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  1. Croft Regs

    Only the Easter Monday is a speed series round
  2. 2018 Rounds Calendar

  3. Rocket dog box

    Have you made sure that the clutch plates are fully released when clutch is depressed
  4. Rocket dog box

    I think the straighter stick will help. That 3rd to 2nd change on a dog box is always the one that is hard to get right. Dont rush the change and as Ash Mason says make sure you blip the throttle to match revs.
  5. Speed Series Online Applications are open

    Del and David Birch now registered so we are up to 17 Lets have some more please...you know who you are!
  6. Unlocking an iPhone

    How do I ask apple to unlock it?
  7. Unlocking an iPhone

    I used vodaphone for all my phones
  8. Unlocking an iPhone

    No idea really I have not used the phone for about 3 to 4 years
  9. Unlocking an iPhone

    I have an old iPhone 4S that I have given to my daughter ( her own phone has just broken!) but she says it needs unlocking to accept her own sim card. What is the process please?
  10. Pinto to Duratec (Again!)

    Anything is doable on a Westfield. You need to think about engine mounts, exhaust manifold, bell housing to match type 9 box, fuel delivery changes from tank to feed injectors rather than carbs, clutch changes ( maybe cable to hydraulic), engine position to clear alternator and steering column, maybe a dry sump system? etc etc
  11. Wide wheels on the back?

    Certainly many of the speed series competitors use bigger rear tyres
  12. ken16

    Why would you need 2?
  13. Speed Series Online Applications are open

    Only 8 weeks until the start of he season so let have your applications in now please
  14. Play Kool front & rear anti roll bars

    Its worth remembering that you might not be able to experience the oversteer /understeer unless you are pushing really hard and at the limits of normal tyre adhesion( on track) and going beyond normal road driving.
  15. I just found out.....

    No meter here!