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  1. Westfield sdv Sierra wide track wishbones (top and bottom)same as the rally design kit but for the sierra uprights, could with re-powdercoating complete with camber adjusters and bushes. £80 plus p&p or via Westfield courier service.
  2. Wilwood midilite

    Thanks everyone, I have just had a chat with motorsport-tools.com very helpful and brackets are on the way. Thanks Glenn
  3. Duratec Intake Noise

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/122659530532 hope the link works not cheap but looks the part.
  4. Wilwood midilite

    I guess when I called rally-design this morning I got the new boy as his reply was we don’t sell them. That’s why I was after a part number if possible or a stamped code on the mount.
  5. Wilwood midilite

    Hi is anyone running Wilwood midilite calipers with the Westfield/Hispec uprights ? Is so what size disc are you running and I could do with the part number for the caliper mount bracket. thanks in advance
  6. Duratec engine lifting eyes

    Hi all does anyone have a set of duratec engine lifting eyes? Thanks in advance Glenn
  7. jonjh1964's XI Build

    Jon if you pull your finger out you should have it finished for this Thursday's meet So we can all have a drive. Seriously though it's looking good, bring plenty of photos on Thursday Glenn
  8. Silver top alternator bracket

    Hi Martin I think I have the right one what are the number stamped on the bracket. Pm me your email address and I'll send you some photos Glenn
  9. Odd water temp behaviour

    Russ pm me your email address and send it over, I have a large rad in my car and it was fine with my cosworth yb engine, but when I put the duratec and piped as per Westfield it massively over cooled the engine. If yours has been piped the Westfield way I'll send you some photos of the way I did mine.
  10. Odd water temp behaviour

    Russ is the car piped up as per the Westfield duratec water diagram ? I only ask as when I fitted my duratec engine I followed the Westfield diagram and it caused my engine to over cool. Glenn
  11. Gearbox swap, MC75 to SPC type 9, anyone done this?

    Hi Andy my diff is a 3.92 and I'm also running 195/50/15 wheel/tyre combo my prop is a Bailey Morris prop super fast turn around and great to deal with.. have you sorted your bellhousing yet? I'm running a cable clutch with a rwdmotorsport bellhousing, I believe Ian @ rwdmotorsport does a hydraulic set up. Glenn
  12. Gearbox swap, MC75 to SPC type 9, anyone done this?

    Hi Andy I have the SPC semi helical type 9 gear kit fitted in my type 9 gearbox and I have to say it's the best investment I've made. I wish I had done it years ago, it's totally transformed my car. Glenn
  13. Dorset rolling road and weber tune

    Try sigma in gillingham if he is still going, he did my old pinto engine many years ago.
  14. Duratec fan on/off temps

    Hi all what temperature do people have their fan switching on/off at? Thanks in advance.
  15. Change from Sierra to Cortina front uprights

    Hi Craig if you after saving weight by changing from the heavy standard uprights, hipsec now make Sierra alloy uprights. But if it's the wide track you want then that's another kettle of fish. My self and another member from Dorset got GTS to make us a widetrack set of wishbones for the SDV. This took some six months for me to revive my wishbones and the threat of legal action. The best bet would be to talk to Procomp and get them to make a set of wishbones for your car. As for part comparability top and bottom ball joints are the same, wing stays are not, brakes and discs are not I do believe the top wishbones are the same. Hope this helps Glenn