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  1. pete g

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 13th May

    i can make this one
  2. pete g


    fords i would guess if your lucky
  3. pete g

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    normally only two types depending on the belt type .and thats a early round type.
  4. pete g

    emulsification in redtop

    terry it can be done diy you can get 8mm alloy tubing from b&q the head needs to come off really and undo the central allen key plug if it has one on either side it better . then you need to ream it out 8mm or can get away with a 8mm drill . cut the tube to length and you a couple of cut outs for the head bolts and then push in with some loctite. instructions are on the web graham miller might be able to help you i know he has done it before .
  5. pete g

    Quaife ATB diffs at burton.

    that is good price
  6. pete g

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    if you never replaced the pump its probably the rear o ring seal ithink its worth at a min to replace the o ring or at worse pump now this will always weep now there s no need to replace with new belt.
  7. pete g

    Rear Right Side Tyre Rubbing.....

    other options are mover body over a little .trim arch on inner edge .put more negative camber on the rear uprights. its a common problem if tyres are maxed out .the rear right wheel always sticks out further than the left compared to bodywork . lower profile tyres can also help
  8. pete g

    Gurston Down attendance

    far as i'm concerned . dropping the south events is not going to get me up north more. i tried getting in goodwood this weekend but it was sold out . so even with noise issues its still a popular event there's plenty of clubs that still use these venues so that's where it looks like i will be going next year .
  9. pete g

    Gurston Down attendance

    i wanted to go but decided on hethel instead .unfortunately it takes to long to pack up and do two events so far away on the same weekend . keep taking them away and you will lose more competitors .your choice
  10. pete g


    someone i know they had it fitted in wrong position and looked like it was going to come off . i was asked for some super glue to see if we could restick edge down . as the scrut did not want to fit another one and lose £2.50 . plus when they come off they leave void notice like helmet stickers.
  11. pete g

    Hethel 22nd April 2018

    should suit your car david
  12. pete g

    Hethel 22nd April 2018

    finals out anyone staying over in car park and the local pub night before
  13. pete g

    HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    perfect for my DRS system upgrade
  14. pete g

    Flat carbon fibre sheet


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