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  1. plane spotting

    Apparently there's a plane in this picture Can you spot it ?
  2. Workshop floor

    I would have thought 150mm of concrete on 100mm hardcore would be more than enough for a westy and a ride on mower . My home build garage was completely DIY (except for the concrete base mix ) the build was single breeze block with 2 supporting colums on the concrete base , thickend at the edges . The substrata is clay and this area riddled with old mining works from the lancashire coal field . I had the plans drawn up and got these approved by local planing depot . It took me 2 years to complete , that was over 50 years ago , its still there and in use daily , tere has been some slight settlement over the years but has not needed any remedial repair apart from the roof being replaced about 10 yrs ago .
  3. Anyone here doing Oulton Park this Wed 23 ?
  4. Mysterious oil spots on the road surface

    Nice shoes , are they Clark's No there mine
  5. Stoneleigh Pictures 2018

    Come to think of it , you do look a bit like a pair of Coke dealers
  6. Parking.......NO.3

    Just what I was looking for Do they do a Bungalow version ?
  7. Stoneleigh Pictures 2018

    Does anyone else see the irony in this ?
  8. Tour de Yorkshire: Astana support vehicle near miss.

    Seems a stupid place to put a traffic island . I know of a few similar that cause more harm than good
  9. Taxing a motor that you have forgotten to tax/SORN

    Must watch out for stock market prices, buy some British Steel, could soon be back in business
  10. MOT rule changes: 20 May 2018

    How do they check those HGV's that spew diesel fuel onto the road because they have been overfilled , or any other diesel powered car for that matter
  11. BBC filming and reality-ish.

    The problem is there is so much BS spread around at random these days we dont know who to believe . The old adage "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" , was once used on the odd occasion , nowadays it has become the normal thing to do
  12. Dashingly good.

    nice ! fly by wire
  13. Is this an original pre lit ?????

    Is this an original pre lit ????? No ! Its a doosie
  14. Race Line Water Rail

    The only time mine ever broke was when I got twortted up the jakssi about 10 years ago , housing & chassis being forced together during the impact required a brake down recovery to home ! fitted new of same type no problems since
  15. trolley jack oil question

    Thanks for the tips , I knew mineral oil wont mix and can maybe ruin the seals & I never go under the car without some form of axle stand taking over the duty of the jack . Its just that I loath spending money if there is a suitable alternative sitting in my garage gathering dust .

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