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  1. 5 x ally cat minilite 13" alloys

    Hi what width and ET are they? Do you have any pictures of them on the car please?
  2. Garage clear out part 1

    please see pm
  3. Garage clear out part 1

    Hi where about are you located I can't see location details in profile.
  4. My wife went to Iceland and all I got was..........

    I thought they only sold freezer food.
  5. Need a new car, inspire me.

    Tiguan different VW platform.
  6. Has any one been, is it better to book here prior to going or to do it whilst there - I'm going next week. Does any one have any links etc. I went to Maranello a long time ago with the kids we could only go to the museum the factory was closed, this time I'm going on my own. Thanks for looking.
  7. help what do you think about this car???

    ooh that sounds naughty steer well clear then and well spotted.
  8. help what do you think about this car???

    Have a look at this one NTDWM Westfield for sale
  9. Hello as per title, I need to replace the bushes on an old SE, now I need to take old ones out and push new ones in, would I be better off purchasing a cheap press from the internet (sell it back on afterwards) or would I be better off going to a garage with a press and if so how much can I expect to pay? thanks for looking
  10. The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    curry flavoured custard
  11. a new froggy in wscc

    Hi and welcome I sold my old one to Europe. There was this one on ebay it looks like it didn't sell so might be worth contacting the vendor red 88 westy good luck with the search
  12. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    How about foam socks like these RamAir socks eliminates the need for a back plate.
  13. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    Would raising the engine be an option by inserting a metal plate under the engine mount, my old prelit had this just watch the clearance to the bonnet. Incidentally if you can post some pics that would be nice and some one else might have better ideas than mine.
  14. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    You should be able to interpolate the image I think photoshop can do this.