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  1. In touch with the public?

    I see a lot of members of parliament in the news lately for touching members of the public (kneegate)...........damned if you do , damned if you don't.
  2. Toothache!

    Clove oil is a good natural remedy..............failing all else string and door knob
  3. 13' Wheel and tyre sizes

    Useful link to see how new wheels would sit compared to old ones http://www.willtheyfit.com/
  4. I got this (floor mounted pedal box) with a load of bits if any one can use it make me an offer. Pic pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  5. Mastic removal

    I used a Toffee wheel see link Toffee Wheel
  6. Ford rear drum brake adjuster

    Hi all I'm looking for some rear brake drum bits pictures in the link below. Brake parts needed
  7. Hillclimb Gone Wrong!

    That's very scary, but glad your Ok, phew.
  8. Hi David, please see PM I have sent my phone number.
  9. When can I come and pick it up do you want cash on collection?
  10. Hello David, I'll take the loom please let me have your payment details. Regards Rusty
  11. New member saying hi

    Echo what Craig said, as long as your happy and enjoy your car that's what matters. The pictures show a nice looking car in a nice colour as well.
  12. Front wheel arch brackets - for Cortina uprights

    I have these if they're any good?
  13. What wheels do I need?

    Once you have your current wheels dimensions you can use the below tool to see how the new wheels your thinking of will fit your car. Useful tool for calculating offset etc.
  14. sorry the ones I thought were available have been sold now, can't delete post.