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    Hotel booked
  2. Thanks for all the hard work crunching numbers and gravel traps this year Tigger! As has been said, couldn't have a championship without dedicated members such as yourself Congratulations to John on securing his second over all championship! 0.06s on the penultimate run of the year, fair play for getting the job done under that pressure, but what a git! Happy it has gone to someone who has scored decent points by beating many of their own target times from previous seasons. Congratulations to AdamR for securing the mini championship again, this time in a relatively standard car and at best on 1B tyres, sometimes on 1A 'Eco' tyres, and with the minimum of stress possible! A brave man to trust me with his car at an event where points were required. Just be grateful those corner markers are polystyrene, not the concrete I thought they were for the first few events when I started sprinting! As for Steve, well, I am quite sure he has put in more hours and effort rectifying bad luck than any other competitor in the championship! To get the car turned around at such short notice and with such major repairs (new engines, new front end of a chassis (!!!!)) but still have the enthusiasm and energy to get out and keep chasing and beating target times...blimey. True grit and determination! Congratulations to all the class winners but also to those who beat PBs, achieved personal goals or just generally had fun and enjoyed the Speed Series! It's genuinely hard to imagine competing in sprints and hillclimbs being as much fun if I wasn't part of the WSCC. If people weren't as friendly and helpful I'd have probably b*******ed off and bought a single seater by now, the cheating way to go faster!
  3. Anglesey Final event weekend

    Epic effort to get the car ready, amazing commitment! Look forward to see you both there this weekend
  4. Amazing car for weekend blasts, proper bargain! It was a passenger ride in a V8 Westfield that made up my mind to get a Westfield not a Caterham, definitely a ride I'll not forget in a hurry. Good luck with the sale, whoever snaps this up is going to be a really lucky b*******!
  5. Direct quote from Alex Gaskin, an impartial (as he is not a competitor yet) view of the proposed practise scenario. Thought it would be good to show that it's not just those actually driving in it that can see some of the shortcomings... "With regards to the Practice running at Anglesey later on in the year, after reading through everyone’s ideas, I can’t help but think, being a BSC event, and running cars with similar performance in batches, having multiple Gould’s, a DJ Firehawk, a Van Dieman etc all out on track, at the same time, would be suicidal. And with their tyres, cooling and fueling, they’d do 1 or 2 laps then come in and have to have prep done for the timed runs. I can see why LDMC want to do that sort of thing, however it has too many risks associated with it. Everything works perfectly fine as is, and has done for the past decade with LDMC at Anglesey."
  6. Pm me your email and I will forward the whole attachment we received.
  7. Practice will be run in groups of vehicles of similar performance. No group is to exceed the MSA race track licence number for each division within that licence. (The group size is expected to be between 15-20 cars). Competitors will be allocated their group identity number by the organisers. Practice will not be timed, and must not be used to determine a running order. The track time for each group on the National Course will be 10 minutes. The track time for each group on the International Course will be 15 minutes. Overtaking is permitted with the overtaking vehicle having to pass ONLY on the left of the slower vehicle. Overtaking is not permitted in the braking zone or on the corners. It is the sole responsibility of the overtaking vehicle driver to ensure that it is 100% safe to do so. Competitors must complete a minimum of two laps. As usual at all LDMC events you will be checked for attendance at the drivers briefing. When practice is finished the normal routine will resume for timed competitive runs.
  8. Oh yes, all my judgements had been made imagining dry weather...if it rains some groups could have a mixture of full on wets, inters, road tyres, slicks even!! Not to mention the fun and games of some cars not having brake lights at all let alone rain lights.
  9. Also mixed feelings about this. Speeding up an event is a great thing and LDMC's efforts and willingness to try something new should be applauded. However... As has been said, many cars entering a sprint will be doing it precisely because they do not want to be on track at the same time as others. Even if you have mirrors and you are experienced and comfortable in competitive situations with other people around you, being on track with those who are not could be a precarious scenario. As for cars without mirrors, well, interesting at best, probably scary and intimidating for many and potentially dangerous for most. I am fortunate enough I have some mirrors I can and will bolt on my car, along with some experience of driving on track with others, but that doesn't stop me being slightly nervous of potential situations involving other cars. Something that would help is to set people off at intervals, although that will be rather futile given that with up to 20 cars on track there could only be a 3-4s gap between cars to start, imagine how quickly those gaps will close/open. Personally I'd rather see it done as a two or even three lap convoy run, 30-40 cars all in a line, moderate speed building slightly each lap. even if we properly mince around that's each group done in 10 minutes, 3-4 groups and everyone has seen the track 3 times and in a significantly safer and more predictable set of circumstances. Thousands of trackdays each year can't be wrong surely?!
  10. blyton finals

    I may take a SUPER LATE cancellation, Spaniards dependent...
  11. Animals

    Thought this topic was about Messrs Nunn and Kerr when I saw this title in the Speed Series section.
  12. Bargain Halfords Socket/Ratchet Set

    It's that set that has mostly done me for a few engine builds, many engine/gearbox installations etc. Very complete set.
  13. Bargain Halfords Socket/Ratchet Set

    That 3/8 set is bonkers too, wow. Good shout. Bargain 3/8" Set