money for a posh LSD and the standard LSD would have been ideal for your needs without you realising. Then if you decide the standard spec viscous isn't up to the job you could get it up-rated by someone like Bara to give a more powerful locking action. Hopefully it'll be fine in standard form and you'll save yourself the best part of £600!
  14. Speed Series Novice Buddy List

    Not sure what this entails exactly but happy to offer advice etc to any new/prospective speed series drivers, just drop me a PM