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  1. As is says in the Title - 4 brand new Image hubcaps £22 inc P & P
  2. stickymint

    4 x CXR's with good Michelin slicks

    Price reduced to £380
  3. Thanks Paul info passed on
  4. stickymint

    Cycle Wing bracket

    So is this a left hand or right hand bracket? The picture is taken from the inside of bracket.
  5. Thanks Roz i will keep you posted.
  6. stickymint


    i have a pair, what width do they need to be?
  7. My son is getting his Nat B License and we will be competing together at the Blyton Sprint w/e run by Longton DMC on 19/20th May. At the moment he does not have the required safety gear, he is looking for a suit (6'2" and slim build) and a Hans device (collar size c 15"). Anyone got anything for sale or to borrow? He can use my gloves!
  8. I have had an issue with my Dash, it was showing intermittent negative reading for oil pressure and fuel level, so sent it back for testing, came back saying no fault found? When I reinstalled it nothing ended up showing at all, spoke with them on Friday whilst i was at Anglesey and ended up with RPM only, no oil pressure (I do have a separte low oil pressure light),negative 32 for water temp and no gear indicators. I'm cant get my head round what to do - is there anyone local to Wakefield who understands setting these up that would be prepared to help?
  9. I'm looking at doing with JD - he just needs to apply for his Nat B license, then get all the gear, suit, hans and helmet suitable for a hans device, plus gloves................... Was keen to have a go after the Anglesey weekend.
  10. stickymint

    Wet Trackday Advice

    I am not sure from your post if it is a road car or track car that you are trailering there. If the later, I can fully recommend having a goo set of wet tyres, it is amazing what level of grip they will provide.
  11. stickymint

    64GB SD card showing full but only half full?

    I'm sure the card adapter is the GoPro one and bought the card from PC World
  12. Just been looking at my videos from my GoPro and can't understand why the card is saying it full but when you add everything up it only adds up to half the capacity (64GB)?
  13. stickymint

    Hayabusa Drysump kit

    i have a dry sump pan.......
  14. stickymint

    Cycle Wing bracket

    Thanks Wizzer Yes I agree!
  15. stickymint

    Cycle Wing bracket


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