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  1. LT77 or R380.

    I will pm you a number , Pete who I met via a Lemans trip said he has several lt77's
  2. Spacers for Headlights

    No probs
  3. Reverse box for 2000 Westfield Megablade.

    Sorry just had a text back he no longer has it
  4. Reverse box for 2000 Westfield Megablade.

    I know someone with a brand new one I'll text him and pass on the details
  5. Spacers for Headlights

    I have a pair on my car , they will need painting or re-zincing though I have has some alloy spacers turned up to replace them (will be fitting in the next week ) , unfortunately when I has all the exposed steel bolts etc zinc plated I missed these and although not really bad could do with some finishing .
  6. Essex Area Monthly Meet

    Yes that's right but the manufacturing has moved to Scotland . Calling @NDS
  7. sold

    Sorted and replied to
  8. sold

    Come on , surely someone wants this oil before I resort to the bay
  9. Seiw passenger rear bottom wishbone

    Rob , Give Dennis @ Siltech a ring they sometimes have ones they have taken off .
  10. FW luggage rack

    yes please , will pm this evening
  11. Almost there last few carbon bits

    @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary , yes @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO has already spoken to me about this lol .
  12. Almost there last few carbon bits

    It's awesome.... thanks for help a while back Geoffrey
  13. Almost there with my car .... So pleased with the latest delivery I had to share it carbon fw boot lid !!!!!
  14. Headrest Blanking Panel.

    I think I would rather have headrests fitted , imagine what would happen to your neck if you were in the unfortunate position to have a bump
  15. Aerorace or single bubble screen

    Have a word with Neil @Aerodynamix Ltd ( they are in Perth now ) when I owned it I did on occasion make a single side high level Caterham style one , the Caterham one is broadly them same profile on the edges of the scuttle FYI .