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  1. I sold both the MT and my 3.62 diff to Sean of Spyder cars. Edit to say I see your box is not the MTC i.e. Bell housing can't be separated from gearbox. Still worth a try. He probably would take the diff. Maybe worth giving him a call, as he says he keeps a look out for these. Tel 01733 203986 Andy
  2. Ditto! Andy
  3. Tidy! Wish my exhaust manifold had a shine like that! Really gives a good impression of the care and attention given to your Westfield! good luck Andy
  4. 40 mm thick Coolex on my Duratec (std engine) with no issues with quality, fit or cooling. Have been on track and road. Thicker rad is heavier and I have heard of issues with support brackets (Westfield supplied) cracking. So maybe better thinner, depending on engine spec and what you want to use your Westie for. I noticed on one of your photos the ali bracket appears upside down. Mine sit on top of chassis rail, yours the bottom of the rail. Andy
  5. Hope to make this one! Andy
  6. Could be solid and drilled plus slots? OD would help identify and help potential buyer....
  7. Been couple of times in Westie, always stop for couple of nights too as typically we go for our birthday! Fab place. Andy
  8. Impressive spec! Bargain price imo. Maybe one day I will upgrade my Duratec Westie. You will definitely miss it, not trying to talk you out of selling. I know, as I sold my first Westie and I bought another within a year! All the best Andy
  9. I just removed the seat runner on drivers seat and made up a strip of steel which bolts seat directly to floor. Lowered approx 20mm in height. Biggest benefit was much improved visibility through side screens and windscreen. Andy
  10. Have had both and as has been said, hard to find difference in terms of handling. Always thought rear needed more camber on the live, but a good geo setup and good shox and to my average ability on track and on road was hard to tell difference. A pro driver may see it I guess? Andy
  11. Enjoy the day! Birthday wishes
  12. Agree Dave, I would fabricate some steel brackets to replace the very thin aluminium ones. On my first Westie I remember fabricating some brackets but in heavier gauge aluminium with a touch of tig weld on the folded joint. Glad you spotted this now!! Andy
  13. Nice and shiny! Would like mine to be that clean and new! Andy
  14. Looking good. Did you re-pack before fitting? Andy
  15. Brilliant! Spot on ....