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  1. SOLD Weber Alpha ECU for std Duratec 2litre

    Sold to David Powers. Thanks David Andy
  2. Brake lights are not working

    Check the brake pressure switch, or to test just by-pass it. As Kit car electronics says, pressure switch are prone to fail due to light pedal load, and low line pressure. Common mod to fit micro switch to brake pedal in place of pressure switch.
  3. European breakdown cover

    A-plan did European breakdown for £45ish. Did this for same reason as you!
  4. SOLD Weber Alpha ECU for std Duratec 2litre

    I have sent you a text as requested David. Here’s another photo showing what’s available. I do have a hard copy of the manual or it can be downloaded. The ecu connector, air, water and tps complete the package. Fitted to my 2005 module built Westfield, has done 13,800 miles without issue.
  5. I have a fully working Weber Alpha ECU For Duratec HE. Also water temp sensor TPS and air temp sensor. Replaced with Omex. Asking for sensible offers. Can bring to Stoneleigh. Probably on Sunday. Andy
  6. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Good meeting up with you guys. Crazy fun. Think this was the driest spot to be!!
  7. Blacktop Zetec, loosing power under load

    I just replaced all relays (ECU, fuel pump and fan) with sealed relays, well moisture resistant anyway! http://www.polevolt.co.uk/acatalog/30A-Relay--with-resistor--moisture-sealed.-NO.-Form-B-2715R.html#SID=136 Replacement due to additional integral snubbing resistor as advised by Ian Kinder and Dave Eastwood! Andy
  8. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Excellent write up!
  9. Welcome Jordan

  10. Adjustable Rear wishbone

  11. Fitting a Raceline water rail to a Zetec

    Good job Julie .... and great painting Glen!!
  12. Cheshire & N. Staffs monthly meet. Thursday 5th April

    Will be late arriving as Oscar has rugby training @ 6:30 till 7:30ish Andy
  13. Fitting a type 9 gearbox to a duratec I4

    If your fitting a hydraulic clutch release, i would advise a remote bleed. So much easier to access and service later. My raceline bell housing has same detail as your Power Torque one BTW.
  14. Flared Arches

  15. Cheshire & N. Staffs monthly meet. Thursday 5th April

    See you there Dave Andy

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