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  1. stephenh

    Warickshire Area Curborough Track Day 25 May 2018

    Steve, I still plan to be there, with Mrs. H.'s MX5, but if you have another driver to take my place then that is still fine by me. Either way, it is less than 1/2 hour's drive for me so i might as well come over, and if you haven't filled my place then I'll take part and see how the Memsab's car goes!
  2. stephenh

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    £30 plus gift aid now gone to Hope Against Cancer.
  3. stephenh

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    So now everything is sold (the spacers and wheel studs subject to payment and delivery as I write this) which just leaves the 4 road springs and the 2 catches suitable for bonnet catches. Oh, and the red biker's full face helmet, size "L" I believe. Any takers? Any offers? I don 't really want to keep these 'til Stoneleigh next year, but if I must, I must.
  4. stephenh

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    Timmay, I've sent you a pm.
  5. Hi Timmay,

    The parts (8 studs & 2 spacers) will cost £2.95 in postage, for 2nd. class post.

    The price from Demon Tweeks, including vat, would be just under £20. 

    So how about £13.00 including post and packing, and I'll make a donation of £10 to Delboy's charity which is Hope Against Cancer. I don't know if you know who Del is? He is a long standing member of the club, from the Derby area, and is a longstanding competitor in the Westfield Speed Series. He contracted cancer of the throat several years ago, for which he was treated successfully, and hence his support for this cause. In fact, he is part of a treatment trial, and this charity helps finance the trial.



  6. stephenh

    Cooking tonight.

    I don't know what temperature the POR15 is supposed to be ok to. To give an idea (at the risk of "teaching my Granny to suck eggs") my exhaust manifold, on my XI (A series) engine measures with infra red gauge, 280 degrees on numbers 1 and 4, and 320 on the siamesed centre branch. Unfortunately i don't know what it would have measured with an uncoated manifold, for comparison.
  7. stephenh

    Cooking tonight.

    They certainly did a nice job on my exhaust manifold for my XI
  8. stephenh

    washing Nomex

    I believe Mrs H. used a fairly cool wash on mine, but she's out at the moment so I can't check that. And drip dry, no spin!
  9. stephenh

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    Timmay Z Z, I probably can, but in fairness I'll leave it for today to see what Stoat says about the studs. I'll want to see how much it'll cost to post, as well.
  10. stephenh

    Allegro ignition switch causing a misfire?

    Ah yes, those were the days!
  11. stephenh

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    Stoat, they are wheel studs, not nuts. Yours if you want them.
  12. stephenh

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    So the oil pump, e-glass and wire wool have gone, to a good home. Other items are still for "sale". Although, I have had another look at the old AVG helmet, and I have to say that there doesn't seem to be a great deal of padding inside it. I think the mice may have got to it at some point! I think it wants binning, but the other helmet is comfortable, if you have the same shaped head as me!
  13. stephenh

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    The e-glass, wire wool and the oil pump are "sold" subject to collection, and a suitably generous donation to Del's charity, for cancer care. (can't remember the name of it off hand!) Wowblaauw, you have pm.
  14. stephenh

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    Me and Mrs H. have just spent all day clearing our garages. Quite a lot has gone to the tip, BUT I have some things surplus to requirements which are too good to just chuck if they are of any use to someone else. Most of it is free, or a small donation to charity, so I'm reluctant to post, but might on the lighter/smaller stuff if you twist my arm, and at buyer's expense. One AVG biker's full face helmet. Very good condition, and hardly used, but it is quite old so just a small donation to charity required. Note that this is not valid for sprints/hillclimbs because it is ACU spec., not MSA, and in any event is long out of date fro competition. Not sure of the exact size, but my cap size is 7 1/4, or 59 metric One biker's helmet, red. It says Nitro Racing which I assume is the make. It isn't as old as the other, so it is lighter and more comfortable. It has an "L" in the shell, so I'm guessing that is the shell size, most likely the same as the other one. Again, just a small donation to charity. One hand pump, suitable for pumping oil into a gearbox or diff. It comes with a 3 litre oil safe container. I cannot remember if I ever used this, I think not. And it was expensive, from Demon Tweeks, so definitely a donation of, say, £10. required to charity. SOLD. A quantity of silencer repacking material. Not sure what make, but as far as I recall it came from Merlin Motorsport, so most probably it is e-glass. Not sure exactly how much, but looking at it it should be enough to repack a typical sized silencer at least once. Free to a good home. SOLD. A quantity of wire wool in a roll , which is used to rap round the inner pipe of a repackable silencer. Enough to repack dozens of silencers, I should think! Free to a good home. SOLD. 8 unused wheel studs. Still bright, no rust. These are Ford size/pattern, so suitable for all the Ford based Westies so far as I know. These are M12 thread, with 40mm. thread length, and 50 mm. long with the splined part. I think, but cannot guarantee, that these are longer than standard so are good for sprinting/hillclimbing as the scrutineer can then see thread projecting from the wheel nuts, if you use open ended nuts. They probably won't be any use with closed end nuts. Too good to chuck, but no use to me, so just a small donation to charity. SOLD. 2 of 3mm. wheel spacers. These are the universal type so should fit on more or less any Westie. Unused, so just a small donation to charity. SOLD. 2 of Dzus fastener sets. These are not the screw type Dzus fasteners, but lever type, so might suit as bonnet catches. Unused. As above. 4 unused road springs. Came with my XI kit, but not used as too stiff in my opinion. one pair are 2.25" dia. by 7" long, said to be 350 lbs/in. rate. The other pair are 1.9" by 8", said to be 200 lb/in. rate. Make me a modest offer, for either pair (or all 4). Any or all of the above can be collected from near Uttoxeter, North Staffs, or at the Shelsley Walsh anniversary meeting and dinner, or the Club meeting at Blyton Park, or otherwise by arrangement.
  15. stephenh

    Yanny or Laurel?

    I think it is an electronically generated "voice" of not particularly good/clear quality probably (like Andy M says) saying Laurel. Personally, to me it sounds like Laurel, despite my age. Mrs H says it sounded a bit like Yanny, but then I'm always telling her she's deaf, because she likes the telly etc., turned up more than me.

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