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  1. Live axle brake query

    Great info on the Chrysler setup .Yes ease of availability on calipers like golf stuff is a point . From ease of fitment I was thinking that brackets were readily available for sierra ones , I suppose a few years on from when I built my live car you can probably get other ones easily maybe . I do find golf ones not to be that reliable ( mot testing I see a lot of seized ones) although if maintained should be ok .
  2. Live axle brake query

    Very odd Stuart , might be just as easy to replace with sierra calipers and mk3 escort? solid fronts discs
  3. Play in Bottom Ball Joint Front Suspension

    That's a massive amount of play , on a large vehicle like a Mercedes Sprinter the max Mercedes specified allowance is 3mm of play , so on a small joint like these that is about to fall out .
  4. Another MOT question. Q Reg

    @jim_l I'm not going to argue the point this is my last post on the subject . If bonnets are easily removable and require no tools to be removed they need to be removed , how does he know that the car does not have the correct chassis number for example , it is not possible to see what you need to see without removing the bonnet . What about top chassis rails , top bulkhead rails where the steering is affixed to , your car may be absolutely spot on with no faults as most are however test standards are test standards and procedures are procedures however much your tester decides to do his own personal take on it because that is what it is . Would you be happy with an MOT test on a car (any car) if something on say the brakes or steering failed and was only tested the day before you would be jumping up and down , so would the other persons if someone was hurt or cars were damaged . My point remains the same if he can't even manage to remove a simple bonnet on a Westfield he shouldn't be testing THE END !! Edited to add : Yes of course on newer cars you cannot see a lot due to covers , even on these cars the bonnet stills needs to be lifted chassis numbers checked etc , don't forget an MOT now has replaced the VIC check . On a Westfield which is what we are taking about everything is visible there are no covers like on new cars . So we ask the question where is the battery , is it on the bulkhead as we need to check security . Where is all of the electrical wiring for the car and engine , electrical wiring is all part of the test now as noted above too chassis steering , bulkhead tops , brake pipes , older Westfields have top mounted pedalboxes , how would you check the fluid level ? I still can't believe we are having this discussion , perhaps a postal MOT might be as safe ?
  5. MOT and Side Repeaters

    As you are on a Q plate the car is to be tested as per 1971 so they are not required , however I would recommend for safety to have some fitted
  6. Another MOT question. Q Reg

    @jim_l , I hope you are joking about not removing your bonnet . Steering , brakes , chassis , battery etc etc it all needs to be checked , if your tester doesn't remove the bonnet he shouldn't be testing regardless of the condition of any car he should properly test a car presented to him other than that he should be struck off and possibly face criminal charges !!!
  7. DRL’s and MOT’s, a question!

    No trouble , as noted only testable for 1st March 2018 onwards but would be good to meet any requirements for later cars
  8. DRL’s and MOT’s, a question!

    DRL lights currently aren't tested , however are due to be from 20th May 2018 when the new draft manual is scheduled to go live (but is subject to possible change before) ..... always good to comply with what is ahead This (DRL) will only apply to cars registered after 1st March 2018 , cars registered before this and having them fitted any faults would only be an advisory issue It does note that DRL's should switch on and off with ignition but may not operate without the engine running . Draft Mot Manual Lights are section 4 , the new manual brings us into line with ANNEX 1TO EU directive 2014/45/EU Can't seem to cut and paste it on my works pc though NOTE : HID headlamp conversion to halogen headlights in the new manual will be a MAJOR (Fail)
  9. Insurance

    A plan = Cherished Vehicle Insurance
  10. FW rear end and sides

    Don't forget you will need a fuel tank cradle and fuel tank too if converting from std bodywork
  11. Solid tonneau covers

    Yes they do , I made the mould using Tom's car , drop them an email I think @NDS is in America at the moment
  12. a plan insurance

    I am very happy with APlan and have both my Westfield and my Lancia 037 r insured with them always had good service and constant contact whilst I got the Lancia through the import and registration process at very reasonable rates . Unfortunately they couldn't match my road car insurance but they did try , I'm not bothered about that . If other people aren't happy as the majority are just go somewhere else and don't bleat about it , although I suppose it depends on how much discount you think you are entitled to .
  13. 1994 SEiW; how to fix spongy brakes?

    As Dave has noted are the brakes bedded in now . If that is the case also try clamping the brake hoses one by one (needing several clamps) to try to locate which corner or end of the car is causing the said issue .
  14. Steel fuel pipes

    Why not use copper piping ?
  15. help what do you think about this car???

    @akor7 I know of a couple of older cars local to me too that might be for sale and are in storage . (Gloucestershire GL15 postcode area)