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  1. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    What a venue........... This year was my first year in the Speed Series and I started off trying to do as many different venues as possible. If you have never been here all I can say it is a must do venue, the history of the place is just something else. It is a great set up with the garages in the paddock and having the chance to drive on this hill makes will make you feel very privileged. It will be a cracking day - see you there! Well Done Graham, John and Team
  2. 4 x CXR's with good Michelin slicks

    still for sale
  3. A pair of new and unused carbon effect plastic front wings, 10" wide. £60 + P&P
  4. 4 x 13" x 7" ET24 in black, a couple of scuffs on two of the rims. Fitted with Michelin slicks 20/54-13, plenty of life left in them - ideal track day tyres. £400
  5. 2 Tonne Trolley Jack

    Andy pm sent
  6. 2 Tonne Trolley Jack

    Power Lift 2 Tonne trolley jack. Lifting Range 135mm - 342mm £15 collection only! Wakefield
  7. 13 inch wheels

    Give me a ring in the evening, I am selling some CXR's Mick Dent 07771 686009
  8. Harewood Hillclimb

    If you have BARC (Yorkshire) membership card this will get you in, just checked this out with Jackie Wilson. I will be there hobbling around the paddock, as I have only just got behind the wheel of my road car this week, so see you all on Sat & Sun.
  9. Blyton photos

    looks good, just waiting for my lift, will be there later to have a look around.
  10. Thornes Park, Wakefield, Friday 7th July

    I've got to echo the sentiment, well done Robin, it was good to see a group of Westie's - hopefully this has raised the profile of the club. I was surprised how big the event is, 100's of car exhibiting and it was free to get in! I managed to hobble around on my crutches and ii was good to see some other friends there with their family Rolls, I managed to blag a chair and beer - much appreciated!! Just waiting to be picked up, going to Blyton to see the Sprint I should have been doing
  11. Thornes Park, Wakefield, Friday 7th July

    I might try get down for a hour or so. Although this is not as simple as it sounds, as I am on crutches having ruptured my right Achilles almost two week ago whilst on holiday, so am not driving at the moment..... Hopefully can get a lift and will see you there (also may be going to Blyton Sat/Sun).
  12. Looks like my inaugural season has come to an end prematurely. Whist on holiday last week I was playing tennis and ruptured my right Achilles tendon(it went with quite a loud pop, some am sure it is ruptured, this was the diagnosis whilst away). Currently feeling fed up having come back with my leg in a pot. Went straight to our local NHS hospital, initially told in A&E to come back to clinic on 11th July!! After telling the doctor three time this wasn't acceptable , spoke to consultant who talked me through how they tend to wait and see if it will start to heal on its own. However he has also put me down for an ultra sound and will review again after this - so currently waiting for this appointment. I will be speaking with my private health insurer to see what can be done to do things more speedily. Whichever way it goes I think it is going to be some time before I can drive competitively again. So I thought I'd let you know this is why I am not going to be around, (I have not thrown in the towel!) hopefully might be able to squeeze something in at the end of the year.
  13. Blyton Gluten Free Dinner

    Graham Can I cancel my booking, unfortunately I wont be there as I have damaged my Achilles whilst on holiday last week and wont be able to drive.
  14. Blyton Gluten Free Dinner

    Graham Can I do the meal, along with minibus. Mick