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  1. Anglesey 8th April

    Main tubes need to be 45mm and if you have that you can convert the rose joints to be non rotational bolted connections
  2. no power at coil pack ??

    Are you sure you are getting fuel to plugs. Are they wet when you remove one? Disconnect fuel rail to see if you get fuel on priming. If you do then continue with the electrics
  3. Flat carbon fibre sheet

    It was interesting but I kept it going and only lost about 20 secs!
  4. Flat carbon fibre sheet

    This was first damage floor in 7 years soft sprinting and only the extended edge was damaged and rot of floor is fine and I went off at about 100mph and did a full 360deg spin on wet soggy grass and mud
  5. cycle wings wanted

    PM sent
  6. Anglesey 8th April

    Thats what you get from driving in the rain on Saturday!
  7. Anglesey 8th April

    Carbon fibre floor now repaired , nose cone support bracket rewarded, side panel fibre glass repaired so just left to clean the mud from engine bay, wheels ,rear arches and rear diffuser area
  8. Chris Just do it and get up at 0330 as I often do to get to events ......you know it makes sense!
  9. Class on the day of 2C looks good Class F for Speed Series ...hope you can enter asap
  10. Tel's Tales Anglesey 7th and 8th April 2018

    Where do you live??
  11. Carbon NV ducted aero cycle wings

    No vents allowed in racing or sprints and hillclimbs
  12. Speed Series success, really?

    Julie The Westfield guys all performed very well over the weekend On the Sunday we took 2nd, 3rd ,4th, 5th and 6th ( Mark Anson was 3rd in his Jedi) and we were only beaten by a Force single seater powered by a turbo Busa ! Pretty impressive
  13. Tony What tyres are you using and which LDMC class do you want to enter?
  14. My entryway also immediately on LDMC website

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