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  1. Nearly forgot the life-saver... that's the front (undriven) wheelspeed sensor in place along with the trigger wheel. The MoTeC M150 will be using a front and rear sensor to measure speed to fire up the traction control. I also plan to wire in the GPS/yaw/accellerometers into the ECU to get really fancy with the traction settings. I figure it will need it... Off for anodising next.
  2. You'd need to ask Dan that one... hit him up on Facebook or at info@endlessmotorsport.co.uk.
  3. Absolutely. But our feeling is the fastest drag cars in the world are 2WD, so we'll just have to find a way to make it work
  4. http://www.barbadosmotorsport.com/news/2017-11-28/badd-finale-washed-out-johnson-wins-the-title Well, the car has won the premier 6s class in it's first year of competition along with the overall drag championship title. It's just so consistent. Sadly the final event was washed out, just as it got going, but Dan had already qualified at the head of the 6s pack and was on to win it again anyway. Only crown missing is the overall fastest time but that needs some more work. Unsure of plans for it next year at the moment. Ideally it needs another battery pack and some form of 2-speed transmission to enable it to go to the 1/4. Likely it will be time to attack the autocross circuit (it was leading the times outright by 3s last meet but overshot the finish box and has no reverse! ).
  5. Some -in progress- (pre-anodising) shots of the front brake setup. These are F3 AP calipers, Force rims and the Siltech front upright/hub setup. Simply the biggest you can fit under a 13" wheel. If Luke doesn't snag them, may have a spare pair of these if someone wanted to get Siltech to do the same setup on theirs.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/graemefinlayson/m.html?item=282745589439&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  7. Wireless steering wheel control system - FreeWheel 8 channel Opened, but unused FreeWheel wireless 8 channel system. This sale is for the kit only (it does not include the steering wheel or buttons). Excellent piece of kit, simple to setup. Can be used for lights/indicators/switches, dash control, paddles - anything you want. Read about the system at :- http://blinkstop.co.uk/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=52 See sexy review at :- RRP 285GBP. For sale at 215GBP
  8. Wheel arrived... still trying to find a FBW clutch solution though, ShiftTec/AP want 4,000 quid for just the master cylinder!
  9. Carbon parts

    Due to fair trade/monopoly laws a company cannot stop others from offering replacement/alternative parts, been cases (I believe Land Rover) on this in the past to set precedent. However, the copied/replacement parts cannot be advertised as manufacturer parts. So as long as you don't use their trademark or pass off your parts as factory parts, you're good to go.
  10. Carbon parts

    Need examples of their work and what process they're using before committing any cash...
  11. Aim mxs info thread

    MXG is the big one, MXS is a great size...
  12. Aim mxs info thread

    Surprised at that, I'm using it in glaring sunshine and never had any issues
  13. Aim mxs info thread

    Race. Don't see the point in the road tbh, as far as I can tell just different decals? And the lights are all completely configurable anyway...
  14. Aim mxs info thread

    I absolutely bl**** love it. My only gripes are that there isn't a fully open editor for it to create your own wild displays from scratch. Minor though, as having had a play with the MoTeC one they're so complex and time consuming I'm not actually 100% sure I'd have the time and inclination anyway! And, that it is a bit more cash to get the secondary loom opening up the other 4 analogue channels (it comes with one, you have to buy the 2nd if you want more channels). Those aside, and they really are minor, it's absolutely awesome. New dash layout on latest release, uploading now to have a look and try it out.