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  1. Police car fleet downgraded?

    Look what happened to the RAF after the cuts...
  2. How toxic is your car exhaust? We knew this, a good, but long read

    Yeah, but.... Then they are fuming themselves!
  3. How toxic is your car exhaust? We knew this, a good, but long read

    Fascinating but not too surprising in the main. One of the big downfalls of the EU and other bureaucratic institutions is their obsession with control in the face of common sense. My ten year old X-Type (more or less a Ford 2.2 TDCi engine with a few small Jaguar mods) is a Euro 4 so maybe I don't need too feel guilty. As if I did! The deterioration in NOx levels in newer diesel cars is a surprise, I admit. It's taken decades for the 'scientists' to declare that the levels of exhaust fumes inside a car are far worse than outside - even on a bicycle - when it was bleedin' obvious to anyone who knows anything about where the car's ventilation system gathers its intake air - i.e. down low at the front. You're sitting inside a hermetically sealed chamber filled with constantly refreshed air dosed heavily with the exhaust fumes of the car/van/lorry/bus in front! I smile a wry smile of amusement when I see Lycra-clad cyclists wearing face masks. Not only is the air much cleaner where they are, but fabric doesn't filter gases; it takes a more sophisticated filter to do that. But they're making a point - as if I care!
  4. SEight Donor car / engine & transmission

    Commiserations. I am sorry to see that, truly.
  5. Weird skies today

    Here in the Chilterns at 14:30hrs it is dusk already and orange skies - weird! The Met Office on their website, in their infinite wisdom, say that 'NOW' is bright sunshine. So much for super computers. eh? ETA perhaps Kim Jong Un has let off his squib!
  6. Is OPIE any cheaper than other places ?

    I just like their service standards. Very quick and usually they have the filter and 'service packs' of the correct amount of oil for your car. Different for Westfields, of course, because they won't have the details available. Simon is knowledgeable (or a consummate BS merchant!), so advice is available too.
  7. BoB memorial flight

    Nuff said; say no more (nudge, nudge)...
  8. Lyneham Track Day Saturday 18 Nov 2017

    Excellent Mike, good idea!
  9. BoB memorial flight

    'Here' is the Chilterns north of High Wycombe so if your member map marker is anywhere near accurate it wasn't that one. Where was yours?
  10. BoB memorial flight

    One of those, or one very much like it, went over here this afternoon. Heading roughly north-east.
  11. That's a lovely shoe sir!

    There are shops and online suppliers of single shoes for monopods or unidexters such as Mr Spigot, so your chum should be able to get an unmatched pair from them. A woman I worked with some years ago had funny feet and used to go into London for a shop called (I think) Lefties. Sadly she was in her seventies in the 1980s so is unlikely to be able to confirm the name! If your friend buys decent shoes it must cost him a small fortune to double up his purchases. Sadly, my cheapo shoe outlet of choice has gone bust again - Brantano.
  12. Lyneham Track Day Saturday 18 Nov 2017

    Well I certainly won't go until I am sure the stones are cleared. Perhaps MSE will take heed and have a good go at clearing it if the site owners allow it?
  13. That's a lovely shoe sir!

    You clearly live in an enlightened area!
  14. That's a lovely shoe sir!

    Or perhaps Mr Spigot
  15. People in caravans have arrived

    As I type the big top is on a low loader and they're off... Almost three weeks and the scenes they filmed will be a mere minor part of the episode no doubt.