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  1. In car intercoms

    As we have a Switzerland Road trip planned out for next year (which people are more than welcome to join us), I have been thinking for getting an intercom, there are a couple of reasons why.................. As I can't be arsed to take the cage off just to be able to put the doors on, plus im putting the Screen Scuttle on as we did for the last road trip in my old Westfield, I need some ear protection from the wind plus some music would be nice. So, I have a couple of ideas, 1 - Make some wind deflectors that work with a cage (winter project) 2 - Buy an intercom kit so that my ears aren't ringing when we stop. I have seen these but have no idea if there any good or if there are better ones out there. We would use the "Pro Practice Headset" for the road trip and then the "Pro Full Face Intercom" for the track I don't want battery ones as I don't want the faff charging batteries every night
  2. Carbon parts

    I was going to do a group buy from the guy over in Germany (Christoph) but the exchange rate is shocking at the moment and each V8 bonnet and nose would have worked out about £800 each. As someone has mentioned, prepreg is very hard to get perfect, so good luck to the chap looking to make them (I could do with a spare set :p)
  3. Is it too early to...............

    Just tell her you'll help in December..................... Then Run
  4. Used ZK Flat bonnet

    Used ZK Chrome yellow Wide Bonnet £175 + Delivery or Collection is free There are some scratches which would sand and polish out, this is re-felted in the price
  5. Carbon AeroScreen - New ******SOLD*******

    Carbon Aeroscreen new never fittted Sold a as high quality seconds, there are a few marks and air bubbles as you can see in the photos £80 + Delivery or Collection if you prefer
  6. Where to stay in Switzerland

    Not denying that, but you always end up with with good memories
  7. Where to stay in Switzerland

    Thats the idea Fancy joining us?
  8. Where to stay in Switzerland

    Depends if we find anything good
  9. Where to stay in Switzerland

    Thanks a lot Ian
  10. Where to stay in Switzerland

    Hi Peeps I'm currently putting together a 10 day ish road trip to Switzerland (Anyone is welcome) Can anyone recommend a nice hotel with a pool and parking on site in or close to the red square box Cheers
  11. A BIG hello from a new member & Westfield S2000 Build :0)

    I did the same, but only in silver, couldn't afford Gold................
  12. SOLD - Carbon Rear Arch Protectors

    Just having a bit or a clear out New unused £30 delivered to a UK address
  13. Carbon V8 bonnet

    Interested but all comes down to how much they are going be
  14. Carbon V8 bonnet

    I have vouch for this
  15. Carbon V8 bonnet

    I know someone that is planing on making some and has also made a Carbon Nose and planning on making more........................... BUT, and there's always a but, They'll be coming from Germany and by the time you have paid shipping etc, they wont be cheap. If I can get enough interest I could have a word, but the Nose's and Bonnets are going to be between £700 to £800 depending on the exchange rate and taxes at the time.