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  1. Cheshire & North Staffs Christmas Curry Thursday 7th December

    Add me to your list Dave! How many Nan breads??
  2. Duratec ecu options

    Pip mapped my last XE powered Westie, which had Omex, but yep, can give him a call. Fair enough Russ, agree there are other options to get similar power output.... was just hoping i could do something with the existing ECU .... looking at all options. Has anyone ever swapped out the EPROM? Do i need to swap out any sensors, i mean are they sensitive to ECU manufacturer? Heard about Newman fast road cams, did you fit verner pulley too? You sound pleased with them. Thanks for your replies guys Andy
  3. Duratec ecu options

    I have always had a long term plan to subtly up the power of my Duratec Westie to approx 200 plus bhp. Currently on Raceline Tb’s std engine & Westfield manifold with de-cat exhaust. Will be mainly road use. I have webcon alpha ecu P1043;E4, which is the steel cased version. Now, no longer supported, in fact Webcon have completely pulled out of the ECU market over 12 months ago. I spoke to NMS Steve/ Troy who are no longer able to map this ecu. So I was wondering if anyone has overcome this problem, without purchasing a new ECU? Would like to go Omex, just can’t justify the cost when all currently works well at moment. Thanks in advance Andy
  4. Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 5th

    Aim to be there Dave, in fact i have the day off! Flexi day... taking my daughter to have braces removed earlier in day ... lets hope its a dry evening! Andy
  5. Ian K's S2000 build thread

    Interesting theorey, but given the radiator core is going to be quite a restriction to air flow, i think there will be plenty of turbulence at the radiator face!
  6. Ian K's S2000 build thread

    Looks good Ian, i certainly noticed a difference on track .... when the fan cut-in the plastic 'baffle' draws only cool air through the radiator..... same can be said when in stop start queueing. No idea if the duct approach makes much difference, i have never tried TBH. Guess at speed the duct may have a ram effect? I'm not an aerodynamics expert! In addition the plastic 'baffle' can help the rubber mount, radiator to chassis, should you take a hump backed bridge a little spirited, lets say! Well done Andy
  7. Cheshire & North Staffs Christmas Curry Thursday 7th December

    Looking good for me, although probably clash with works do knowing my luck, as last year. Looking forward to it Andy
  8. Top Speeds

    Gearing is the key, this is how mine is setup, with a 3.92 diff and 195/50 R15 (apologise the alignment is not the best), Duratec on TB's - approx 180bhp. Gearbox, best swap i did. SPC Tracsport type 9. Andy 2.482 1.61 1.225 1 0.82 RPM 1 2 3 4 5 1000 7 11 14 17 21 1500 10 16 21 26 31 2000 14 21 28 34 42 2500 17 27 35 43 52 3000 21 32 42 52 63 3500 24 37 49 60 73 4000 28 43 56 69 84 4500 31 48 63 77 94 5000 35 53 70 86 105 5500 38 59 77 95 115 6000 42 64 84 103 126 6500 45 69 91 112 136 7000 49 75 98 120 147
  9. Pre-paid Hospital Parking charges - Grrr....

    Love the way the parking machine gives you change too!!!! NOT!
  10. Happy Birthday GadgetMan

    Enjoy the day Dave!!
  11. Ian K's S2000 build thread

    How frustrating Ian! Get it Tig welded with stainless rods. Andy
  12. Chrome 5.5 headlights

    Must be in excellent condition! Well good to excellent....! Anyone? Andy
  13. SOLD -Chrome 5.5 Inch Headlamps

    Sadly, it looks like i missed out on these, anyone got similar in good condition? Andy
  14. SOLD -Chrome 5.5 Inch Headlamps

    Look good to me, I'll take them. Will drop you a pm thanks Dave for the spot Andy
  15. Wanted crate 2.0 engine

    Raceline or Burton.