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  1. Happy Birthday Trevturtle

    MHR mate.
  2. C type project

  3. Carfest 2018.

    Would anyone be interested in Next years Carfest? This year’s events are taking place over 27th – 29thJuly 2018 (CarFest North) and 24th – 26thAugust 2018 (CarFest South). See here for next years Carfest. http://www.carfest.org/welcome/welcome-to-carfest-south http://www.carfest.org/welcome/welcome-to-carfest-north You could just turn up or there are some stands available. The cost for a Motoring Club pitch at this year’s event is the same as last year - £650 + VAT per show and below they have highlighted what this package will include: • Space for five vehicles – it could be 5 different cars each day. • Two weekend wristbands per vehicle giving you a total of 10 wristbands per club per day. • A direct donation of 25% of the pitch price going straight to BBC Children in Need. • The structure of the stand, which will include a 3m x 3m marquee with a bench and parasol. • Access to everything that CarFest has to offer throughout the weekend. They also have Motoring Club camping pitches available at a size of 6m x 9m which can hold up to an average of two 4 man tents. There are two options available within the campsite which are listed below: • £150 + VAT for the standard 6m x 9m pitch. • £200 + VAT for a 6m x 9m pitch with a power hook up. If anyone is interested then PM me and I can let you have more details.
  4. Westfield article on Autocar

    Easy, Don't fit an Ecoboost and you don't need traction control. I wonder how many of the 46 work in the parts department.
  5. Marco from Italy

    I’m sure you will be happy with whatever you settle on.
  6. How a S2000 powered car should sound. .....

    Sounds the business that small light weight car with a revy engine. What more do you want.
  7. Over 4.xx 7" Sierra LSD wanted

    4.27 in a 7 1/2 case. It will be coming out of the car in the next few months and being swapped.
  8. S2000 diff

    I have a 4.27 and its stupid. Quick through the gears though This winter I plan to fit a 3.62. Once the kitchen is fitted of course.
  9. James' S2000 build

    Hi James. Firstly, the manual is rubbish, there I've said it. IIRC the rear wiring loom goes around the driver side first and then to the passenger. As long as everything reaches where it needs to be then you can't go wrong. As with the fuel lines they do go on the passenger side. The manual tells you to put them under the floor which is fine but mine wend down the tunnel. This is tight to say the least but they do fit but you will need to fit the gearbox and take plenty of measurements first. Good luck with your build by the way. I can't believe there were bits missing from your kit.
  10. Stu’s new daily driver.

    Nice to think you’re thinking of me. i quite liked that Mondeo.
  11. Happy birthday Sycho

    MHR mate.
  12. Rx8 Engine

    I am led to believe that there is one out there. As for the Omex 600 I'm not sure due to the way that the RX8 engine has two spark plugs per cylinder but I'm happy to be wrong.
  13. Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day 2 22nd September 2017

    I kept an eye on it throughout the day
  14. Stu's s2000 build diary

    I've done a few tests and have been in touch with Omex and they have given me a few pointers. Just waiting for them to get back to me with what they think could be wrong.
  15. Happy Birthday Panda