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  1. Remove MT75 gearbox... How to separate from prop

    Once all the 6 bolts are undone, the shaft needs to compress to miss the prop stub which is within the rubber donut! Poor photo but the end circled shows the stub I refer to. Andy
  2. So, if South Korea cops it, who benefits..?

    All h3ll lets loose and the planet as we know it is no longer. who benefits.......
  3. Remove MT75 gearbox... How to separate from prop

    If you intend to remove engine and gearbox together, I disconnected the prop at the diff, just due to easier access. When engine and box were out I removed the prop. Whilst I know some have removed the prop with gearbox in position, it is extremely tight, with the diff flange (assume sierra diff) on the prop not easily passing the Chassis rails. Andy
  4. The Millennial Question

    Agree, v interesting. The challenge for the parent though is tough. I mean you have to set an example whilst encouraging your child to be patient, and interact without a phone..... when they have their smart phone (that parents pay for) in their hands! Will see if my kids will listen to this! Andy
  5. Replacing plastic channel in hood

    I reinforced mine with a thin-ish strip of aluminium. You can see it if you're looking for it but it does make the part stiffer. hi-temp contact adhesive a given. I will go halves Dave as I could do with some re-bonding after our extreme heat trip to France in June! Agree, use cling film as a barrier to the windscreen and plastic header rail. Holds vinyl to header rail well, just don't pull down the straps at the back!! Enjoy! Andy
  6. Diff advice

    I have same engine/transmission, final drive tyre combo and swapped to a 3.62. It's was longer on track in 3rd but 1st still useless. On Road a noticeable difference in acceleration. So I put the 3.92 diff back and swapped to a SPC tracport type 9. Massive difference. Much more punch, no bogging down till revs picked up, useable 1st. Total transformation. Definitely worth doing. The negatives, cranked quick shift is tricky to select reverse, all other forward gears no problem. More transmission noise in 1,2 &3, semi-helical is ok, but noises. 4&5 cruise gears are perfect. would recommend BGH (used on last XE powered Westie) or SPC type 9. Big big difference, or just keep as is till your able to afford the gearbox. Honestly, diff change was not worth it IMO Andy
  7. Cheshire and North Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 3rd August

    Won't make either Dave, sorry. Made it to Ibiza, back 10Aug. Have fun Andy
  8. Cheshire and North Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 3rd August

    I too should have joined family in Ibiza. So will miss it this month. Andy
  9. 2017 Oulton Park Gold Cup (Registration Now Closed)

    Oooh, yes please. Thanks Dave for the prompt. Sorting an email now Andy
  10. Lifting C20XE and gearbox with these?

    Worked a treat too, thanks again Dave.
  11. Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 6th July

    Trailer mode if it's the same function as on a Bentley Bentaga, allows the driver to 'steer' the trailer when reversing. Not tried it myself but those that have say it's impressive. Apparently reversing speed can increase too, but I have never tried that....honest! on the Tesla theme, if they offer 8 year warranty, it begs the question of the value at 6-7-8 years! Will be interesting to see how the model 3 holds its value. Andy
  12. I've been published!

    Agree the write up is good, shame they had to tell everyone your age though!! May we'll be interested in IAM, was intent on having a chat last Thursday, but ran out of time! Andy
  13. Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 6th July

    Agree, impressive but as I said before, battery life being what it is, just how much will a 4 year Tesla be worth? My iPhone tends to have battery problems after 3 to 4 years.... all that ludicrous mode would kill it by 4!!
  14. aldi dry bags back on £9.99p

    Thanks very much, most kind of you. If you find time and a bag is available then yes please, thank you. Not worried about either colour. Andy
  15. Build Thread. Mega S2000

    Looking good Dave