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  1. Where are the 2015 and earlier SS Results ???

    I think they disappeared after the last boardroom update. Terry or Tigger may have them if you drop them a PM. I agree though would be really handy if they were available in some sort of searchable format so we could find out previous best times at an event.
  2. Well done to all this season. An epic battle this year between Dave Cleaver and John Hoyle so well done to both. Tigger As a side issue my name doesn't appear in the class championship list for J2. If it helps .... I was last:
  3. FHR MSA stickers

    The point is that copies ( if they do exist) by thier very nature are designed to be convincing. So unless every scrutineers has recieved training on each manufacturers devices in how to spot a fake, then the turning up at a meeting with one will no doubt be issued with a sticker to say it's ok. So therefore a waste of time.
  4. FHR MSA stickers

    I would like to see the MSAs evidence of these so called copies. I suspect it's just another excuse to get money out of us. Given that the market is relatively limited for such devices I hardly think it would be profitable enough to make it worthwhile copying in the first place.
  5. Rose joints for sale

    I've been having a bit if a sort out so I can offer as a job lot a number of brand new rod ends ( or rose joints if that's what you prefer to call them. These are new unused quality items not cheap budget items. So here's the list National Rod Ends: RMLXL5T 5/16 bore X 3/8 left hand unf thread.......,,one only cost new £20. RMXL5T 5/16 bore X 3/8 Right hand thread. 4 available..........., cost new £38 each. Minebea NMB ARHT7E(R) 7/16 bore and 1/2 bore 20 thread One only.............. Cost new £75. Aurora CM5 one only............ Cost new £5 AM5 one each Left and right Cost new £5 each. 1 X TSM X 6T 3/8 X 3/8........ Cost new £65. Only for sale as the Jedi takes metric joints so these are surplus to requirements. Cost of this lot new would be over £260. Only for sale as a job lot for £150:00 and can take to Anglesey Sprint 14/15th October.
  6. Even if I had enough fuel, I'd use a years worth of wear on my slicks in 10'minutes.
  7. blyton finals

    bl**** pensioners Not usually an option in my job pete. Not without months of notice anyway.
  8. blyton finals

    b*****k ! I'm working so can't make it. That's the end of that idea !
  9. blyton finals

    Hmm tempted to go for a last ditch entry now
  10. Blyton Photos

    I'll be there in October Dave, see you then mate.
  11. Blyton Photos

    Thanks Dave.
  12. I know this is a long shot on the Westfield Site but I'm trying to find any photos on my car on track at the Blyton Sprint. Blue single seater Jedi car 156. I know a few folk have taken photos but none so far of mine unfortunately. thanks Mark
  13. Archive Photos

    How about posting a picture of the car. Someone may recognise it !
  14. DL1 remote start button.

    Bit of a long shot but I'm after a remote start button for a Race Technology DL1 logger.