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  1. PC problem

    You could try running Task Manager (just type this into the Cortana box), and see if the virus scan is in the list of startup programs. Mine looks like this If you find it in the list, you can disable it. Then restart your computer and see if you can do the update. Geoff
  2. PC problem

    You might find it as McAfee VirusScan 8. Geoff
  3. I have for sale a pair of 7 inch headlight shells. They are new - I bought them several years ago and never got round to fitting them - and are nice and shiny. Wiring is included. £50 for the pair, plus delivery if required. You are welcome to collect them from Ruislip in Middlesex. If you would like them posted, please let me know where you are and I'll get a delivery price for you. Do ask if you have any questions.
  4. Headlight shells 7 inch - Sold

    It's a personal message. You should see an indicator at the top right of the screen by the little envelope icon, or you can just click on the envelope icon It's a useful way of sending information you don't want exposed to the whole world! Geoff
  5. Headlight shells 7 inch - Sold

    PM sent. Geoff
  6. Headlight shells 7 inch - Sold

    Hello David - I too assume they are! I've not actually tried, but they look the right shape. £6.00 for Royal Mail 2nd class. Regards, Geoff
  7. You could try asking these people http://www.collectorscarparts-heathrow.co.uk/ They have a large stock of old parts and are good at identifying them. Geoff
  8. You may like to see this https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/anything-goes/westfield-kit-cars-autonomy-car-maker-who-wont-quit Geoff
  9. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Mine does that too! Geoff
  10. LED Headlight bulbs

    There has been some discussion about LED bulbs in the classic car community. The consensus seems to be that if you have LED bulbs, the whole light fitting has to have been designed for them to be legal. This may happen for headlights, but if you want to use LEDs for your MG or Triumph brake lights to make them rather more visible, then that's not legal. It seems unlikely that anyone will make LED light fittings for classic cars. Geoff
  11. Points replacement

    Thanks for all your comments. There's no need to hide under stones! I'm not looking to spend much on the car at the moment. I don't know what cam is in the engine, and there doesn't seem much point in spending a lot on a full electronic ignition without a full engine rebuild, replacing the carbs with fuel injection, then getting a new gearbox, refurbing the diff, etc. I just want the car to run well so I can enjoy driving it. I hope it will be dry later on so I can have a go at setting the timing to see if that has a beneficial effect. Geoff
  12. Points replacement

    The mighty crossflow has a tendency for the points to close up after not many miles. This results in a less than mighty performance. It's inconvenient to keep resetting the points, so I was thinking about replacing the points with one of the electronic units that fit in the distributor, like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/180697672115?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Is this likely to be reliable and easy to fit? I would appreciate any advice you can give. Geoff
  13. Points replacement

    I finally got round to fitting the Accuspark points replacement. With this, and a new battery, the car now starts well. But it runs terribly! Lots of stuttering and lack of power. The idle speed is high too - about 1000 when cold, higher when warm. A mechanic suggested that retarding the ignition might help, so I'm going to try that. Just to help me do this, which way do you turn the distributor to retard? Geoff
  14. Dellorto Carbs

    I too have Dellortos on my crossflow. They seem to stay in tune, I've not really played with them. I don't have a cutout in my bonnet. If you decide not to use them, they will probably sell for quite a lot on Ebay! Especially as they were made in Italy and not Spain. Geoff
  15. Aluminium trim suppliers ???

    Are any of these close? http://www.europaspares.com/interior-parts/trim-rings.html Geoff
  16. Equity Release - any experience of it?

    There are a lot of scams in this area, and some of the schemes mean that you could lose your home if you live long enough. A friend of ours lost nearly everything. So do be very careful. Geoff
  17. Westfield SE build manual

    I have a copy - it's a PDF, so I could e-mail it to you, if you PM me your address. Geoff
  18. That Black Horse Advert

    DB11 at Gaydon. Geoff
  19. Adding a Header Tank to a Xflow Cooling System

    That's roughly what I did, and it seemed to work OK. It didn't solve the leaking head gasket, so it might be worth making sure you are addressing the right issue. I subsequently fitted a Polo radiator, and now I can't get the fan to come on at all! Geoff
  20. Ride height for pre litigation 7SE

    If you can wait another few days, I'll take some measurements and photos on my car. I'm in Ruislip, and you would be welcome to come and have a look. Geoff
  21. Spec me some brakes for my prelit

    The brake master cylinder on my pre-lit is Girling 64897680217. I would guess that it's from an Escort Mk 2 - most of the oily bits are. Geoff
  22. Points replacement

    Thank you all for your contributions. Thrustyjust did hit the nail on the head a couple of posts ago, so that's what I will do to start with. I think that if I go down the mapped ignition route, I will add EFI, and I might as well rebuild the whole engine too! I don't have the time to do this at the moment. Kevin, thank you for your kind offer, I'll be in touch by PM. This is a great community! Geoff
  23. Anti virus software time again

    I just use the built in Windows defender, plus occasional scans with Malwarebytes. I've never had a virus. The main threats these days seem to be from e-mails and attachments, so don't open Word, Excel, zip or html attachments unless you are very sure of their source. Geoff
  24. Rocker Assembly

    That's how my crossflow is. Adjusting the tappets seems quite easy, once you have worked out the sequence. Geoff

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