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  1. MHR Blessed!

    Hope its been a good one
  2. Smokey's JW4 Formula Four Rebuild Thread

    A little more progress to day. The arrival of the parts from the laser cutters has given me the chance to start pulling together a few bits for taking to the welders. One part I've been keen to get on with is the rear drive assembly for the Carburol Special as every component for this is missing and so will need to be made completely from scratch. The drive housing is a simple fabrication but I still needed to turn the 3-tubes on the lathe and drill and shape the mounting brackets. The mounting brackets are 1-1/4" steel angle which was first cut to length on the trusty chop saw and then onto the pillar drill to drill the holes. The corners then needed a radius on them for which the bench grinder was put to use. To help me form the radius by hand I bolt an oversize washer into the hole which I can then use as a guide when grinding away the corner. The finished kit of parts ready to take to the welders
  3. Workshop floor

    Taking further advice from an engineer would be very wise. Its not so much the weight of the building that would be a factor in determining the adequacy of the foundation but the soil type and the potential of ground movement , the forces from which would far exceed that of the imposed load of the building on it. Subsoils in east anglia would typically be either sands, clay, chalk or a mixture there off. Pure sands and chalk are non-cohesive and do not change volume seasonally or with moisture. However clay will both shrink and heave seasonally. Certain areas of norfolk particularly around thetford are suspetable to sink holes due to the underlying chalk being eroded by water in the ground which causes the surface of the ground to collapse into the void left by the eroded chalk. On a building of the size you're building if the foundation slab is cast onto anything other than a sandy subsoils there is potential for differential movement where the subsoils on one side may move more than the soil over the opposite side of the building. If the design of the slab and the reinforcement within it hasn't given consideration to this pontenial movement then the slab will crack and fail, as the groud pressure tries to bend it. With a timber building this isn't so much of an issue as the structure is flexible and would be more able to accomodate failure of its foundations unlike masonry which is inflexible and where a foundation failure would also be transferred to the sturture of the building.
  4. Workshop floor

    What is it if it's not sand or clay? Unfortunately you cannot even begin to correctly design a foundation or the reinforcement within it until you know how cohesive the subsoil is and what it's ground bearing capacity is.
  5. Workshop floor

    What's the subsoil? Are there any trees within 20m? Is site access resonable? Do the quotes include muck away? What reinforcement are they proposing A142, A253 or A393? And in how many layers? A building of 75m2 will also need building regulations approval and I'm afraid to say that neither of those specifications will currently comply with that.
  6. Le Mans - Ear Defenders, Radio, intercom

    I've only half read this thread, but from my experience of sitting in the starline stands at LeMans for the last 20years they can be a pretty noisy and uncomfortable place. We're normally based in one of the stands on the finish line oppsite the clock and The roofs of these are made of a corrigated tin and do a fine job of amplifying the noise of any engine as it goes doen the straight at speed to quite uncomfortable levels. The french tannoy and commentators can also get quite noisy, irritating and excitable so some form of ear defenders are a great aid in ensuring you only hear radio lemans on your radio
  7. I can't quite believe it myself.....

    I don't know the bare weight of the engine but my 1.6 SDV weighs 580kg with carpets and full weather gear on board.
  8. I can't quite believe it myself.....

    130bhp is easy from a 1.6 with little more than a head skim and 3-angle valve seats. i'm at 138bhp with my 1.6 with a blink head but still on the stock Mazda ECU. I've just picked up a pair of piper cams to experiment with to see what else I can extract from it. The 1.6 is also lighter than the 1.8. The differences in the engine, differential, propshaft and brakes all add up to 40kg !
  9. SOLD - MX5 Mazda SDV Sump Baffle

    Now sold
  10. SOLD - MX5 Mazda SDV Sump Baffle

    PM replied to
  11. SOLD - MX5 Mazda SDV Sump Baffle

    Based on the Maruha baffle design this will fit the sump of either the 1.6 or 1.8 MX5's to hopefully help retain the oil around the pick-up pipe. I designed this for a standard uncut sump and it fits below the standard baffles but it could also possibly be shortened for a cut-sump. I had two spares made in addition to one for my own car and this is the last spare. The Viton Rubber Flaps shown in some of the pictures are not included but these can be bought from ebay etc. Some minor fettling will be required to make this fit as the slots could benefit from being enlarged slightly to ease fitting the Viton flaps. £25 posted to any UK address - NOW SOLD
  12. Narrow/Wide differences?

    The thread immediately below yours has all the answers The sides screens are different as the cockpit length on a narrow is shorter.
  13. Gearboxes

    Thats correct. The Mk1 - M2.5 MX5 gearbox wont fit in a narrow without some considerable widening of both the entrance to the transmission tunnel in the engine bay and also the section of tunnel between the seats.
  14. Taxing a motor that you have forgotten to tax/SORN

    Now you've sorted the SORN issue should I call Tata Steel to warn them about an imminent and substantial order for steel tube sometime soon?
  15. mazda svd handling and turning circle

    I can't say I know H-Engineering but looking at their website they appear to be more of a classic specialist rather than kit car or motorsports outfit. What ride height (front and rear) and geometry settings did they apply on the car? Did they reccomend the settings they applied or did they use settings which you asked them to? What length front dampers do you have (fully open)? the mazda SDV uses a longer front damper to the non-SDV westfield's and it not uncommon for people to fit or be supplied the wrong length.

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