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  1. Sold Westfield Se Wide 1.8 Zetec Black Top Class E

    Sale agreed and deposite taken, will be very sad to see her go but going to a good home.
  2. Sold Westfield Se Wide 1.8 Zetec Black Top Class E

    Lumme, PM replied to sorry been away painting and painting and more painiting in my new house.
  3. What Do You Have On The Back?

    On mine I have RACE IT BREAK IT FIX IT REPEAT It was stuck on when I blew my first crossflow up at Curborough a few years back!
  4. Cycle Wing Brackets

    Hi Alan, no not going to the Parrot been out on two wheels today, I will take some photos and post later where are you based? I also have a short set which I had on mine, they fit 13" wheels snuggley with R888 185's but not the Kumho V70a 215's I changed to.
  5. Cycle Wing Brackets

    Westfield cortina cycle wing brackets in great condition they have been drilled, bought them for my dad but never used them, in the end he has stuck with his big swept things so up for sale. £60 collection from Surrey or £65 delivered.
  6. Young'un After First Westie Advice

    If you want to see some Westies and Caterhams in action there is a Farnborough Auto Solo coming up on the 9th September, great spectator sport Ken Block stylie and free to watch, and only £30 to enter all you need is a car with an MOT
  7. Young'un After First Westie Advice

    Hi ASW welcome to the club you definatly will not regrete buying a Westie if you like your track days and motorsport. Cost wise as the others have said insurance is so cheap for what they are and how they drive mine cost me less than £400 fully comp when I was 23. Helmets and clothing cost just depends on how much you want to spend, if you fancy trying some sprint/hillclimbs and need the fire proof MSA aproved stuff your looking at £200ish for a helmet and £300ish for a suit plus gloves for £50ish. Mechanically Westies on the whole are pretty simple cars to work on and great cars for building knowledge of car mechanics, set up and car control. Running costs are pretty cheap even if using for track days ect, just budget tyres as these are one of the most important things to get right to get the most out of the car (beware of old rubber Westies are light so dont generaly get through tyres that quick) Westie ownership only gets expensive when you start up grading!!! I know this first hand as I have spent a fortune on mine over the years to make it as quick and as reliable as possible. If you like track days ect an LSD and getting the car corner weighted is a must IMHO, as the others have stated dont focus on BHP alone its all about the combination and making sure the engine setup works with the diff and gear ratios. But at the end of the day it boils down to what you want to use it for, if its just out on the road make sure it has good body work and is comfety ect but dont get to hung up on the spec and bhp as even a 120bhp westie will feel quick on the roads and easily get you in to trouble in more ways than one,lol otherwise you could look more towards some thing like mine which is more track focused and for sale anyhow good luck hunting.
  8. Adam, you could allways sell your westie and buy mine for the same sort of money as yours could fetch, last years Speed Series Class E winning car and Novice title, quick car but most importantly it is very reliable ;)
  9. Alert Westfield Stolen, Surrey

    Checked the car over and the only damage is they bent the alloy dash slightly when hot wiring it, so so lucky they even left the quick release steering wheel on the car. It looks like they ran out of fuel and parked it up, I think it only had about 3-4 liters in it when they took it. Just so glad to get it back in one piece and that they did not crash or trash it Norm is right the police are not going to do anything, not even take prints, I was told due to budget cuts I would have to sort getting it picked up and this was at 1.30am Monday morning yay, thankfully RAC where very helpfull and put me in touch with a local recovery firm. Thanks for every one who posted up on other car forums and spread the word.
  10. Alert Westfield Stolen, Surrey

    Car found in the very early hours, the police wouldn't recover the car so I had to. However I am not going to moan about that at the moment the main thing is the car is back.
  11. Alert Westfield Stolen, Surrey

    Still no news
  12. Getting 200Bhp From A 2.0L Zetec?

    Hi Mat you should be getting more than 190bhp, I would suspect it is the exhaust manifold/system which is holding it back. My 1.8 Black top on Weber 45's with highlift cams and a Raceline/Simpson exhaust system pushes a very healthy 180+bhp.
  13. Alert Westfield Stolen, Surrey

    Cheers guys I really appreciate you spreading the word. Thanks Tom
  14. Alert Westfield Stolen, Surrey

    Thanks Mark, yes feel free to spread the word people, I just cant believe it has gone
  15. Alert Westfield Stolen, Surrey

    was last seen at the weekend when I took my bike out, they had to move my bike and they then put it back! more detials here http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/89697-westfield-se-wide-18-zetec-black-top-class-e/ I may shoot out for a drive just incase it has been dumped locally