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The Footman James /Westfield Sports Car Club Insurance Scheme

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Kit car insurers that support the WSCC by giving a generous club discount of up to 15%. Discounts also available on other types of insurance as well.

The Westfield Sports Car Club (W.S.C.C.) has been serving the interests of individual members since early 1987 and has grown in size and strength considerably during this time.

The positions maintained by the committee are voluntary confirming the enthusiasm we have to providing the membership with services and functions that the club believe are relevant and well directed.

The WSCC provides numerous opportunities for all members to get involved on a local and national level, with meetings and events arranged throughout the year to suit a wide range of interests.

We have maintained a constant supply of: track day experiences, show attendance and social activities, year on year, many of which appear in our regular event diary as annual events due to their continued popularity and success.


Area meetings are generally arranged on a monthly basis at an appropriate watering hole and functions are organised to suit local people with specific interests who want to optimise use of their car and have fun thrown into the bargain.

On a national (U.K) level

The WSCC provide access to various circuits, such as Mallory Park, Llandow, Curborough and other U.K. circuits, where you are able to test the limits of the car and driver and if getting involved in motorsport is your desire then the WSCC Speed Series is a sprint and hillclimb championship held at venues throughout the UK.

The Speed Series

This allows any driver access to competitive motorsport at various sprint and hill-climb circuits regardless of your level of experience. Novice drivers will compete against novice drivers, whilst the more experienced will receive a real challenge competing against similar like minded people. The link on the left side of this page will provide you with all the details of this exciting championship. The Westfield Sports Car Club are a registered MSA club.

Currently building a Westfield?

Already an owner with a problem that you just can't seem to resolve? Follow the link to the Boardroom, where you will find a wealth of information to help, if you are unable to find what you need, simply post a message or undertake a search of the extensive previous posts and FAQ's, post a message for instant inclusion and before long other members will offer the benefit of their experience which may just help solve your problem and aid those comfortable nights sleep you've missed! The Boardroom contains various forums from Technical help, to Newbies, members discussing everything from SVA to what made them laugh on Telly last night.

Prefer concourse events?

The Club have a major presence at Stoneleigh each year amassing in the region of 500 cars on the stand, and many more regional shows are attended by individual area's to suit their interests.

Not a member?

Whilst reading the website can give you so much information, membership offers many benefits in itself and any Westfield owner really is missing out if they haven't joined or let their membership lapse a few years ago. The club truly has matured with a core of competent Committee Members dedicated to your enjoyment. Follow the link for more details of the benefits of joining and see for yourself why we believe that the W.S.C.C. really is the best there is !

Finally, the external links page offers you a chance to visit other owners pages, companies who can help and motorsport websites to keep you happy until the small hours of tomorrow morning (or the day after for that matter), so have a look around and if you find anything you feel can be improved upon, or have any suggestions or know of a site we should add to our links list, e-mail the webmaster. He won't bite - honest !