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  1. Brake Master cylinder sizes?

    From memory Stu I had 0.7 and 0.65 on my car but I was on Hi Spec Calipers not M16s so I'm not sure how the bore sizes compare.
  2. Speed Series Online Applications are open

    Get some slicks on it. You know it makes sense.
  3. How much fuel

    A lot depends on how many runs you get. With the bike engined car it has a two gallon tank. I'd fill it for the start of the event and depending on the track that would usually do me for the two practice runs and sometime 1st timed run too. I usually carry a.20ltr can to an event which is usually plenty.
  4. Hill Climb and sprint car wanted

    You'll struggle to find such a well sorted car for the money if you want to compete !!
  5. Llandow video

    here you go Barny 2010 in the Blade Car
  6. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Here here Richy. Spot as always.
  7. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Target times and the scoring system has been a bone of contention since they were introduced. Personally I have always been on the fence as to whether TTs was/is the right scoring system and still have reservations but I am more convinced it's the right thing after we evaluated different scoring systems this year. It confirmed that there is no perfect scoring system. Its a very difficult balance to achieve a system that attracts and retain novices whilst maintaining the interest of the established competitors who have supported the SS for many years. Over the years the SSOT have attempted to tweak the regs in an attempt to make it fair for everyone and have been criticised for changing the regs too often and using calculated target times where they were deemed too soft or difficult. The aim is to introduce some stability and to some extent simplicity's into the regs. You can't win, it seems. Making the TTs softer would be as others have said a PR exercise but playing devils advocate there's an argument that you could make the target times twice as hard in all classes but whatever you do the fastest people will still win their respective classes whether they are a novice or expert. In many ways the old 17pt for a class win scoring system was better in terms of attracting novices as you were scored on your place in your WSCC class on the day so a novice would feel like they had done well for example, when they came second in a class of three. The fact they could be 7secs behind the 1st place person was irrellevent. The problem was that it didn't reward the fastest driver overall ! An alternative system similar to what BARRY suggests was looked at where you could score points on your class place on the day but score a bonus point for breaking the class record. That was OK in theory but didn't get round the one person in class scenario who could score points for first place against no opposition and the tyre 1b 1c tyre situation didn't help either which threw up too many complications to make if work. I do think that the MSA and the initial costs are the biggest barrier to novices that the scoring system itself. The novice championship still remains and novices will still be rightly rewarded. Other clubs are having the same problem attracting new blood where the scoring system isn't an issue.
  8. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Neptune This is the sort of feedback the SSOT want to hear ; from someone who doesn't currently compete, but the fact you have taken the time to comment may mean your keen to give it ago. Target times were (after a "change over year ") introduced in 2010. There is evidence that in the couple of years after they were introduced there was a drop off in the number of folk competing, particularly in the road going classes so its fair to say that the introduction of target times may have played a part in this, which is unfortunate but without going into detail there were sound reasons for introducing them as a scoring system. We are now 8 years on now so Im no longer convinced that the scoring system is a big barrier to attracting new competitors. In fact other successful clubs use a class record based scoring system. This year we (the SSOT) have evaluated various different scoring systems in the background (including reverting to the old scoring system) and those used by other clubs but it didn't matter what we looked at there was always a problem making them unsuitable for the Speed Series. If nothing else it confirmed that there was no perfect scoring system and we will stick to the class record based scoring system. There has been a push in the last couple of years particularly to encourage new competitors to the speed series and we looked seriously at whether it was the scoring system that was putting folk off. Your feedback though does seem to confirm confirm what we suspected in that it is'nt necessarily the scoring system that is putting folk off. Its is clearly, combined with the longest recession for many many years , the double whammy of the MSA rules has had a significant impact on attracting new people. Clearly the cost of kitting yourself out to compete in the first place isn't cheap, but if you did wish to give it a go there are plenty of second hand legal race suits are available on the bay of e and Playskool Motorsport were offering a hire service of suit helmet and gloves to Speed Series competitors a couple of years ago. (Ring Luke to see if this is still available). Of course its not just about the competing its about the social aspect too, so I would encourage you to take part in the Blyton track day in July and come along to the Shelley Event, which is also non competitive and take your car up the hill.
  9. Double drive his car Ash, would be great to see you back in the SS.
  10. complete engine package

    Probably not what your after but I have a 2012 ex John Trigger Racing Honda 1000rr Fireblade in the garage I could be tempted to sell. Full race spec, ported head etc pretty much what Terry Everall is running at the moment. Fitted with an AB Performance sump however it's a bare engine so you will need throttle bodies, loom, coil sticks air box and a stator, but all easily available from the bay of e or breakers. £2200:00.
  11. 2017 WSCC Calendar Wanted

    I have one Dave but it's on the notice board next to my desk at work. Not pristine and adorned with my shift duties and other work reminders. The comedy cartoon penis drawn on by a colleague on 1st April is free. Available from 31st December 2017. Say the word and its yours.
  12. Very Sad News

    Oh no what a shock. Martin was a true gentleman, and will be sadly missed. Please pass on my condolences to Monica and the family, and to you too David on the loss of a close friend.
  13. Sierra diff removal

    And get it heli coiled before you replace it, so you can use normal bolts instead of the long one supplied by Westfield which will probably foul your brake pipe ( depending where you've fitted them) as you remove it. I could swop the diff in an hour on the sprint car after a while. I used this sequence: undo prop bolts from diff remove rear anti roll bar if you have one you will probably have to remove fuel tank loosen bolts on Lobro joints to diff Its easier if you then undo the top bolt shock to upright so you can move the drive shafts away from the diff. Loosen and remove bottom diff bolts support weight of diff with a trolley Jack remove diff top bolts swear a lot as you lift diff out a chip the powder costing and give yourself a black fingernail. re fit in reverse of above. Ie. Don't bother unless you really need to.
  14. Translogic AST quickshifter

    I have for sale a Translogic AST quickshifter with push sensor for sale, to suit a Suzuki GSXR 1000 engine. As new condition with instructions. Bought this to fit to the Jedi but not suitable to fit on a single seater without mods. £250:00 plus post.
  15. Alloy Catch tank

    Alloy catch tank. Far from mint but no major dints or scratches. Removed from the Jedi and measures approx 130cm x 290cm £35:00 posted.