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  1. European breakdown cover

    Following this one too , I did get Rac cover for the car I took the other year . I'll be looking at doing the same as Matty , with taking the Lancia I think it would be sensible so looking for good cover if anyone has any more suggestions , I too had considered what Aplan offered me but wanted to have an ask about first . Particularly interested if you had a breakdown and how good the cover was .
  2. Valance

    What do you mean by rear valance ? , do you mean the euro style one that was sometimes fitted to the v8's . If so it was only ever made in GRP .
  3. Mickmade Splitter sold

    Sorry have already had pm but didn't post on add , second dibs .
  4. Mickmade Splitter sold

    Unfitted Mickmade front splitter , usual top quality . Unidirectional carbon weave . £100.00 plus postage
  5. Joints

    Track rod end new in box no nut Top ball joint possibly used but looks just shop soiled £10 posted for both
  6. Silvertop 1.8 to ST170 engine swap

    One extra thought I did have was that I used a flywheel off an xr3i efi which was very light, although you could reuse yours , If you use an xr3i efi one you will need to redrill the holes to bolt it on as are slightly larger on a zetec .
  7. Silvertop 1.8 to ST170 engine swap

    Pretty much as per above . I used a raceline water rail but had to make a front support bracket which was easy as the head casting is different , I used Raceline alternator mountings which were great , was going to use a cheaper one off GBS but my six year old could have made a better one . I used an Omex 710 ecu and tapped the water rail back end for the ecu temp , intake was an st170 inlet with spaced gsxr 1000 throttle bodies with injectors blanked off . If you speak to Selwyn @ harnessingsolutions he made a custom ecu loom and probably still has the file for it , he can supply a new omex ecu too as he used to make the looms for the factory . Its not cheap but works fantastically . Calling chris lowe too he can give good input as did everything himself rather than my off the shelf type build @CL290005
  8. High back seat for competition

    Tilletts get my vote , my car came with some jk's and I wasn't happy with the strength of the particular ones that came with my car (so I fitted Tilletts) , although still a very nice seat . If you ever do have an off which hopefully you don't the extra on a tillett in my view is money well spent . Noting of course there are several different options on sizing and fantastic service from David @Tillett Car Seats
  9. Exhaust Manifold Z Tech

    As @Mark (smokey mow) says use a larger engine mount , they are cheap and it will look right rather than made to fit , I used large ones on my car too .
  10. High line or Low Line Bonnet

    Yes I'm sure your car is a highline too . With a new bonnet there may be some colour match issue much the same as what you have now , but of course your bonnet has been painted anyway . How long have you had it , it came from up my way . I did some work on it for one of the previous owners .
  11. Post sale garage clear out

    Switches and crankcase blanking plate still available
  12. Atermarket ones like the aerodynamix ones fit a narrow and are lightweight and flexible before fitment , however the factory item is very thick and strong and would be very difficult to pull into the scuttle without possibly damaging it . If you were to attempt it a very hot day in the summer where the grp is more flexible after being in the sun you may stand a small chance
  13. Free, to a good home.

    That would be great , are you able to post it to my work please . Julian Eisel c/o Forest of Dean Tyres Ltd . Nash and Morgan Buildings, Whitecroft . Glos GL15 4QF .If you let me know the total and I can PayPal as a gift , I am flying out Thursday morning and won't be back until Monday if I go quiet . Cheers Julian
  14. Westfield Seiw 2005 ST170 Sold

    @Thrustyjust yes when you compare spec it was good value . Very sad but onwards and upwards ..... until the next one . Fancy something quite different next build
  15. Free, to a good home.

    Thank you its the diameter of the cap I need please Robin

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