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  1. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    I don't think it would be realistic for a novice to expect to get close to the target times, surely? If they could, then the targets are too easy for the better/quicker experts, so unfair to those in other classes. Target times are first and foremost a means of sorting out the overall championship, not individual class championships.
  2. Non-Westfield build

    I'm speechless. This is amazing work.
  3. Bitcoin

    Nearly 400 years ago there was a fashion for breeding (if that is the correct term) new colourful fancy tulips. People started to "invest" ever increasing amounts in buying them, until the point was reached where one bulb could change hands for literally a fortune. It made some dutch bulb breeders very very rich. Unfortunately, when the "investors" wanted to sell their bulbs, and said how much they wanted for them, other people just laughed at them. There's nothing new in this word.
  4. Non-Westfield build

    It is now it's been cleaned. This looks like being a seriously professional build. Looking forward to seeing it develop.
  5. Who's changed to their winter tyres!

    I have my winter tyres on my Octavia, on a spare set of alloys which I purchased when I first got the car, from Midland Wheel Supplies. Got them changed over a couple of weeks ago. Mind you, my Octavia has the optional "intelligent" 4 wheel drive, which only kicks in if the sensors detect the front (driving) wheels spinning, so I'm laughing at the prospect of a bit of snow on the roads.
  6. Westfield World......

    Great issue from what I've read so far. Particularly like the article on the history of the Speed Series, well done Peter.
  7. Donington Park end of Jan - madness?

    98 decibel (drive by) noise limit, so probably not for the more noisey/powerful Westfields?
  8. Sealing taper threads

    A single layer of PTFE tape can act as a lubricant to enable you to easily get the fitting to the desired tightness to ensure a leak-proof joint. But the tape wont in itself create the seal, and as Russ says, always the risk of applying the tape untidily and blocking the oil way or whatever. You might just as well apply a smear of oil to the thread. In reality, the answer is to have a nice clean thread, and then fit the fitting dry, or in the case of large diameter tapered threads which need to be really tight use a smear of oil on the thread.
  9. Anyone fancy a reshell project...

    To my mind the buyer is bidding on an engine, gearbox and differential. Most unlikely that the chassis will still be usable without a lot of straightening and rebuilding. And I can't get my head round why they are charging vat on the successful bid, and selling without any keys. Unless of course the seller is an insurance company, but even then, why no ignition keys?
  10. MegaS2000 with Elite il200 sequential box

    Nothing wrong with the Elite IL200 in my opinion. The early ones were a bit fragile, but they were then upgraded, and the later ones were fine. I ran one in the Speed Series without any problem 4 or 5 years ago, on a high power Duratec engine. Admittedly my Duratec wasn't very high torque, but it was over 270 bhp and high reving. Clutchless upward changes went through like a knife through butter, and downward changes were made with only a slight dip of the clutch. Unlike normal road 'boxes, I think a regular oil change is a good idea, at least that is what I used to do.
  11. C type project

  12. Westfield Eleven Engines....

    Interesting idea. But then you have to find someone to supply a bellhousing to connect it to a suitable gearbox, bearing in mind that the Hillman Pimp was a rear engined car. And what advantage would it give over a 1300cc. plus A series engine? The A series is easier to get tuning parts for, and a relatively cheap bellhousing to connect it to a type 9 gearbox. All necessary parts readily available off the shelf.
  13. Westfield Eleven Engines....

    Don't forget that the A series engine has it's camshaft in the block, driving the overhead valves via pushrods. All the more modern engines being mentioned have overhead camshafts, so they aren't just marginally taller, it is quite significantly taller having the camshaft above the valves. If you are wanting to build a modernised version of the XI, probably for competition, then by all means go for something like a Sigma engine and accept that it will need a big power bulge on the bonnet. However if you want to build a replica of the XI, looking like an original XI, as a fun road car then I think it is sensible to use an A series engine which is what the kit was designed to use. Tuned to 100/110 bhp, it should be quite lively but still "old school", in keeping with the rest of the car. I actually like the idea of having a distributor and a carburetor. Then again, I'm over 70, so I'm "old school" myself!
  14. Westfield Eleven Engines....

    I think that the chassis would be too narrow, although I haven't got any measurements to establish that one way or the other. My car has only done about 250 miles, so still running in, but from the feel of it so far, I'd say as a fun road car a well tuned big bore A series engine, say 110 bhp which would still be quite tractable (as mine is), is enough to give lively straight line performance. If you were thinking of using one for competition, then of course you might want to look at other newer and bigger engine options. But really I don't think a Westfield XI is an obvious choice as a sprint or hillclimb car. I know that Rob Hume has done this, but if I wanted to sprint a Westfield I'd be using the "seven" style car, not an XI replica as the 7 is so much easier to build/modify to make a very quick sprint/hillclimb car. I know, I've had both! The XI has an engine height issue as already mentioned, also the track is so narrow by modern standards, and making and fitting rollover protection to meet current MSA requirements isn't so easy, and involves cutting the body about quite a bit, so spoiling the (accurate) replica aspect of the XI kit, in my opinion. Also, because of the very enveloping front wings, lock is quite severely restricted, which just gets worse if you try fitting wheels of modern competition dimensions. There are a number of crown wheel and pinion ratios available, but all are low by modern standards. I have the later, higher, Midget/Sprite ratio (that's higher in gearing terms, lower numerically) and a 5 speed 'box so overdrive top. Even so, at 70 mph the engine is turning over at well over 4,000 rpm.
  15. What a s**t start to my day

    Brilliant! I had something not quite as bad, but it went on for nearly 2 months recently, as I was on Co-codamol (prescription strength) for 8 weeks, so having to take laxative twice a day most days to try and keep the "travellers" moving on.