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  1. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    Didn't think you could bend / mold carbon fiber with a heat gun , must try it some time
  2. many happy return(trip)s
  3. Didnt think Tivs would go that distance , amazing
  4. Is it just me? Car advertising

    its a bit like saying Brunel built bridges , tunnels & massive great ships , sounding like he built them with his own hands
  5. How low have you set your flaps!!

    Mine were purpose built at the last minute for a very wet Coast to Coast run about 10 years ago . they have 3" ground clearance , they don't flap around , they dont catch on speed humps or MOT rollers , they work fine and are still as good as the day they were fitted They were made from one of these Forgot to add they way nothing and cost the same apart from a few screws .
  6. How ill do you have to be to be an athlete?

    he sure went downhill fast for whatever reason , i remember him being tall and slim , athletic type , or have i got him mixed up with some other bloke OOPS ! Got mixed up with this bloke https://www.doyouremember.co.uk/memory/cliff-thorburn
  7. How ill do you have to be to be an athlete?

    Pile embrocations perhaps ?
  8. Puma Power

    Maybe a couple of cats paw footprints for wheels
  9. Getting oil of the garage floor

    Just open the sump & let the contents dribble out overnight . It will be fine & look just like mine
  10. The Nerdy video thread.

    a friend owned a crank re grinding facility, watching the machine as the crankshaft was automatically rotated around the grinding wheels was an amazing sight , the operator was a skilled performer . nearest thing I saw previous to that was a rock making machine that stretched and turned the toffee , that was so good it was placed on show in the shop window , crowds used to stand and watch for hours . ( may have been in the days before telly )
  11. Anyone used a 5 Cylinder Volvo S60R engine?

    Thought this choice of power unit might be more appropriate
  12. My wife went to Iceland and all I got was..........

    If its big enough to stop a Boeing 747 it should do for the missus
  13. MSA half hood Plastic wind screen extrusion fitting

    Its for hanging on to when going round corners
  14. France: Use of mobile phones in car

    Hang 'em all Thats what i say