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  1. C20XE SEIW Sprint//Very fast road Ready to go

    Maurici Rule number 1 is that you must always have an excuse for not winning Rule number 2 is indeed that if you double drive you car make sure that you beat the other driver I still have space in my notebook for excuses but I have used or invented many of them myself!
  2. SNOW?

    Took me 7 hours to get back from Greenwich to York on Sunday morning. Loads of snow with M11 closed plus all diversion routes chock a block with traffic including north London red buses who were blocking roads along with other cars and BMWs with rear wheel drive that could not progress up hills at all. Luckily I have the 4 wheel drive Hyundai i35 that went well excepted for downhill on packed ice where even at slow speed I skated sideways towards ditches and kerbs. The southern half of the A1 only had 1 lane open and trade was was at 30 mph! Still I made it and many people did not
  3. C20XE not starting

    If car is turning over then battery is ok to test spark get a spare plug and disconnect lead from 1 plug and install spare plug earth body of plug onto engine block then try a start and watch plug for a big spark
  4. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Please remember that novices will still be able to look at their personal best times and novice class position, sprint challenge ( for novice only) and novice championship places will not be affected at all
  5. C20XE not starting

    Have you checked for good spark at the plugs
  6. Snetterton weekend which was in May looks like B19 might have to change it to June 2018.
  7. C20XE SEIW Sprint//Very fast road Ready to go

    You found some decent tyres Maurici?
  8. Westfield World......

    Quite a good pic on cover of Calendar showing the skies of Tigger (aka Paul Dew!) I wonder who managed to put that pic forward?
  9. Steering column clearance

    fairly common to see Westfield with minimal clearance to engine mounts or side chassis rail and its fine
  10. New member - ex-wscc car?

    Its the club night tonight at the Fox and Grapes pub from 730pm.Its on the A64 road into Leeds from the A1M Where are you exactly
  11. Yorkshire meeting, 5th December.

    I'll be there if there are mince pies!
  12. Earthing points - newbie question!

    Personally I would not be riveting and earth connections to the chassis etc. They need to be fixed to a welded on stud or a bolt that is securely attached to the chassis. Remember you also need a good earth between the chassis and the engine block.
  13. is this a fuel breather pipe???

    I would replace it as is a very cheap repair
  14. is this a fuel breather pipe???

    Yes looks like a standard roller valve with rubber tube on outlet. This is normally tie wrapped to the roll over bar to best height you can get under the boot box
  15. Happy Birthday Stephen

    have a great day Stehen