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  1. Caption competition

    CT and dot matrix Sir? Certainly! We are fully up to date with everything here. We take Access and Switch of course.
  2. Disaster, Maybe.

  3. Disaster, Maybe.

    There was a chap who lived opposite my parents' house and his car jammed its starter one evening while I was visiting home. I said to him that he should put it in gear, release the handbrake and rock it. To my amazement he got hold of the gutter and pushed and pulled - rocking it sideways! Eventually he twigged and succeeded in freeing it.
  4. Seen by the roadside...

  5. A Momentous day in a dog's life

    By experience eh?
  6. RIP Jim Clark

    I saw Sir Gwain Baillie (sp) and others driving those monstrous Galaxies at Crystal Palace in about 1965. My Good Lady tells me that Jim Clark was there too but I'm ashamed to say that I forget. She and I had only been going out for a few weeks and I had other fish to fry...
  7. RIP Jim Clark

    Hear Hear.
  8. When Playboys Ruled the World.

    Not quite the same amount of fun though...
  9. Move over F1

    All the finesse we expect from Australia! Bogans, the lot of 'em!
  10. Snowy pics

    My God Bernie! You've got it! They put a force field in the spaces between the gate bars and the snow couldn't get through! Brilliant!
  11. Domestic Magic

    Sorry to hear that Blatters! I've got a feeling that my son's is going to bite him if he tries to use his. Young women don't know their place any more...
  12. 2.1 pinto with 45s? Do I need to change the head?

    That sounds typical of a multi-choke carburetted engine needing some tuning. Ignition timing, throttle balance, choke size, and jetting all conspire to make it temperamental. Low compression on its own is at worst going to make it run with a regular pulse that's different from the other three. Like a three legged dog!
  13. Domestic Magic

    My son, currently living in Sydney, sent me this: The Magic Basket Who doesn't identify with this?
  14. 2.1 pinto with 45s? Do I need to change the head?

    When you say it didn't run right 'due to the compression' do you mean that the rings were losing compression or that the compression was too high? If the former then the new rings should fix it unless there's bore damage/wear, but if the latter then it's likely to be something other than compression that is causing poor running. Mine (2.0 Pinto on 40s with Maxflow head and Kent fast road cam) ran badly when I bought it but it was a combination of tuning factors and it now runs well. Starting is always a problem with very advanced static ignition and a technique is required to overcome it.
  15. Snowy pics

    Slightly less volume here but an interesting phenomenon nonetheless - the snow shadow!

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