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  1. Haha, cheers Mark but I don't see that happening. Without my car I'm like Thor without his hammer, or some other similarly obscure comparison
  2. Thanks Mark, quite a long journey to spend a weekend being jealous of everyone else racing though! haha
  3. Doubt my engine will be rebuilt in time, anyone fancy lending me their car? I'm very sensible and reserved behind the wheel, positively granny like
  4. Wide track front suspension kit

    Surely one for @Rednop1
  5. Sierra visc unit and output shafts

    Emailed for more info
  6. When is it Ash, might pop down to be nosey.
  7. Cat motorsport

    Then I'm useless in this search
  8. Cat motorsport

    Are these the same as the Rally Design ones?
  9. ZK Wide Bonnet, Not V8

    Looking for a wide body ZK bonnet, standard low type rather than V8. Any colour but ideally with no air filter holes. The cheaper the better, it's just for mocking up and trial cutting for a different air filter position before I go chopping my existing bonnet. Can collect in the East Midlands or hopefully enlist the Speed Series Courier Service from other locatoons.
  10. Alloy hubs

    Photos received from Ash. Basically the same as I have but nice black anodised. Bargain for someone
  11. ZZR tyres

    Soft or medium?
  12. If anyone has a 4.1 ratio.sierra 7" diff or crownwheel and pinion they'd like to sell please let me know. Can collect or arrange UPS courier collection, whichever works best.
  13. Garage clear out part 1

    I'll take the rear uprights please pm coming
  14. Master Cylinder Reservoir

    Looking for a brake master cylinder reservoir with cap, AP or Westfield. The dual/tandem type as on the standard factory fitted cylinders. Let me know what's about Would consider a full (dead or alive) master cylinder if needs be but only want the reservoir so needs to be cheap please.
  15. SOLD - ProAlloy Single Seater Radiator

    I'll take this please I'll PM to exchange details etc.

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