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  1. Roll Up, Roll Up, Garage Sale Part 1

    First 2 posts updated
  2. Venting Frustration!

    what on earth has happened there /\
  3. Venting Frustration!

    <p>Unfortunately I am not going to spill the beans <img alt="" class="bbc_emoticon" height="20" src="http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/11-blush.gif" title="" width="20" /></p> <p> </p> <p>Buyer reserved 2 items, I declined several offers as he was the first. Arranged a collection date and time, I went into work early (05:30) to make sure I was home in time, cancelled playing football and then spent two hours waiting around!!! Buyer *FORGOT* <img alt="" class="bbc_emoticon" height="18" src="http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/17-A***.gif" title="" width="21" /> , now no contact at all.</p> <p> </p> <p>Oh well as the saying goes, worse things happen at sea...</p>
  4. Venting Frustration!

    Why oh why do people buy things and then let you down? Is it just me or is it down right rude to leave the buyer waiting in for you to collect and not turning up? Why why why. Oh yeah, then don't reply to messages, man up goodness me!
  5. Roll Up, Roll Up, Garage Sale Part 1

    Compressor and oils cooler are offered for sale again as Stryder5 has let me down after me waiting in for him and now not replying to my messages, goodness me taking the p***!
  6. The Rebuild Diary...

    Hi mate, hope all is still going along swimmingly! If you need any help please give me a call as we discussed. I have spoken to Mark and he has advised me tha the enging internals are standard other than ARP rod bolts. Hope that helps. Now more pictures of progress please! P.s. have you seen the advert for the club trackday? If I havent got another car by then, can I book the passenger seat pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase
  7. Roll Up, Roll Up, Garage Sale Part 1

    Updated, offers for anything left on a postcard please...
  8. Roll Up, Roll Up, Garage Sale Part 1

    Pm's replied to
  9. Roll Up, Roll Up, Garage Sale Part 1

    PM replied to
  10. The Rebuild Diary...

    Dan, I am putting all photos into here... http://s435.photobucket.com/albums/qq71/devans414/Westfield%20Build/
  11. 16Gb Iphone 3Gs For Sale

    Still for sale... Please no more silly offers, I can recycle it through O2 for 96.10 but was trying to offer it to someone on here at a favourable price
  12. Roll Up, Roll Up, Garage Sale Part 1

    17. Wet weather gear. (SOLD)
  13. Roll Up, Roll Up, Garage Sale Part 1

    16. Half Doors. (SOLD)
  14. 16Gb Iphone 3Gs For Sale

    I might have been born at night but it wasnt last night!!
  15. 16Gb Iphone 3Gs For Sale

    No firm offers yet, its always had a screen protector on it (just removed). battery life doesnt seem to be any different to when I first got it, should it?

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