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  1. F1 Carbon AP front brake set

    Just testing the water to gauge interest in a pair of 6 pot AP post mount calipers, carbon pads and pair of carbon centre lock discs (when I can locate the 2nd disc which must be around somewhere!) I have had these for a number of years, bought from a memorabilia agent back in the day. Circa 1999 believed to be ex- Williams F1 so FW21 Winfield era. Many teams used the same brake equipment back in those days. I had these set aside as an upgrade for one of the many projects I have owned over the years but never got around to machining the post fix mounts to enable fittment. The set comprises used but serviced calipers, new carbon pads and discs with titanium disc bells. I’m not sure whether conventional pads are available from AP or not or whether the set would have to be used as is. They are designed for 13” rims. I would be interested in swapping for a more conventional brake upgrade for the westfield I now own, or offers around £500 (subject to me locating the 2nd disc!).
  2. Blacktop Zetec Cams Kent Cams + Piper Verniers

    Out of interest, was the dowel always there or is that a modification you have done? I’ve just bought a pair of Piper cams and they are plain ended.
  3. Halo 5 3/4” Black headlights

    Anyone recommend a pair of halo / LED headlights which are as near as dammit the same as the satin black 5 3/4” westfield ones?
  4. Standard Front damper open length

    I’ve measured mine last night and found them to be 320mm open length. I need to measure ride height also, but if I need to drop the front of the car any more than where it currently sits the scope for bump movement will be further reduced. A chap I work with used to work for Nitron and has also confirmed that the open widetrack eye to eye damper length is 350mm so it does confirm that mine are indeed standard dampers.
  5. Four 15” Raceline anthracite wheels fitted with Toyo Proxes R888 tyres plus one unused spare wheel fitted with brand new Yoko A509, all 205 50 15 tyres. Two R888’s brand new less than 200 miles ago still with colour banding on them, two with 3mm tread. The wheels are all in excellent condition, no buckles or kerbing marks. 15 x7J ET40 (if I’ve measured correctly!) Only selling because I’ve gone to 13”. Collection or you are welcome to arrange your own courier. £475.
  6. Standard Front damper open length

    Can someone please be kind enough to post the standard front damper eye to eye measurement. I’ve just fitted westfield widetrack wishbones and in setting my car back up, I’ve noticed that to get the ride height I want, I’ve only got about 25mm of free bump travel before I’m into the bumpstop. I’m considering that my Avo front dampers might already be longer stroke than standard, therefore I can get away with removing the extended lower bracket on the lower widetrack wishbone and bolting the lower damper mount in its further outboard position.
  7. How much negative camber?

    I’ve bolted on wide track front suspension and set the camber at -1.5deg. I measured it at -1deg before I took it apart, just wondering whether this might be a step too far?
  8. Chrome Yellow Cycle Wings - Sold

    They are 250mm or 10” wide. My car runs 205 width tyres, hope that helps.
  9. Chrome Yellow Cycle Wings - Sold

    One pair of chrome yellow cycle wings in really very good condition complete with mud flaps (invaluable). £75
  10. Standard width front wishbones - Sold

    Yes I could do that incl. postage I reckon.
  11. Standard width front wishbones - Sold

    Set of standard width front wishbones, power coated and in really very good condition. Now surplus as I’ve gone wide track. £100.
  12. Carbon V8 bonnet

    I’m hoping to get an idea next week, I’ll post it on here once I know.
  13. Carbon V8 bonnet

    Excellent, we just need ~+8 more.
  14. Carbon V8 bonnet

    I might have a contact that can knock a small quantity of these up if we get enough interest and supply a bonnet to make the mould. If he is willing to make a batch I will post a thread asking for committed members to gauge interest levels