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  1. Change from TPS to MAP for the Alps etc

    How do you know all this Dave! Will be calling on you for my ecu swap!! Andy
  2. Seats, exhaust, shift, hose - clear out type 9 ext sold

    MT remote now sold too. I also have a MTC to Sierra diff prop shaft - VGC, approx 10K miles. I think the do-nut on the end circled went when i sold the gearbox! £60 plus postage Andy
  3. The Grand Tour Season 2

    Yep, enjoyed it. Andy
  4. In car intercoms

    From experience of using Ian’s ingenious headsets I can confirm how good they are once connected!
  5. Seats, exhaust, shift, hose - clear out type 9 ext sold

    Wessex has first dibs on MT75 remote linkage.
  6. Westfield World......

    Excellent to see me, Ian and Dave on March, v pleased.
  7. Oil Pump 16V Redtop Vauxhall

    This thread was started back in 2012! Has it been that long! Good to hear from you again Andrew. I did drop you a PM, hope it came through ok. Yep, laptop and comms to check TPS / crank sensor etc etc are giving sensible numbers would be first check. Dave helped me start your old car when I did the EFI change. I am sure Dave won’t mind me saying he is familiar with Omex! Hope you sort it soon.... just ready for the snow!!! Keep in touch Andy
  8. Seats, exhaust, shift, hose - clear out type 9 ext sold

    Sorry Phil, Tim pm’d me before you. Type 9 extension Sold Andy
  9. Cheshire & North Staffs Christmas Curry Thursday 7th December

    Now there is an idea!!!
  10. Seats, exhaust, shift, hose - clear out type 9 ext sold

    Pm received, but I had a message from Tim before yours for the type 9 extension. You have second dibs Andy
  11. Having a bit of a clearout, pm me if your interested. Exhaust silencer, with shield and fittings (Westfield supplied) - this one is fitted with a CAT. V good condition £240 (collection only) Sport seats (pair) in light grey vinyl. Small tear, but not visible once fitted. Not perfect condition, incl seat runners - £120 (collection only) Quick shift kit for MT75 or MTC 75. Excellent condition - £50 plus postage - SOLD Type 9 extension. Don't think Westfield sell these any more. £40 plus postage SOLD Finally clutch flexi and rigid pipe. £10 plus postage All parts are located @ Sandbach Cheshire. CW11. J17M6 PM me if your interested. Andy
  12. Headlight upgrade

    Photos and links always good to have! Any reasons not to go LED?
  13. Sport turbo seat upgrade

    On mine the steel flats are cockpit side, and yep hole / slot on steel flat for all 4 studs. Not a cheap seat, but I preferred the look and heaven forbid, would be a tad safer if I was rear ended. I have heard of fibreglass seats failing around the seat belt holes, headrest zone. Andy
  14. Sport turbo seat upgrade

    I did just this a few years back. New holes or slots were needed. The seats have much improved headrest height to that of the sport seat. So tend to give the impression they are not so low. Last year I decided to remove the slide rails and bolt them to the (not lowered) floor. Just on drivers side. Takes about 25mm out. Works for me. Andy
  15. Interesting option for those wanting a 6 speed gearbox

    Couple of photos of the mx5 6spd vs 5spd. Just for reference. 6spd above 5spd. Dont have image of Rx8 box though.