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  1. jonjh1964's XI Build

    Good spot. Definitely needed, on the one you have the charger crocodile clip attached to as that is live all the time. The other one which is connected to the starter is of course only live when the solenoid is energised, so wouldn't likely to be a fail, but the first one I mention would likely be.
  2. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    I've just booked, but I did get a bit confused about which package to buy for Mrs H. We don't have joint membership, so presumably she has to have |"non-member" passenger rides for the extra £2.00? But that gives her membership for the weekend, so do I then book her meal for the dinner as a member's meal? Anyway, that is what I have done, so if I owe an extra £2 I'll pay it in coin, and if I've paid too much, good luck!
  3. jonjh1964's XI Build

    Are you sure the float isn't sticking? Sometimes it can be such a simple thing which prevents an engine from starting.
  4. XI Fuel tank capacity

    Thanks, Simon, as I feared. Oh, bother or words to that effect. I don't much fancy pumping 22 litres out using a cheap hand operated vacuum pump, so I'll leave the rest of the settings until the spring, when it (the car that is) comes out to play, and I can use up some of the fuel.
  5. Panhard rods

    Yes, if you are looking for 4 links the same (for one car!) you need trailing links, not Panhard rods.
  6. My new Ladybird book: The Fireman

    Ohh Scott, you are getting close to trouble I think!
  7. The end of the F1 grid girls

    Not to me it didn't.
  8. The end of the F1 grid girls

    Is this going to be the end of pretty young women advertising engine oil, brake pads, alloy wheels etc., at the Autosport Racing Car show, or the National Kitcar show? It just won't be worth going anymore.
  9. XI Fuel tank capacity

    The correct answer turned out to be about 22 litres, based on my measuring jug, in the case of my tank. I've fitted the gauge at last, and I've calibrated it to the tank sender as per the wizard instructions. And I've calibrated the gauge to the wizard for correct full indication, IYSWIM. Not sure if I can do the other values for the wizard to gauge settings with a full tank, Simon if you read this, can you tell me?
  10. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I've just sent my emailed response, along the lines of the suggested one in the email. However i have edited it to personalise it, and added in particular reference to the specific case of my car. I've also enquired what their proposals are for compensating those of us directly and adversely affected by the proposals!
  11. Panhard rods

    You surely only need one panhard rod? If you fitted 2 the suspension would be locked solid. Unless you have a watts linkage arrangement in which case you would have 2 lateral rods.
  12. Duratec Oil & Filter

    I used Millers fully synthetic competition oil, also 5W40. But also overkill if your engine is fairly standard internally and only used for road use. In the latter case, any 5W40 oil from one of the reputable manufacturers is fine. For trackdays you might want to go for a heavier grade, and fully synthetic, because the oil is going to get hotter than in normal brisk road use. So maybe a 10W50. I know some even go for a 10W60 or 15W60, but unless the engine has been built very "loose" for minimum drag I wouldn't have thought a modern engine like a duratec needs the extra thickness of the thicker oils.
  13. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I may have mis-interpreted the proposals, but if I did, it still means that a car submitted for IVA in, say, January 2019 with an engine made in, say, 1970 (ie a Mk III Midget) is going to have to meet emissions limits set out in Euro 6, so it would be a logical extention of that to say that it must also do so on subsequent MOT tests. Again, an impossibility. The potential difficulty seems to be that DOT and DVLA don't realise that when it comes to replica type kits engines older than 25 years are frequently used.
  14. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Well Simon, that isn't what I read in the latest discussion paper for the government's latest proposals. I think we are talking about 2 different things. You are referring to what is coming in in May. I am referring to what is now being proposed, and which is in the DOT document inviting comments. The bit about kitcars and Mots reads as follows: (Extracted from the DVLA consultation document on improvements to road vehicle emissions and road safety.) Kit cars Kit cars and reconstructed classic cars undergoing IVA will not be required to meet WLTP, given that at present they are not required to meet NEDC or the latest EU standards. Instead they are tested to age-appropriate MOT standards, on the basis of the date of manufacture or first use of the engine. We are proposing that for kit cars, compliance with the MOT emissions standards current at the date of registration will be required, despite the use of an older engine. In other words the current relaxation for emissions according to the age of the engine will no longer apply. Reconstructed (restored) classic cars undergoing IVA will not be required to meet the latest MOT standards, as long as the appearance of the vehicle is broadly unchanged and the engine is of the same capacity as that supplied with the vehicle when it was new. When new vehicles were first required to be fitted with catalytic converters around 1992 (Euro 1 emissions standard), kit car makers typically used older engines which were not fitted with catalytic converters, hence the justification for age-appropriate testing of emissions based on date of engine manufacture or first use. The majority of the fleet is now vehicles up to 25 years old whose engines are fitted with catalytic converters, providing plenty of choice to the kitcar builder This, and in particular look at para 4.11 above, will be very serious for lots of us I suspect. It certainly will for anyone running an A series engine in an XI, and could be a problem for anyone running any engine using coil and dizzie ignition with carb(s) if it has been built in recent years.
  15. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I've only just cottoned on to the fact that from our point of view, there are 2 issues with this consultation document and its proposals. First, the standard for IVA testing. Thank goodness this doesn't now affect me as my XI is tested and registered. However, it is a major issue for anyone still building, or planning to build, an XI or of course a previously unregistered early "narrow" such as Garry's. However, the second point, which until now hadn't dawned on me is the changes to MOTs. It would mean that in 2 and 1/2 years time my car would have to meet the emissions limits for a new 2017 passenger car, because it was first registered in 2017. Well, for a 1960s design (based on a 1950s design) engine, running on a big Weber and with coil and distributor ignition, that is obviously impossible. At least, I think it is. I know lots of people are making submissions ot DOT. I know my MP, so I've just emailed him and hopefully he will add his weight to try and get us an exemption to the MOT changes, and maybe the IVA changes.