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  1. OK. Sent the same info to BARA and got the following response. Hi Mark Yes the diff you have is a Viscous LSD Unit Service & rebuild Axle Inc Dyno Test £200 Service & Reset Vc 120Nm Inc Additional Plates £280 1 x Service Kit All bearings,seals,o rings & C/Spacer £130 Total £610+VAT Let me know Regards Bara
  2. Spoken to BARA motorsport and he was very straight forward that it is an LSD. Service costs about £280 and an updated LSD costs about another £280 more. I can get a proper breakdown of this cost from them in an email. will update when I get that.
  3. I think I am already tied in knots. I don't want to misrepresent an item I am selling. I’ll try and contact Bara and see how much a ‘service’ would cost. Thanks for everyones feedback.
  4. Hold on a sec. I put some bars on the ends last night to try and make sure (I fear my hand modelling is simply not torquey enough) and managed to get them to turn like an open diff. Pretty sure I should not be able to do this with such a relatively small amount of torque. I'll do a bit more investigation today and if so I will reduce the price and change the description.
  5. Secondly, do you think I can make it as a hand model?
  6. Heres a video I just took of the output shafts turning as they should for an LSD. This is why I am pretty sure. However, I can't remember buying the thing it was so long ago. Feels smooth though.
  7. This has been sitting in my garage for ages now as was bought for a upgrade to a westie that never happened. Looks clean inside. Desirable 3.92. Now this acts as an LSD when I turn the input shaft and try and hold onto one of the output shafts. However, I'm not 100% sure. If someone has an idea of what to look for. Maybe it's obvious off the part number in the pictures. Shafts turn smoothly and cogs look in good shape. Any inspection welcome. Collection only please from CV37 8RJ £250 ono Thanks Mark
  8. Car will be at Mallory Park this Friday (16th June) if you are interested.
  9. Now with added MoT.
  10. Not getting this to the track often enough. Thinking about if I should pick up a new project. SVA’d and registered in Feb 2009 Spec :- Engine :- 230bhp, 190lbft Duratec 2.3L I4 Raceline shallow sump Cosworth forged connecting rods Carry over crank Lead indium BE bearings Omega pistons (High compression) Cylinder head extrude honed (polished ports using extrude hone process, https://extrudehone.com/) Fast road Cosworth cams Cosworth uprated valve springs Jenvy direct to head throttle bodies Cosworth high flow green fuel injectors GEMS engine management setup at Northampton motors sport by Troy (see power curve in attachements) Base engine built for 260 BHP but only tuned to 230 Cosworth lightened flywheel, AP racing heavy duty clutch and cover Raceline 4 into 2 into 1 low pressure headers and silencer for exhaust system Large airbox fitted to lower drive by noise. Has no problem at Donnington with 98 DB driveby. Transmission:- Quaife straight cut type 9 gear box. Alloy case, Alloy top cover External breather fitted Serviced about 1 year ago @ JP race shop Silverstone. Ratios : 1 2.2 2 1.54 3 1.21 4 1 5 0.87 I used to have a 0.92 5th gear for sprinting. This is also available if you wanted to swap in the future but I found the 0.87 a much better drop and gives a higher top speed. Differential :- Sierra 3.92 7.5” LSD diff. Diff uprated by Bara motorsports to cope with the torque difference. Vehicle:- Westfield SEIW race chassis Bonded and riveted alloy and carbon fibre panels Welded in roll structure with mounts to fit a full cage (but I didn't purchase a full cage) Alloy bespoke radiator from Northampton Radiators Performance silicone hoses all round Westfield wide track front suspension Polly bushes all round Cast iron front uprights with Westfield alloy rears AVO alloy shocks with various spring rates available (about 4 sets with the car for you to change) Front and rear anti roll bars Front brakes, Hispec 4 pot alloy brakes with pagid pads, black diamond drilled and grooved discs Rear brakes, Sierra caliper with black diamond grooved discs and pagid pads. All discs and pads have lots of life left as they are recent. Quick release steering wheel with column extension for better driving position. Fixed seats. Can we thrown away or moved or replaced with others to suit your comfort. Digidash. Battery cut off switch. Extended quick shift for transmission with 8 ball gear knob. Access to digidash and gems ecu directly in front. Plastic fuel tank with integrated swirlpot and high pressure fuel pump (running a return fuel system). Transmission and Differential breather pots located at rear of car. Brake bias done by foot pedal balance bar. Compomotive 13” wheels with Toyo Proxes 888 competition tyres. Lots of tread left. Only two track evenings use. Good Bits:- I created this as a track tool first and foremost but also made it legal for the road. I’ve not MoT’d it for a few years now though as I don’t enjoy it much on the road. Q plate means that the MoT is quick. Emissions is just, “is it smoking?” It is ballistic on the track. I hope you can see that from the video (This Link), Straight cut gears make a noise and camera is hard mounted to structure. There is very little that can get past this car and it also passes Donnington’s drive by noise reg. It embarrasses cars significantly more expensive than it. On track it’s very good. No brake fade, oil doesn’t get above 107 degrees, water not above 97. Everything in control despite spending it’s time flat out. Regular oil changes, gear box oil change. Not done many miles a year. Which is why it’s up for sale really. Got out once this year at Donnington for an evening. Just not finding the time. Bad Bits :- It’s showing some surface rust in places. (TADTS) It’s not standard Westfield in any way. Body work, frame and chassis is about it everything else is made, modified or bespoke to the car. Which means I’ll need to tell you a few things about it for you to quickly take things apart. It’s not made as a car for showing off outside McDonalds in. This is a car Darth Vader would drive. It’s a track rat. Contact :- Mark_Wilkes@talk21.com for more info. Car in CV37 area near Stratford Upon Avon I think this should be going for around £11K area. Thanks Mark
  11. Have now measured seats to these same specs and no it's smaller in some dimensions but not others. here we go. All dimensions are not exact and should be used as a guide only. If your close on dimensions and want to know more then I can measure eaxctly whhere you need. A=370 mm B = same C = 475 mm D = 440 accross the total width including the lips but the base is only 380mm Everything else is the same. Important bit being Z. Internal seat measurement is 320 mm. Hope this helps. Never planned to put these in my westie. Had another track car then I was going to make a seat for the playstation.
  12. Am open to offers
  13. Sparco rev seats. No brackets or anything else seen in the picture. As seen below. Located near Stratford Upon Avon Excellent condition. Narrow type. My A*** too big. One with seat bolster missing. Normally retail at about £230 each. Offering £150 for the pair. Not posting or delivering.
  14. Yes, I'll PM you.