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  1. Who's changed to their winter tyres!

    The boys are flat out this week at work with changeovers , the slightest dusting here has sent people scurrying to fit new or winter tyres . Luckily I'm still in the test bay which suits me , although -2 in the workshop the emissions tester isn't liking it .
  2. In car intercoms

    Didn't Trevor Harmer with the tiger do something with headsets for his European road trip ?
  3. Dominator Headlamps - Difference?

    I fitted some to one of my previous westy's , ebay specials . I set them up on the headlamp aligner at work and pattern was ok , however on driving at night it was scary how poor they were .
  4. Rear wishbones

    It might be worth having a word with Dennis at siltech racing in case they have some used ones . If not I am sure they could make some for you .
  5. Side indicators and MOT

    Depending on the age of the car it should be under the dash , there are few on ebay just look for the led tagged ones . Personally I would fit side repeaters even though they are not required , a lot of people don't even see our cars . Fitment in the side panels or I have even seen some in the scuttles of cars too every extra part of visibility will add to your safety there are some classy drivers out there .
  6. Carbon parts

    I'll pm you details Russ , its not Joachim (Westermann) as above though
  7. Carbon parts

  8. Tillet B6 Seat

    I'm sure a couple in Scotland were posted on one of the kitcar pages on facebook last night . However David will sort you out as above with a very good price on a new one , my passenger one came from him and he couldn't be more helpful with advice fixings and so forth .
  9. I'll be advertising mine shortly 2005 SEiW ST170 engine , omex 710 , gsxr1000 throttle bodies , all carbon internal panels , carbon tillets . New wheels tyres shocks fully rebuilt . FW rear v8 bonnet and standard nose . Spare scuttle and windscreen and doors . Divorce forces sale !! 07971264550 gloucestershire
  10. SEiW wanted

    Yes I think it is a very fair price with what is done to it . Of course this is Dave Eastwoods old car so it was very well known . Also to note it has an LSD too , I will put a proper advert up in the next few days so as not to divert the thread . Thanks Chris hopefully be sorted soon the Lancia 037 will be for sale too so will keep one of them .
  11. SEiW wanted

    I will be advertising mine shortly , no expense spared build finished earlier this year divorce forces sale. Carbon internal panels FW rear V8 bonnet and standard nose , msa rollbar , new shocks everthing either new or repowdercoated massive list . Carbon tillets , qbe56g quaife gearbox , Ford ST170 vvc engine . It even has custom made carbon engraved wheel centre caps thats the attention to detail . 07971264550 Very sad sale
  12. Redtop crank sensor sold

    Sorry Martin @Rory's Dad , yes it went straight away
  13. Redtop crank sensor sold

    Redtop crank sensor new and unused £5 plus postage at cost
  14. Sold

    Hi Sorry was out on the RAC rally , rollbar has just sold , boot box is available and free to collector or pay the postage if I can find a box big enough
  15. 225/50×15 Toyo 888 gg pair free

    And a photo of them both