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  1. The Nerdy video thread.

    I recall a seaside rock making machine on show in a sweet shop back in the 1980s somewhere in Norfolk - Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, or thereabouts IIRC. There was a crank grinding machine at the Earls Court Motor Show, upstairs, back in the days when I went with my Dad. Too long ago to remember, sadly...
  2. Anyone used a 5 Cylinder Volvo S60R engine?

    Deux chevaux?
  3. Anyone used a 5 Cylinder Volvo S60R engine?

    The 'shed' is sold I gather. I have to admit I'm somewhat relieved as I didn't fancy the job! Thanks chaps!
  4. Anyone used a 5 Cylinder Volvo S60R engine?

    There's a Volvo S60R advertised as Shed of the Week on PH for £1250 and my son was asking whether the five pot Volvo engine might fit in a Westfield? Anyone know? Thanks
  5. Lyneham dates to be cancelled?

    MSE are still showing them as on, but this article suggests otherwise.
  6. Which beer have you been drinking today?

    bl**** Hell! I thought £8 for a pint of Aussie beer in a café in Sydney before Christmas was bad! I knew Norway was dear so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised.
  7. The Nerdy video thread.

    I thought the same Dave. The Wiki article agrees but says that the steel for the billets is of sufficiently better quality than the steel for forged items such that the lack of grain orientation is more than exceeded in higher strength. This type of steel does not lend itself to forging though. The machining process, whilst wasteful, offers short runs as practicable, and for specials to be made. Neither would apply to forging and casting is an inferior process apparently. My speciality at college was polymer technology so my information is necessarily second hand.
  8. The Nerdy video thread.

    Hypnotic is the best way to describe it. I am in awe of the machine tool manufacturers skill. Historically, I had assumed, the crankshaft would have been forged into a rough form and machined from that rather than starting with a large diameter bar and cutting away all the unwanted metal. It's a long time since I visited a car manufacturing plant (Ford at Dagenham in the Escort Mk1 days, and Standard Triumph In Coventry during the Herald era) so my experience of seeing machining is archaic to say the least. I am now going to try to find clips of crankshaft manufacture in that time... Afternoon wasted! This Wikipedia article is very helpful. Casting, forging, and machining from solid are all discussed. Thanks for the link Stuart.
  9. Age of Westfield Model

    Mine, with a 1993 chassis number, has the same rear end, the same chassis as far as I can see, but earlier windscreen pillars with no mirrors. It also has the top-mounted pedals. Pictures below show an earlier car of mine but similar registration date Q94ABL which had low mounted pillar mirrors, and my current car with retrofitted mirrors or none dependent on the picture age.
  10. Was it you ?

  11. What's this tool?

    Never tried braid although a business contact of mine in USA was the agent for a range of solder absorbing products and would have a happily given me samples.
  12. Speeding. 1mph over?

    I agree about remaining hands-on. The only times (2) I've nearly fallen asleep driving were on cruise on a motorway. Drive to the conditions and your attention is heightened.
  13. What's this tool?

    They make repairs to PCBs possible without destroying the tracks. The nozzles are consumables - see Maplin or the like.
  14. I just found out.....

    When so much money is spent on TV adverts my alarm bells start ringing. I shall avoid having one as long as I am allowed to. Besides, I found a read-out device on the shelf in a local charity shop for £3 and it tells me the real-time current load at the meter. As far as gas in concerned the heating is at a comfortable level and I keep a watch on meter readings over the year so why would I want a hourly read out? As has already been said, it wouldn't change my behaviour one iota. Spheroids to them all!
  15. I just found out.....

    Et moi!