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  1. Carbon V8 bonnet

    Interested but all comes down to how much they are going be
  2. Carbon V8 bonnet

    I have vouch for this
  3. Carbon V8 bonnet

    I know someone that is planing on making some and has also made a Carbon Nose and planning on making more........................... BUT, and there's always a but, They'll be coming from Germany and by the time you have paid shipping etc, they wont be cheap. If I can get enough interest I could have a word, but the Nose's and Bonnets are going to be between £700 to £800 depending on the exchange rate and taxes at the time.
  4. A little nervous -lowered floor question

    @Barry Ashcroft Calling Barry to the Forum He has done this to his car
  5. 21st September 2017 - Cotswold Llandow Track Day - ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT

    Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone for braving the weather and coming, your bravery was rewarded with the weather we had. The rain stopped just after the briefing and then the sun came out and dried the track........ never trust the weather forecast for Llandow I'll be most likely repeating this again next year, so keep your eyes peeled
  6. 21st September 2017 - Cotswold Llandow Track Day - ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT

    Doesn't look good from the Weather Reports But Llandow is strange, I have been there when it should be raining but its been dry all day
  7. 21st September 2017 - Cotswold Llandow Track Day - ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT

    Never trust the weather. Llandow has is own micro climate
  8. 13" street wheels -

    I run 7x13 all round, 185 on the front and 215 on the rears. The rear wish bone bolt are close but don't rub, if you want to know the off set let me know and I'll dig them out
  9. Mallory Park - 7th Aug - Only £99 All Day.

    Sorry Guys I had to pull out because of work
  10. ****SOLD**** 330BHP V8 Westfield - £9,500

    CAN YOU HANDLE 330 bhp IN A WESTFIELD KIT CAR? Factory built in 1995 to Chris Varey's specification with a 4.3 litre 330 bhp John Eales Rover V8. One owner only 26k miles on the clock. Having heater/radio and full weather gear it is suitable for both road and trackday use. Now for sale with a band new MOT and ready to drive off. Worcester area -- £9,500 or near offer For Full technical details Contact Andrew Reeves on 07774 127036 or 01684 594440. SALES SPECIFICATION 1995 build to special wide body specification for Chris Varey 26,000 miles since new == about 1,000 miles per year! Rover 4.3 litre V8 330 bhp built by specialist John Eales of Coventry Wide track suspension (Not sure if this is the latest wide track) R888 Front Tyres 205/50 ZR15 & Brad New Rear Tyres R888r 225/50 ZR15 SS re-packable exhausts AP Racing front discs and callipers Large capacity fuel tank Detachable steering wheel. Limited slip diff Heater/ radio and full weather Gear. Full windscreen and aero screen Full rear diffuser Road going or track day usage
  11. Mallory Park - 7th Aug - Only £99 All Day.

    I think I might be save, think James from out club might be staying over as well
  12. Mallory Park - 7th Aug - Only £99 All Day.

    Are people arriving that morning or camping over the night before?
  13. Mallory Park - 7th Aug - Only £99 All Day.

    Its not the best track in the country but for the price you can't beat it
  14. Mallory Park - 7th Aug - Only £99 All Day.

    Its fully book Lewis,