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  1. Standard Indicators - SOLD.

    You have a PM
  2. Mini one as first car?

    Whoops, that sounds as if the spoilt child is my nephew whose mum works for Audi. Have to agree as I was stunned to see the pics on fbook. There is a back story but even so when I was a 17 year old in BoW I hated those who got bought a car , my first car was a 50 quid scrapper which my dad decided would be a good way of me learning how to maintain and fix a car so avoiding garage bills.
  3. Hello it appears you have a Sierra SDV.

    This is the widest rear track car Westfield have made I am not sure how you have managed to increase the rear track by 20mm by fitting standard rear wishbones?

    The drive shafts are unique to this model as they are unmodified standard width Sierra.

    As far as I am aware they are not interchangeable with any other Westfield configuration of rear wishbones or rear uprights.

    What you have done could be potentially unsafe I would not recommend driving the car like this.

    Are you aware one drive shaft is longer than the other in your picture the drive shaft marked with a L/H sticker appears to be on the wrong side? This could be part of your problem.

    The drive shafts can be modified to accommodate the use of Standard Westfield rear wishbones they can be reduced in length if required.

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    2. frubpato?


      Thanks for the note Dave 

      To put more flesh on it , im doing a mid life refresh and aspart of that I managed to get hold of some wide rear arches and so I got some new wishbones (new to me) from another member as mine were showing the effects of 24years(50kmiles). I didnt realise that there were Westfield wishbones wider than mine  - as you say its a SDV . I'm now left.with the problem that the wide arches will make the car look ridiculous if I cant get the wheels out to the edge of the arches.  The dimensions sent by the seller are below  - it may be that I have to go back to std size arches but thats expensive 

      Not sure there is an obviuos answer 



    3. Dave.


      I am not sure what wishbones you have I will measure mine when I get a chance wheel off set and wheel spacers could be the answer may be?


    4. frubpato?


      That would be great if you could. You maybe right with spacers - not my preferred option but maybe the most practical 

      thanks Dave 

  4. Wide track rear suspension

    Thanks Jeff , nothing like that on the driveshaft. I can pull them both out completely if I want . That's how they came from the factory in 1994 it's a 7 inch 3.92 open diff so completely standard set up If I had measurements for the SDV shaft c/f the Westfield one it might help but can't find any anywhere my understanding was that as it is an open "plunge" shaft it would allow a bit of movement as it certainly won't have to accommodate the range of travel that a sierra would demand of it I'm going to give it a go and keep my AA card handy , I was more worried that there might be some leakage around the splines but time will tell thanks
  5. Wide track rear suspension

    Yes I thought the push in driveshafts were wider than std . That said I have the wide track rear wishbones now (westfield) and the fact that the spigot is 10mm out from the diff wories me , not because i think they might pull out completely - there isnt enough suspension travel for that even on full droop but more about oil leakage I think i will just suck it and see Thanks
  6. Wide track rear suspension

    I think I already know the answer to this but thought I might raise it anyway in replacing the rear wishbones on my SDV chassis I find they are 20mm longer , now as I have plunge drive shafts not the bolted onto stubs version I guess that the plunge joints would take up the extra 20mm but they do pull out of the differential by about 10-15mm. No problems with drive as the splined shaft is 60mm long but a little concerned that I might lose oil What do we think , I don't believe there lots of different length drive shafts or do I need to get a new diff with stubs and new driveshafts thanks
  7. rear suspension rose joints

    Thanks Dave. I knew you would come through and shine some light on the dark. You quite correctly identified my question as to whether the sleeve acted as a crush tube. Thats my weekend sorted now. Thanks
  8. rear suspension rose joints

    After 24 years I thought it "might" be time to refresh the rear suspension - the rose joints are the 1/2 x 1/2 unf with a sleeve - i have searched and found something from Mr Eastwood "The rose joins are easy to see how they work - you have a steel centre tube, running in a bearing, held in an outer case. If you look carefully, the steel centre tube sits proud of the bearing, which in turn is proud of the case. When bolted up to the upright, the Steel centre tube is clamped against it, and thanks to friction can not rotate relative to the upright. Instead, it rotates within the bearing, allowing the wishbone to pivot up and down. The rose joints also allow some movement in the opposite plane, too. So the Rose joint doesn't have to be at exactly 90 degrees to the upright" This makes me think that I ned to find rplacements that are sleeved to 7/16 from 1/2 - is that right ? Ive found McGill Motorsports who seem to have some at a reasonable price ( roughly 10 quid a pop) - is that a good plan when WSC charge £48 and Merlin etc are at £94 - whats the difference apart from price ?
  9. Which type of shed?

    what about building out of concrete blockup to at least window level and then clad it much more secure and more likely to be dry as you can seal the base -thats what ive got and its brill
  10. Having read the sorry saga as part of my quest , does anybody know the current state of affairs? Ive got a 93 wide chassis (type9) and need to be lower , I still need the runners as I'm one of the few that has a wife who quite likes driving it. What are my options here ?
  11. Where to buy this part.....

    Looking at the engine maybe one of the lotus Elise forums maybe able to help
  12. Vdo

    I have exactly this - i have tried the clean earth solution but nothing so I guess that there is something in the speedo , do ETB run a repair service for VDO or just their own kit?
  13. Car Hire in Majorca

    Goldcar are off airport, if your flight is late night the shuttle might not run we used Sixt as they have good cars but they don't half try to sell you stuff and don't like Brits with their yearly insurance excess policies (hint - only 30quid good if you hire more than once a year)
  14. VDO Speedo sensor

    I've got one that I never used , it isn't new but you are welcome to it , if it works for you great if not then bin it