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  1. S2000 alternator (loan of!)

    Found it. Is Stoneleigh soon enough for you Dave?
  2. S2000 alternator (loan of!)

    And me. I’ll be taking a van to Stoneleigh if your struggling for space.
  3. Caption competition

    It certainly is.
  4. Caption competition

    Caption competition Nothing to win apart from the adoration of your fellow Wessie members
  5. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Of course, the one that the factory gave me. On a serious not I have a large folder full of info but better than that I have a WSCC forum, what else do you need.
  6. Peak District, Sunday 8th April

    Sorry, my fault I'm afraid.
  7. V8 Beetle Build

    Nice paint job.
  8. Stu's s2000 build diary

    The missing photos As you can see its hollow so my mate welded an up side down flanged nut on to a bolt and welded the hole thing to the lever. Its about an inch or so shorter.
  9. Mega S2000 for sale.

    It’s only advertised on here at the moment and I must admit I’m not trying very hard.
  10. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    These areas fill up with gravel like you wont believe so a 10mm hole is not unreasonable. My 6mm hole clogged up pretty quick. I removed the rear recently and left it in the kitchen for safe keeping only to pick it up and tip the gravel out. I was shocked at how much they can hold.
  11. Gearbox sink.

    Well what else would you call it?
  12. Mega S2000 for sale.

    Early days yet, I’m in no rush.
  13. Electric water pumps

    I cant fault mine. I like the fact that when in traffic on a hot day the electric pump runs at full capacity rather than at tick over with a mechanical pump. The pump runs as fast as required and not just at the engine RPM The cool down period is also nice.
  14. Engines.. 2.0, K series and the Eco Boosts

    The best way to discover what an engine is like is to drive a car with one in. A Westfield with a black top in will feel different to a Focus as the Westfield is lighter and the engine will rev easier, particularly if the engine has been modified a bit. Im sure if you go to your local area organizer/ meet there will be Wscc members that will take you out for a drive so you can see for yourself. Don’t be fooled by big power numbers, a Westfield with 150bhp goes quite well
  15. Roll Bar Covers

    Mine never came with any either. I made some out or sheet carbon instead.

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