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  1. Membership renewal

    Hi Martin Really easy to to do when logged onto forum, hover over the tab "Store" at the top just under the WSCC banner at the top left, then click on "orders" you will see a renewal invoice, click "Pay Now" and follow instructions, any problems please get in touch. Mark Note to Self, "read full post before reply"
  2. New member saying "hello"

    Hi Andy Welcome on board , As it turns out I'm your area organiser, you live within a mile as the crow flies, We meet at the Tudor Rose pub, at Two mills, on the first Tuesday of the month at 8-8.30pm, let me have your mobile number and ill add you to the text list for runs out meetings etc....would be great to see you at the meetings.... Cheers Mark 07703230241
  3. Wirrai N/Wales Pensioners Section Run Out

    Hi test...
  4. 2 Westfield Worlds received.

    Thanks Simon Gives me chance to compare details back stage to see why you would only get one and others two... Cheers Mark
  5. 2 Westfield Worlds received.

    I’m aware of the problem and It will only affect joint members, I’m looking into it, hopefully sorted for the next issue..... mark
  6. Wirrai N/Wales Club Night, Tuesday 6th Feb

    See you there Jeff....
  7. New Member

    Hi Gareth Welcome to the Wscc mad house, as it turns out I'm your Area Organiser, if you want ill add you to the text list to keep you informed of runs out etc, I see you've not got a car sorted yet but there are always spare seats available on runs out, so come along and say hello, we don't bite......also ive just put your membership pack together, it should be with you in a few days...... Cheers Mark
  8. Mark 

    I am loosing the will to live, I have been trying to pay my joint member ship for about a month. Its so protracted and i never get to the end before it defaults on me.


    I do not have a pay pall account nor do i want one, is there any other way to pay, debit or credit card, cash, cheque.


    I have tried straight from an invoice and through your site through the shop


    I am now completely lost


    What on earth am i doing wrong

  9. Friday 11th August - Sunday 13th August, we will be heading from the Tudor Rose pub at 8-8.30am on the Friday, off into Wales and beyond to take in some of the best bits of previous years of the YDG Tour of Wales that we have done for the last ten years and take in some new roads as well. Our overnight stop for both nights will be the Highland Moore Hotel, Wellington Rd, Llandrindod Wells LD1 5ND. Tel: 01597 825151 http://www.highlandmoors.co.uk Rooms are still available so if your going to join us you'll need to book direct with the hotel. For more detail please pm me Cheers Mark 07703230241
  10. 2017 Oulton Park Gold Cup (Registration Now Closed)

    list now updated
  11. 2017 Oulton Park Gold Cup (Registration Now Closed)

    Wilfman Your ticket will get you in on the saturday as well but our club stand will only be there on sun/mon.
  12. ********Registration now closed******** We will again have a WSCC stand at the fabulous Gold Cup meeting at Oulton Park on the 27th - 28th August 2017. Anyone wanting to bring their Westie and put it on the club stand can have a free weekend pass to the event (Driver only). This is the information that Oulton Park have requested:- Your Name Your Address Make / Model / Reg of each car Unfortunately they are unable to process any applications that do not include a registration number. Let me have the info as soon as possible. We only have a short time to get this sorted and all requests for tickets have to be emailed to me at wsccmembershipsecretary@gmail.com and the closing date is 29th July 2017 If Your name is below I have your details Mark Wilson Dave Eastwood Jeff Stephens Nic Chase Ian Kinder Martyn Vann Richard Buckley Graham Diggle John Dolan Bernie Darwin Andy Dowler Alan Rogers Richard Cable Graham Lee Mike Reed Julie Hall Martin Lloyd Rhett Turner Andrew Wilkes Andrew Jackson William Pinnington mathew Harrison
  13. Can't renew my membership???

    Hi Garth I've re-issued the renewal invoice as your last membership ran out over a year ago so wouldn't let you renew as normal, check your Email in box and follow the link... Thanks Mark
  14. Re-joining

    Glad to be of service, and welcome back on board......
  15. Re-joining

    Just as an addition, please check that your address etc is correct in your profile as we don't want you to miss out on the magazine etc, cheers Mark

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