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  1. Another Westie Wannabe

    Hi welcome this one is under your budget and was pointed out on Facebook yesterday by Chris King Webmaster!
  2. Newbie says Hi

    Hi I just had a poke around on the Classicline website and they say that they have "forged close relationships with a specialised panel of insurers, securing a selection of high quality insurance products". So it might be worth asking them if you can transfer it to another policy - depends whether they want to lose your business or not! Worth a try.
  3. Adge's Sport 250 build

    And doing it whilst it's lovely and clean!!!!!
  4. Falcon Heavy

    The landings took me back to Thunderbirds!
  5. Falcon Heavy

    Brilliant also impressive is that SpaceX is a private company competing with NASA who are developing their own heavy launch rocket which will cost a lot more and not due for launch until 2020.
  6. The end of the F1 grid girls

    As Liberty are a U.S. outfit I'm surprised the ban came from them! Can you imagine the reaction in the States if they tried to ban cheerleaders from their sport! I think Trump would have some wise words to say about that!
  7. The end of the F1 grid girls

    So have Liberty announced what or who they are replacing the grid girls with?
  8. This battery might be fubar’d

    Mmmmm I'd be tempted to keep well clear of it unless I had chemical protective suit on!!!!
  9. Head torch recommendation

    Impressed so far then! I have a birthday coming up and it will make a very useful pressy! Thanks for the idea from your question.
  10. Happy Birthday Adge !

    MHR hope you had a good day!
  11. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    Or the WSCC calendar?
  12. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    Geoffrey Was that photo one of the ones you published on here in 2016 or in your magazine article? If so it may be recoverable from either source?

    I have a personal interest in autonomous driving as my grandson is head of the autonomous software at NIO in silicon valley. NIO is a Chinese startup company building electric cars to rival Tesla who my grandson used to work for. Their first development car is the NIO EP9 and their first production car will be the NIO EVE https://www.nio.io/visioncar As @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary said here's one for the Petrolheads the EP9 was used to set the lap record for production cars around the Circuit of the Americas in a driverless car which is also electric. This is a brilliant video of the achievement I love the bit where the race driver gets out of the car and it drives off!

    Guy Martin is exploring the world of automated self driving cars on C4 9:00pm tonight "Guy Martin vs the Robocar". Guy's take on this should be very interesting!
  15. Excellent sum up of a good show and very enjoyable day. It was great to chat and meet you in the 'flesh' and see your immaculate car which is a great credit to your skills.

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