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  1. The Nerdy video thread.

    How many hours do you sit watching videos on youtube and the like of random things being made and can't stop watching. Crank shaft from a billet......
  2. My wife went to Iceland and all I got was..........

    I thought it was a glacier.
  3. My wife went to Iceland and all I got was..........

    Some thing to do with large hard slippery things?
  4. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Email sent. Coping and pasting at its best.
  5. Summerfest at Himley hall. July 15th.

    I have been asked if the club wishes to attend the Summerfest at Himley hall. July 15th. Its £5.00 per car but must be booked in advance, I have the booking form which I can send to the local AO if they are interested. Its only the second year of the show and raises money for the local hospice. PM me if you want any more info. http://www.marystevenshospice.co.uk/event/summerfest-2018/
  6. Stu's s2000 build diary

    Partly due to the fact that it wasn’t that dirty in the first place.
  7. Stu's s2000 build diary

    And so it goes back together. Luckily I saved all the bolts from the original build so I had the long bolt and spacer that you need for a 7" diff as I previously had a 7 1/5" one. Fuel tank is now back in and I have made the most of the opportunity to redo some of the cable tie sticky bases and replaced the jubilee clips on the fuel lines that I have removed, its all good as new. You can always find a better way of routing cables and fuel lines after you have done it the first time.
  8. Stu's s2000 build diary

    Frantic gear changes are great for the twisty bits but that’s only a small part of UK roads. I think it will be a better all round car with the 3.62.
  9. Stu's s2000 build diary

    Yep. 4.27 might be good on paper but real world its not. 4000 rpm at 70 mph is a bit silly.
  10. Stu's s2000 build diary

    All sorted. Their was an issue with the ECU not switching the fuel pump on but Omex have sorted it and all is good.
  11. Stu's s2000 build diary

    I don't like dirt.
  12. Stu's s2000 build diary

    Four hours to remove the diff and nearly two to clean it
  13. Stu's s2000 build diary

    Well they say a Wessie is never finished. And their right. The day started like this. the rear came off without any real problems, obviously the cage had to come off. The rear tub only has two locating blocks so it clears the rear arches without flexing them too much. Dirty
  14. Jaaaag. XFR

    Nice, That looks a bit of a squeeze?
  15. Jaaaag. XFR

    Go on then, what is it?