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  1. What a s**t start to my day

    That's the one saving grace, but you have no control over appalling table manners, noise, disobedience, etc...
  2. What a s**t start to my day

    Oh boy! You are in for a shock! Grandchildren... need I say more? No mortgage, certainly, long holidays? Can't be bothered.
  3. In touch with the public?

    I have no time to get involved with this fascinating subject, but I have always been incredulous that a minister can hop from one portfolio to another with no specialist knowledge in any of them. It has always been explained to me that they rely heavily on civil servants to provide the advice and specialist knowledge, and that the minister simply guides the civil servant along a politically acceptable path for the current incumbent party. As for wealth and private education, I would be far less happy with a poorly educated politician being given a portfolio than one who has had the best education money can buy. Who would put, for example, an ex-pupil from a comprehensive who left at at fifteen with no qualifications whatsoever into a ministerial role? By the way, look back at Transport Minister Ernest Marples' historic self-interest with construction and awarding of contracts to build motorways. He even stood in front of a hoarding with Marples-Ridgeway on it cutting the ribbon for a section of the M1 - allegedly.
  4. What a s**t start to my day

    I had my prostate rebored a few years ago and they used the spinal anaesthesia. What a weird feeling to watch ones own inert legs being lifted into the stirrups (yes, those stirrups!) and knowing that a surgeon is about to poke a rod with a hot wire on the end up the end of the gargoyle! Peed blood for a while after that - involuntarily. If you have a catheter and urine bag, do try to avoid stepping on it while you walk about! Glad you're okay Scott. Umbilicus Spurious should be your nickname...
  5. MOT - specialist/friendly, or anyone?

    I always take mine to the same place and the manager is a TR Register member and races a Triumph Spitfire (brave man!). They are sympathetic but not lenient. Never tried anywhere else.
  6. Very Sad News

    I, too, am sad to hear of Martin's death. I met him only once and that was when I went to his home to buy his trailer from him in December 2012. We had a long chat about things Westfield and non-Westfield and I realised at the time that he was really nice chap and one I'd happily spend time with. Condolences to his family.
  7. Gen light flickers when revving

    You can indeed, as with LED lamps in headlights to fool the CANBUS system.
  8. Does anybody know this car

    Hi Chris! We need more details than "this car" please.
  9. Said hello to a new friend today.

    Too small to see through the Westfield's windscreen from the passenger seat - yet!
  10. Gen light flickers when revving

    Check any connections that you may have disturbed when you changed the belt. Including the tightness of the mountings as that could have an influence on the earthing of the alternator.
  11. Gen light flickers when revving

    Sorry I didn't spot the LED bit! You need a filament lamp to draw sufficient current to excite the coils. Once the alternator is providing some output, though, the type of lamp shouldn't matter. It's just to start things off. It is a suspect but not yet bang to rights!
  12. Gen light flickers when revving

    I've had this and numerous other alternator problems with my Pinto engined car because the alternator sits close to the exhaust manifold and gets cooked. Sorry to say that it generally indicates incipient failure but I cannot tell you what component because I was a bit of an amateur in alternator knowledge in the early days and simply swapped it for a recon unit. Nowadays I take the device off the car and follow a logical path of diagnosis - aka trial and error! There's only a couple of components that give trouble and the most vulnerable is the regulator followed by the diode pack. The rotor rarely fails but the slip ring joints to the windings became unsoldered due to excessive heat on mine. Then the diode pack broke up with vibration and finally the pigtail on one brush broke. Both of these weren't total failures but made the output intermittent and electrically noisy and that, in turn, made the rev limiter misbehave! Oh what fun we have!
  13. Help please - anyone know what these are?

    I have used 6R8 20 watt ceramic resistors shunting LED bulbs to fool a CANBUS system into seeing them as 15 watt incandescent bulbs. They became dangerously hot though. The heat sink casing type would be better.
  14. I know some people are a bit dense, but....

    On a different track FILTH: Failed in London Try Hongkong
  15. I know some people are a bit dense, but....

    Was it Hippocrates or another wit who observed that the doctor's task is to amuse the patient while Nature cures the condition. Or the patient dies... T F BUNDY is an acronym for 'Totally f***ed but unfortunately not dead yet.' Otherwise known as circling the drain. As one who is living beyond the Biblical definition of a lifespan I find this unsettling! Luckily, my son is a medic so he knows the key words to use. I don't envy you Blatters, I spent some years listening to a customers description of how my equipment was faulty and yet when I visited site, the truth bore little resemblance to what I'd been told.