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  1. How low have you set your flaps!!

    Thanks for your reply’s ladies and gents. Andy
  2. How low have you set your flaps!!

    Thanks Mike, do your mudflaps tend to draw towards the tyre at any point? Any issues when reversing? Does having flaps load up the cycle wing bracket much? many thanks Andy
  3. How low have you set your flaps!!

    Have seen a few Road focused Westie’s with mud flaps fitted to cycle wings. Measured from ground up, what did you set them to? I was thinking about 5”ish Many experiences would be good to hear. Have heard not to reverse up kerb, for obvious reasons! Thanks chaps Andy
  4. Duratec Oil & Filter

    Road or track?
  5. .... goes racing http://www.evo.co.uk/tesla/model-s/20710/fia-approved-electric-production-car-race-series-will-use-tesla-model-s-p100d?_mout=1&utm_campaign=evo_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter
  6. The end of the F1 grid girls

  7. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Mine is higher, but catches next to nothing on my Duratec. Now the old XE Westie, that was a different story!
  8. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Would suggest mounting catch tank in a higher position if possible. Oil vapour from crank case will tend to fill the catch tank quicker the lower it is positioned in my experience. Andy
  9. Duratec spark plugs

    These ..... now as you, Fast road cam and dth throttle bodies
  10. Northampton Motorsport, most impressed

    Dave, totally agree. Troy is well respected by many not just Westfield owners. I said to Troy, I’m not interested in chasing numbers, just want good tractable road car with strong torque. This is what he delivered, v impressed with the attention to detail. Now I will drive it on an occasional track day, but TBH doubt I will rev it much above 7k. It’s good to know I could go beyond 7k though, just unlikely to go there. I would love to know what it made on the Weber Alpha, both power and torque. Roll on spring when I’m back on the road, then the difference will show.
  11. Northampton Motorsport, most impressed

    Just giving you all time to ponder! I guess i could have not bothered, only did it so there was just one plate on the trailer, which did match the towing car! The bottom line! Plus new springs to suit. power & torque curves-kent ultimate cams.pdf
  12. Northampton Motorsport, most impressed

    Happy to pass on some more positive feedback for NMS. I took my 2litre Duratec Westie for some fast road cams, then a RR setup by the master Troy. Excellent service, Chris did a great job fitting the cams, despite me watching him out of interest. Tried not to put him of focus by asking too many questions! Troy worked his magic, mapping! Very happy, can’t wait to get her back on road. Come on the sun! v lucky today, arrived after a 3 hour journey dry! Again dry for return! Incredible. Andy
  13. Pinto to Duratec (Again!)

    I recently bought Omex new from Northampton Motorsport. They gave a 10% discount for me being a wscc member. Would recommend this option as I looked at secondhand ecu, but price was close to what I paid new, with warranty. Call it peace of mind for what was a £60 difference in price, new against secondhand.
  14. Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly Meet, Thursday 1st Feb

    Aim to be there too! will do my best to remember the tape Dave! Andy
  15. I just found out.....

    Good to see concensus is they are a waste of time. TBH all this get connected harp, IMO is totally pointless..... eg control your heating from your phone... Just wait till the hackers get control and ramp up your heating when you’re on holiday! hack smart meter too for that matter! call me negative, but I seriously just don’t see the point