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  1. Clarke Strong Arm Aluminium Racing Jack 1.25 tonne

    provisionally sold
  2. Clarke Strong Arm Low height Aluminium Racing Jack 1.25 tonne Some use. Great for taking to track days. Quite light, inspection welcome. Due to weight I'm not going to ship it. Collection from CV37 8RJ £70 See link for details of a new one. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLARKE-CTJ1250AB-1-25-TONNE-ALUMINIUM-RACING-JACK-7621824-/201342580378?epid=1157714132&hash=item2ee0f3f69a:g:qgwAAOSwBLlVRThb
  3. quaife type 9 cover, car cover, battery tray

    Battery tray and cover open to offers.
  4. quaife type 9 cover, car cover, battery tray

    quaife cover provisionally gone.
  5. quaife type 9 cover, car cover, battery tray

    Hello. I work in Gaydon (same company?). The picture on the car was taken a couple of months ago. It's the straps really that arn't great. The plastic clips at the end have broken. Can be fixed. Your welcome over to stratford upon avon for a quick look.
  6. Quaife type 9 5 speed top cover. Never used. Still in quaife packaging direct from factory. Quaife price £81 + VAT + delivery. Ebay price £110 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quaife-For-Ford-Type9-5-Speed-Gearbox-Alloy-Top-Cover-Lid-/292066939349?epid=1242121943&hash=item44008bd1d5:g:jY0AAOSw32lY0vW9 Yours for £67.50 including delivery to UK address. £60 pickup from CV37 8RJ Car-zone voyage car cover. Getting as bit tatty in places. Clips for connecting ties missing / broken. Still with original bag though. https://www.cover-zone.com/products/car-covers/voyager/caterham-super-7-superlight-sports-voyager-car-cover-1973-onwards/ £91 inc delivery from coverzone. Yours for £40 inc delivery to uk address. £32.50 for local pick up. CV37 8RJ Last, aluminium battery tray. It what it is. £25 inc delivery to UK address. £20 for pick up. CV37 8RJ
  7. Sierra Diff 7" 3.92 LSD I think

    Yes, just been busy is all. I have replied.
  8. Sierra Diff 7" 3.92 LSD I think

    OK. Sent the same info to BARA and got the following response. Hi Mark Yes the diff you have is a Viscous LSD Unit Service & rebuild Axle Inc Dyno Test £200 Service & Reset Vc 120Nm Inc Additional Plates £280 1 x Service Kit All bearings,seals,o rings & C/Spacer £130 Total £610+VAT Let me know Regards Bara
  9. Sierra Diff 7" 3.92 LSD I think

    Spoken to BARA motorsport and he was very straight forward that it is an LSD. Service costs about £280 and an updated LSD costs about another £280 more. I can get a proper breakdown of this cost from them in an email. will update when I get that.
  10. Sierra Diff 7" 3.92 LSD I think

    I think I am already tied in knots. I don't want to misrepresent an item I am selling. I’ll try and contact Bara and see how much a ‘service’ would cost. Thanks for everyones feedback.
  11. Sierra Diff 7" 3.92 LSD I think

    Hold on a sec. I put some bars on the ends last night to try and make sure (I fear my hand modelling is simply not torquey enough) and managed to get them to turn like an open diff. Pretty sure I should not be able to do this with such a relatively small amount of torque. I'll do a bit more investigation today and if so I will reduce the price and change the description.
  12. Sierra Diff 7" 3.92 LSD I think

    Secondly, do you think I can make it as a hand model?
  13. Sierra Diff 7" 3.92 LSD I think

    Heres a video I just took of the output shafts turning as they should for an LSD. This is why I am pretty sure. However, I can't remember buying the thing it was so long ago. Feels smooth though.
  14. Sierra Diff 7" 3.92 LSD I think

    This has been sitting in my garage for ages now as was bought for a upgrade to a westie that never happened. Looks clean inside. Desirable 3.92. Now this acts as an LSD when I turn the input shaft and try and hold onto one of the output shafts. However, I'm not 100% sure. If someone has an idea of what to look for. Maybe it's obvious off the part number in the pictures. Shafts turn smoothly and cogs look in good shape. Any inspection welcome. Collection only please from CV37 8RJ £250 ono Thanks Mark