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  1. ZK black crash pad

    Mine has been cut previously to fit an aero screen. As per title I’m after a black ZK version.
  2. Zetec - Hot Starting

    Starting from cold it fires up perfectly but after a decent length run every so often (not every time) when you come to crank again it will struggle to turn over once or twice then crank at the normal speed. Seems to be temperature dependant. Question is - is it starter, battery, earths or just temperature related? The starter Motor already has some heat resistant material wrapped over it suggesting the previous owner was thinking along the same lines.
  3. Silvertop 1.8 to ST170 engine swap

    Hope it’s of some help. I’ll keep you posted on progress.
  4. Silvertop 1.8 to ST170 engine swap

  5. Race Seat Mount - Adjustable (price reduced to £30)

    The mounting holes are 290mm in width and 330mm in length from each other.
  6. Silvertop 1.8 to ST170 engine swap

    Just jumping in on this thread, I’m also in the midst of swapping out my Silvertop for an ST170. After a fair bit of research and debate, what originally started out as cleaning up a breakers yard engine, fitting it and controlling the VVT with a suitable controller, I decided to rebuild the engine completely and upgrade to Piper 285 cans with a VVT delete kit that I found in the States. I’ve also had some head work done although valve sizes have remained the same, and am planning on re-using my DCOE 45s from my Silvertop. i look forward to hearing more about your build and will post more of my experiences on the way. My engine build so far..
  7. In an attempt to gain a little more ‘headroom’ in my car as I’m 6ft 3ins I decided to order up and fit a Westfield non-adjustable race seat mount as the image on the Westfield Parts Shop made it look significantly different from the adjustable ones that I’ve currently got in my car. On receipt it’s actually the adjustable mount with the seat runners removed. Never mind, I’ve done the job and it’s actually improved my seat position so I’ve taken it as a win! On the back of this, I have an ‘Adjustable Race Seat Mount’ for sale. £30 plus p+p or collection from Salisbury (if you can brave the Novichok!) https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=611&search=Seat+mount&description=true
  8. DCOE angle

    In hindsight this manifold would probably only be suitable for non-direct to head throttle bodies. Just a shame I have spent a lot of time matching them to the head. It might appear in the Parts for Sale section shortly!
  9. DCOE angle

    This might be a stupid question but never the less I’m going to ask it! Whilst sourcing all the parts to put together a nice modified ST170 engine to replace my Silvertop Zetec I’d bought a Jenvey inlet manifold which I have spent some time modifying to match the port detail of the ST head that I’ve also had modified. On dry assembly I’ve realised that the manifold is fairly inclined compared to the horizontal manifold already on my Silvertop. Question is, am I able to co tiniest with it or do DCOEs not like being run inclined ie. float height etc etc.? I know you guys will put me straight here and hopefully prevent me wasting more time than necessary on this.
  10. Jenvey Throttle Bodies

    Looking for a complete package to convert a black top Zetec to throttle bodies, currently on DCOEs.
  11. F1 Carbon AP front brake set

    Just testing the water to gauge interest in a pair of 6 pot AP post mount calipers, carbon pads and pair of carbon centre lock discs (when I can locate the 2nd disc which must be around somewhere!) I have had these for a number of years, bought from a memorabilia agent back in the day. Circa 1999 believed to be ex- Williams F1 so FW21 Winfield era. Many teams used the same brake equipment back in those days. I had these set aside as an upgrade for one of the many projects I have owned over the years but never got around to machining the post fix mounts to enable fittment. The set comprises used but serviced calipers, new carbon pads and discs with titanium disc bells. I’m not sure whether conventional pads are available from AP or not or whether the set would have to be used as is. They are designed for 13” rims. I would be interested in swapping for a more conventional brake upgrade for the westfield I now own, or offers around £500 (subject to me locating the 2nd disc!).
  12. Blacktop Zetec Cams Kent Cams + Piper Verniers

    Out of interest, was the dowel always there or is that a modification you have done? I’ve just bought a pair of Piper cams and they are plain ended.
  13. Halo 5 3/4” Black headlights

    Anyone recommend a pair of halo / LED headlights which are as near as dammit the same as the satin black 5 3/4” westfield ones?

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