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  1. cortina upright wing stays

    I have these if any good to any one:
  2. Big THANKYOU to the Stoneleigh team.

    A big thanks here as well and the best stand as always.
  3. Stoneleigh Westfield courier service

    Hi I'm going from South Birmingham to Stoneleigh on Monday in the tin top.
  4. Hi have you any pics and condition details of the master cylinder, please?
  5. That'll teach-er not to drink!

    £85 fine and £85 costs I got £60 for doing 34 in a 30 limit and 3 points, and she was nearly 3 times the limit.
  6. A Momentous day in a dog's life

    He won't be a dog just a soft toy, by the way he's a handsome looking young dog.
  7. garage clearout parts for sale

    Ok I'll pass on the lights it was the rear lights I was looking at they do look a bit different than the old lights.
  8. garage clearout parts for sale

    if the lights will fit the SE body without mods ill take them as well.
  9. garage clearout parts for sale

    Hi I'll take the the expansion tank and the filters please advise on payment details
  10. Members Car Pictures

    Hello All, As we all like to see pictures of our cars, I was wondering if we could have a sticky thread for posting pictures of our Westfields. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything, as I was specifically looking for pictures of Westfields with flared wings, I couldn't find anything. I have put a picture of my old Westy. Mods is it possible to have a thread for pictures?
  11. Just a heads up for anyone in the market for some Toyo tyres. Demon-Tweeks have currently got an offer on the Toyo T1-R whereby you buy 3 & get your 4th free. https://www.demon-tw...4th-free-bundle This deal stacks with the already discounted "Tyre Super Sale" so the 3 you pay for are already cheap, then you can also add the discount code "EBAYPR18" for a further 10% off. Bought 4 215/45 R17 for £156 delivered.
  12. Wheel sisze et

    Use this calculator shows how the new wheels will sit compared to the old ones, I find it very useful gives difference in measurements and graphical format also calculates how it will affect the odometer reading. Will They Fit
  13. Courier for bodytub

    I've used Shiply before you get some one local bidding and you can see their feedback.
  14. Lower floor panels!

    I've got a steel one.
  15. Lower floor panels!

    I've got 1 (one) used as a oil catch tray at the moment if you're interested can measure it for you.

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