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  1. Polishing a PRG fibreglass traiiler

    Mops run at low RPM's , ( typically about 200 ish ) higher speeds produce heat which can burn the polish and ruin the chemical bonds in silicone/ teflon stuff . I'm a big fan of Starbright , I spring polish my 30 foot GRP boat once a year and it lasts the season . Starbright
  2. Brake warning lamp off - help!

    Not dissimilar to a morris minor or austin A35 in the electrical dept
  3. Brake warning lamp off - help!

    The brake fluid low warning is a seperate circuit from the hand brake but they both share the same warning lamp , remove the cap from the resavoir and the lamp should light , if not then check the out the 12v supply to the lamp , broken wire or similar , I assume you have checked fuses .
  4. Brake warning lamp off - help!

    I wasn't aware that the handbrake warning light was a requirement for MOT testing , but stand to be corrected ! I would be looking at the handbrake switch for your problem , faulty spade connectors to the switch , loose mounting bolts or faulty switch are a all known issue s
  5. Timely advice re. nerve agent?

    Always do mine in the washing machine
  6. Top Gear, back this weekend

    didn't think anything could beat a party political broadcast for out & out boredom , but this reset the boredom benchmark to a new level !
  7. Diesel car ban in German cities

    Can't believe it . Trump got it wrong ?
  8. First lot done.

    !/2 a dozen roses will ease the pain of discovery N.B. that's "roses" NOT " rose joints "
  9. Password

    You cant beat the oldies
  10. Caterham Seven review 2018 | What Car?

    Yes , a bit like telling a downhill skier he would bebetter off at home, sat in his armchair, with the CH on , playing with his skiing simm on nintendo
  11. Tonight Car SOS on More 4

    Cheers for the heads up !
  12. those were the days racing history

    Downhill after the hairpin Then turns right were the car is back down to the town . I didn't walk it all
  13. In the days before H&S the fabulous MontJuich street circuit in Barcelona used to host the Spanish Grand Prix , along with motor bike and other lesser formula races. http://www.thosewerethedays.org.uk/motor-racing-stories/barcelona-1968.html
  14. those were the days racing history

    As you say there are some pretty impressive views of the city from up there . The tour bus goes along part of the old track past the olympic stadium on the main " straight " also the highest point of the circuit , over the brow the cars would "take off " before diving into the lh hairpin to start the decent back down the hill Strange but there was no mention of it in the tour guide or anywhere around the track that i could see , perhaps they want just to forget the tragic end to the racing . Looking down on the "Majic Fountain " Uphill on theold track towards the olympic stadium where the pits were situated Looking back towards the stadium , here the cars took off , this is were the car of Rolf Stommelen tragically crashed and went into the crowd downhill into a lh hairpin
  15. Diesel car ban in German cities

    Beware the ides
  16. tank slappers

    Greasy track at Shelsley hillclimb causes probs for pilots Clicky
  17. Body types fitment

    perfect description of one of my old X's
  18. Diesel car ban in German cities

    No point in us all getting worked up and excited about this . diesel, petrol , battery , nuclear , none will be any use soon , its a known fact that the end of the world is nigh, so make the best of it while you can We're all doomed anyway
  19. Know your jap imports?

    does it have reverse parking sensors ?
  20. Likewise I was looking at these with a view to purchase some years ago at the national kit show, but the salesman was so far up his own backside I decided to look elsewhere . Put me right off
  21. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    I have a pair of those mickmade ? stonegaurds sitting in the garage gathering dust as they would not properly fit over my detachable arches , reading your post I thought by using heat maybe I could re shape them to fit . Thinking back to carbon fishing rods and golf clubs etc. these have to bend by design , probably due to the weave and type of cloth used , whereas for chassis engineering purposes rigidity v strenght v weight are the issues . perhaps someone could design a flexible carbon stoneguard that would bend to fit ? Though It does seem most of us here use carbon for decorative purposes more than any other reason
  22. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    Didn't think you could bend / mold carbon fiber with a heat gun , must try it some time
  23. many happy return(trip)s